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Found 27 results

  1. When i woke up today after staying awake for 30 hours or so. I had a strange feeling in my body. I was wondering if i was awake or not, so i got up. I didnt feel the floor under my feet. I usually look at things like this from a unique point of view, so my first thought was am i dead. So i walked over to my tv stand and pushed on it, i could feel it so, i knew i was alive. It also felt like time was moving faster arround me. I sat back in bed and turn on my other side. It felt like it took less than a second for me to flip on my side. I stood back up thinking if i feel this light, maby i could fly. I thought about floating upwards and i felt lighter and lighter, but i didnt leave the ground. I tryed to jump, then when my feet hit the ground, it felt like electricity went through my body then i snapped out of this feeling. I dont think this was dreamwalking becouse when i got up, i looked arround the room. And nothing was out of order. I even walked down the hall a little. My house didnt look like one of my dreams. I went back to sleep after that. If you know what this was, please tell me Im kind of freaked out.
  2. Had an odd yet fun dream last night that I feel like sharing so here goes... Me and a bunch of people were on some sort of bus trip to some event or whatever and two of my best friends were there and having a good old time and I gave them both some fancy blue bags with candy in it (oddly important later) and everyone was having a grand time. A little time later some weird vision flashed in front of my eyes it looked like some neon outline of a hand coming out of the ground that then changed into a hoof when it was over I snapped out of a trance and realized people where staring at me and several others on the bus that had also become ponies. In all there were about 12 ponies, all random OC's or background ponies, on the bus and 1 of them was my best friend (the other didn't change) after some time the ponies decided to find out why this all happened and got off the bus for some reason yet my friend who didn't change decided not to come along. I'm missing the next portion of the dream but we found a bunch of others just like us and came up with the notion that someone cast a spell on us and we were determined to find who did this. We somehow got a hold of an airship that looked like a massive zepplin and had Luna driving it from place to place picking up more ponies and odd stares from folks. Another lapse in memories but I think we were flying for a few days and everyone was tired and sore, e went in for a stop at an airport and we had a few minutes off. Again more gawkers but someone caught my eye, my friend who decides to stay back, we met up for a bit and I tried to get him to come with us but was declined but he brought out the blue bag of candy I gave em on the day the thing started and I burst into tears all the while missing the boarding of zeplin had to eventually leave the airport and fly after the airship. When I landed on the boarding deck some gaurd was peeved and started arguing with me which turned into a short scuffle where he used his magic to throw me over the railing. The view after that changed to a third person of the deck where Rarity was angry with the guard and threw him over board as well. Memory jump: We found the person's base and only managed to find odd notes and drawings in their house. We thought we were on to something them something slammed into me and woke me up.
  3. Ever notice a trend in your dreams that repeat that usually helps you realize dreaming? Some have ways such as trying to remember how many fingers are on their hands or if time is progressing backwards or sporadically. They may be simple or a bit complex, but there's many ways to go abut this. I'm kinda interested in seeing how many possible different dream signs there could be. I have a few myself where I only realized after waking up, but I'm starting to slowly realize them and possibly being able to lucid dream in the future. For now I do have these signs: When in-dream I realize something is off, I end up closing my eyes and realizing that opening one of my eyes shows me waking up in my room. Eventually I just end up waking back up and continuing on with my day until I wake up later on and realize it was a false awakening. In one specific case, I ended up with four false awakenings in the same night :\ Lately I've been having dreams of being a senior in my first high school with the same kind of theme: I have a locker in the senior hall that I can't remember the combination to, so I need to go to the office so I can ask them for my combination to unlock it. From then on I usually have a number of different adventures ranging from trying to meet up with old friends and teachers to trying to run from the staff as I was criticizing their quality of education. Another small sign I try to use (one from especially during college) was when I saw old friends that I likely would never see again IRL. Can't wait to hear more~ -Bright Star
