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  1. Hypnosis: Still resetting. Blame my lazy attitude >.>. I'm going to do it eventually -.-. And for everypony's information, I'm only doing RD for now. It's just a small little curiosity. Medtiation: Decided to do some meditation. Using my usual regular music method seems to be flawed because the music seems to affect my thoughts during meditation, so I decided to do some binaural beats, and now I see why no pony ever get's memories. They are soooo... empty I guess? Empty thoughts XD. IRL Stuff: School starting in less than a week. i got a busy year ahead of myself. Planning to start multiple projects, get back on track with current ones.... calculus ahead of me... . Meeting that was never held stuffs: I couldn't find a time that suited everypony, so I'm just going to hold that off for now. I am still planning to hold it though, sooooo yeah! Anyway, I want to know the concerns/topics around the community. It's fine if you don't have any because not everyone sees something as an issue for discussion. I admit I have been selfish on the topics that should be discussed at this said meeting, and I'm sorry. So, what do you want from this meeting?