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Found 2 results

  1. I will split this journal in to a few pieces containing some thoughts over the wholeday. A year's gone by... A reason lost... Hello everypony. Sorry if I may seem to ramble on at this journal... I'm tired and I think it's the best to say whatever floods my thoughts here. I guess my entries aren't as interesting as they were aren't they? I look back in the year and I'm going to be honest... I didn't perform great. As if the year whisked by so fast that I didn't even notice... I didn't even do much. Sure the year had it's high points but the rest... it felt... dull, negative... stressing... I often times doubt about my appearance, my struggles, my accomplishments... To me, everything felt like an internal battle... I've already lost everything once this year... I thought to myself that this will be a good year but... it wasn't. Emotional struggles, inner demons and all. It felt... lonely... dark... depressing... A heart could only hold so much. But most of all... I was longing so much... what I'm searching... it's... well... Company Back then, I always had someone and something to come back to. A reason. I felt like I had a purpose, a will... But now... It just seems that I just start without continuing and it seems to repeat on and on. No one to help... no power to continue... no motivation. All my actions felt like thin air, I didn't have any support. No one carrying... no one caring... no movement. Gone. I feel like I lost it all... like... it's all gone. I lost the reason.. the motivation... Like everything I had was stripped away like that. After I felt like that, fights in front of my started to happen, breaking my heart more. Slowly... I lost everything I once had, my power, my self-control, my confidence, my will... I felt less and less... weaker and weaker. Until one day I fainted, landed on the ground with a near deadly heart attack. To be honest, now that I woke up... I feel lost, and so gone. Losing everything I had... I long to find that reason again... And right now... I still am. ... I still am. - Luna Going with a feeling... flowing in the sea of time... Hello... I can't sleep and I want to write my thoughts down... For the rest of the year I felt missing... following only going with a hunch... a feeling. One that never left me for some reason. I felt like a dummy being thrown around until one day... I started to feel things again. One that was familiar to me and curiosity of it grew and grew. The more I approached, the more I felt different. It was related to the four ponies of "Our Town". I wanted to explore... and more... a bond, a connection. For a while I was acting, I was... pretending. Lost... just answering, basing on the knowledge I had. I was hiding, afraid and all. But now this new feeling... I wanted to pursue it. Something tells me I should be, I had to be. Slowly then I started seeing things... feelings things. I started looking and following it. Thus I started this "Student of Luna" project. Hoping someone would get the message and try as well. Finding why they feel but cannot remember anything... nothing much to base. As soon as I started, I felt open again. It felt.. nice. Welcoming. I need to stop hiding now. And maybe perhaps this time... I will return back to where I belong. The once well known and appreciated pony you all known before... I want to show you ponies who I really am. (Note: Season 5 spoilers, the lyrics reflect my feelings) -Luna A message from my thoughts. As now I'm looking through the forums... posts... profiles... almost close to sleep for now... I want to let you know that I'm here, looking, seeing. Don't be afraid to approach and open up. Let that feeling that you hide so much create the path you want to take. Let your heart take you to where you are then and now. Open the line that connects you and to your choice. Take the opportunity it gives, Find connections, find similarities. Find the line that creates the path between you and many more Take it, grab it. And proceed to your calling. A message from my mind - Luna It may not make sense at first but the more you realize, the more you understand.
  2. So, after a particularly 'wonderful' bout of lawn maintenance today, I found myself imagining a scene in which Syl took front seat in order to inform my mom that I wasn't in the best state to talk to at the moment, and asking politely to give me a bit of time to not be in a foul mood, when it occurred to me: how does Syl view my mother as far as relationships go; is she Syl's mom too, or just my mom? [As far as I'm concerned, it's just that she's his mom, and I don't particularly care right now where that puts her in relation to me directly.] Of course, that got me thinking, how about everyone else? So in this thread, I encourage tulpae to post how they view their relation to their host's parents.