  4. Um basically this happened, I'm rather tired so imma copy pasta it since thats easier <Tutti_Frutti> hi <Tutti_Frutti> i guess you are prolly still playing beta but something weird happened <Damarus[Dusk]> ? <Tutti_Frutti> like i um, have strong nonvisual attention now, and I remember briefly waking up and thinking with dream logic subconsciously or something, and looking out the window, and around my floor <Tutti_Frutti> just in case some sort of something was going to come out <Tutti_Frutti> and at one point I thought I knew I saw it, thus kept looking just in case <Tutti_Frutti> and was doing some weird dream logic counting <Tutti_Frutti> about seeing it <Tutti_Frutti> or something <Tutti_Frutti> where i had an image of 8-bit coins stacked almost like megaman's health in a megaman game but yellower and reminding me of bananas at one level <Tutti_Frutti> and the images are sorta hazy like my brain only stored a fraction of the information to recall <Tutti_Frutti> and i totally was on two hooves now that i think about it <Tutti_Frutti> like behaviorally <Tutti_Frutti> then i went straight to sleep into a weird -snip&#33;- dream/nightmare deal <Tutti_Frutti> then woke up <Tutti_Frutti> feeling like i was inhaling into the mattress til i sleep apnea'd awake or something but i have no damn idea <Tutti_Frutti> lol <Tutti_Frutti> wtf <Tutti_Frutti> then i got paranoid like 5 10 minutes trying to come online til i calmed down <Tutti_Frutti> totally doesnt help that i forgot my bluelight, but i notice when i went to the bathroom i was constantly doing affirmations <Tutti_Frutti> and time seems slower passing <Tutti_Frutti> and i was not moving my eyes during that time <Tutti_Frutti> like a REM sleep thing <Tutti_Frutti> i slapped myself on the cheeks to wake up more fully So I'm not sure what kind of help I need, mostly reassurance, opinions, and ideas. I'm too tired to think thoroughly right now. I want to be in control of my mind though, so it bothers me there may have been some moments where I wasn't all there, and Idk but I may have sleep walked as well. But I'm also being rather biased right now. I'm tired, I would prefer help now but in chat no one really had anything to say, understandably lol. What I did was I basically tried to wonder just before bed which ponies I would want to be, and tried staying awake to do it but I was too much in a sleeping posture to actually stay awake. Also afterwards when I went to get some water my mind was running a mile a minute and it was all thoughts similar to affirmations but not obvious, so I started to rephrase them all in my mind in a more relaxing way to chill out. I know its totally my fault though, but idk I know a part of me wanted changes before I went to bed as it was being discussed in chat. But what the heck.
  5. It's been a very long time since I've done a proper journal entry. Honestly, I was debating whether to put this up or not. Perhaps in time, these posts will serve a purpose, but for now they are merely records of noteworthy dreams. This first entry will be a rather grim one. During the night of October 3, I had my first nightmare in years. Even after a few days, my memory of it is still vivid. My mother, my half-sister and I were at an amusement park, and I remember the dream was actually good up until a certain point. I don't remember much before the turning point, and frankly it doesn't matter. A landslide, or earthquake, or something, destroyed a underground section of the park and took my mother with it. My half-sister was also declared missing. I was at another section of the park, and I remember running to the disaster site when I found out what had happened, screaming at people in front of me to please make way, while trying to look for them. When I reached the underground, all I saw were boulders everywhere blocking the rest of the way, and earth-movers clearing up the rocks. I faintly remember a shady-looking shack that I felt should not be standing after what happened, and does not even belong there in the first place. Its door was wide open, and hoping my sister would be in there, I attempted to peer in, but it would slowly close itself as my gaze followed it, as if it knew I was looking. As it if was magic, or sentient. Next thing I remember is breaking down at my aunt's house. I remember horrible, sad thoughts were flowing through my mind, asking myself what I will do without my mother and saying to myself "I should've been there...". I woke up shortly after that. The scariest thing was that it felt so real... almost lucid... it felt like I had complete control of my body but could not change the events of the dream; it felt like I wasn't in a dream at all. When I woke up, my breathing was heavy and I could feel my heart racing, and it took me a few seconds to realise it was just a dream... even while writing this three days after, it gives me a sense of uneasiness. My mother and half-sister are two of the most important people in my life. To imagine losing them in this manner is very upsetting, even if it is just a nightmare. I'm posting this here hoping others would know how to make sense of things like this, because I really don't know what to think.
  6. Some dreams can be stranger than most. I wonder what this one has to do with my waking life. I did leave out some details - since I have to guess, that some of those are inspired by reading the Wheel of Time. Maybe some of these parts are, too. Still ... I am in this strange "Kingdom" where there are several kings and queens - or at least ruling parties that call themselves kings and queens - and there exists an oracle which can be used to become THE queen or king. While I visit several courts, I somehow get to the conclusion that none of them is fit to rule, so I take all my courage and, in one kingdom go to the place where the oracle is. I request audience with the oracle, upon which a scroll materializes and say something along the lines of "The Queen wants to vote for herself" and then "Enact protocol 'Mystic Moon'" - which apparently subconciously forces everyone to accept me as queen. The dream ended when I wanted to speak to the current "queen" of one of the countries. I also was somehow, in my mind, the first queen that has returned. This is all for this entry. Be safe, everypony and -one.
  7. It looks like my "once a month" prediction wasn't as accurate as I thought it would be; however, I have had trouble getting a full session in, so it kind of evens out, I guess. Being sick doesn't help much either. Hypnosis Progress Sessions Since Last Update: 0 I haven't had any sessions lately, so I can't really speak to the progress I've made. However, I will say that my muzzle has become much more defined as of late. Aside from that, I'll forgo the normal style of this section, since it's not the main reason I'm updating. Dreams I don't know how to explain this, but last night, immediately before I fell asleep, I had two dreams, or rather, one dream that ran across two memories. Both of them were deeply personal, and involved Cedar...I'm not sure what to make of them, honestly. The first dream is the one I remember the clearest, probably since I saw it from Cedar's PoV. It was like a memory, but more real than any thought I've had while awake. From what I remember, Summer Storms (Cedar's mother) was singing a lullaby of some sort to Cedar, who was lying down. Strangely, the lyrics and melodic line were clear, and I still remember them somewhat. My guess is that Cedar was a young colt at that point in time, or possibly even a foal. I'm not sure, but I also remember a hoof running through my mane, and a kind of warm, cozy feeling. I'm not sure why, but this stuck with me hours after I woke up, and I still remember it well. The second (half of the) dream was much less defined, but probably still worth mentioning. Again, Cedar was probably a colt, and it appeared to be him playing in a field with his mother. For this dream, I was an outside observer. It went on for two minutes or so, and I remember thinking, "this is really cute." I don't remember much else about the dream aside from that. Miscellaneous I knew that this time might come, but I didn't expect it to come so soon... I'm going to stop using the Twilight files, and I'm going to avoid triggering into her. As it stands, trying to be Cedar and Twilight simply makes it harder to focus on either one. While being Twilight has helped me to improve my work ethic and understand both Twilight and Cedar on a deeper level, I feel that I now have a chance to truly understand Cedar in a way I could never know Twilight. I'll ship off now, since I've got a lot to think about right now, and a couple more handkerchiefs to breeze through. Coughing and Wheezing, Cedar Leaf
  8. This is my first dream where I am an mlp character fully, and where I am talking to an mlp character fully. Prolly cuz I napped after that last thread I made, this dream dealt with time travel, me working under Twilight Sparkle as a changeling,and we are in the human world preventing equestrian villains from destroying it, and human villains join up during it also is the background story, I think? It starts with Twilight and me just talking (influenced from a fanfiction or two I read recently) and we are discussing basically working together and what we should know about each other, and Twilight pointed out I had those things in my hair like Chrysalis had but mine was shaped differently and Twilight mentioned it had to do with changeling pheromones. Chrysalis' is before her horn and its sorta a crown-like thing maybe? And its black with 5 green balls at the end of its.. segments. Mine was r shaped and half as thick as her horn and had 4 sticking out and one other thing shaped like an ear/half a nut shell/seashell and it was brown. I had a male voice the whole time though. We got into a weird conversation about how changelings get pregnant from the pheromones, and I was confused so I asked her what size are the changeling eggs? Silence. And then later when her assignment notifier with yellow hair and green coat mentioned I was needed somewhere or something, I sorta forget what happens here. I remember a meteor with a metal pod in it crash landing in an american city. I remember teleporting 4 years back in time, and sliding down this weird thing leading to the same room I met Twilight. I think I was assigned with protecting Twilight so thats why I went back in time so I could prepare for that scenario to occur. I tell Twilight I came from the future and I work for her and stuff, she scans me to see if I'm legit. I head to the city. Theres a giant red face, like the same face from that captain america movie but it was primarily a face and a somewhat out of control slightly shape changing being. It was moving menacingly in the air screaming in misery, the americans wanted to kill it, I convince it to leave that place. We are in a hospital where theres a waiting line for giant tumors to be removed, in front of us the only person in line had a tumorous foot the size of herself. The Dr. cut it in front of us. Then next thing I know this dude is done, and we go over to some guy selling pot on the street. The guy I'm with still has a large crazy eyeball moving randomly, and this guy smoking and selling pot stops smoking pot to show what the pot helps with his ailment (fnaf4 influenced moment) and the guy's face is split open at the jaw and sorta mangled/solid/thorny looking and vibrating/flickering rapidly and has no eye in his socket, so we all smoke pot to cure ailments (i had no ailment and still smoked with them to make the nervous guy ex-'villain' more comfy, did I use friendship on him? lol), it turns into a black tv show (I'm ashamed of my dream lol) and I say I hope kids watching the show don't think its a good idea to smoke pot now.
  9. So I had this weird dream, really detailed, but I got up too early, I know if I slept again my next dream would have been more vivid and I only got 6 hours of sleep roughly (7-9 is ideal) and all my dreams have been gaining detail sinc i've been reading fiction. Weirder yet is a part of my brain sort of approximates the fiction as fact. Not sure what I blame/explain that but I do know my dreams are getting closer to lucid, not quite there yet though. Like the dreams have more patterns to it that suppose some sort of intelligence on my part as opposed to just pure associative behavior. But my associative behavior is also rather high in the morning now, thinking of one thing tangentially leads to another and another all seemingly illogically til I wake up more. So I thought of an exercise. List the first words to appear in your mind 1-10. 1. spinach 2. lasagna 3. sphaghetti 4. mario saying sphaghetti 5. retarded 64 (youtube series) 6 fnaf3 living tombstone instrumental song (on youtube subscriptions recently) 7. theres an annoying lawnmower outside 8. my j-core im listening to 9. planetside 2 update 10. personal time with greg: online gaming fimflamfilosophy (why I am going to play planetside2) Now the exercise is, to control what you want, you want lucid dreams, so how do we take an association and connect it to the parts of the brain with lucidity? First I need to quesiton what is lucidity. Control, consciousness, freedom, self-control, self-consciousness. What does lucidity need? What will cause one to lose lucidity? Lack of focus, lack of goals, lack of use of the lucidity. How can we use lucidity in ways/for things normal dreams cannot do for us? What do normal dreams do for us? They explore the first scenarios to come to mind to resolve them, that is why we can dream about what was on our mind. It is done metaphorically, abstractly, using all tools via association if your dreams are chaotic. If your dreams are realistic, the dreams intentionally promote believe-ability for the sake of immersion. Greater immersion obviously prevents lucidity, but ti also prevents waking up when you dont want to, and believing a scenario will lead to more insights and more realistic behavior to benefit yourself in the future from said dream. So what dreams do not do, is explore things consciously. Curiosity in a dream may be automatic to convey a story. Perhaps how to gain lucidity is by not just reading if that gets you to dream, but by imagining yourself in the world doing what you want during each engaging scenario, as opposed to what makes sense for the story. So what can lucid dreaming do for us? Anything a virtual reality machine can with limited working memory, and if you are skilled, what normal dreams can do as well. But that doesn't answer the question exactly, I asked what can it do for us, not just what can it do. It offers a time for self-discovery- normal dreams are too automatic to discover much, only to prepare with past information. Lucid dreams you can also develop your irl skills and plan for the future. You can fantasize in more precise ways- if you dont get lost to them, which means lucidity is about self control. Alright, so lets just say what if we are semi-omnipotent in dreams? Limited by our working memory yes, but it'd explain things. For instance, most dreams are instinct related, or emotion related. To be a good god, you don't respond to things automatically without thought or you ignore the unknown possibilities of context. Like why am I being attacked? Why am I fighting back? Why x y or z? Imagine you do not give into automatic responses, and test yourself. If there is anything you impulsively always do then a lack of self-control is a lack of consciousness. Just fyi, instincts developed before emotions, emotions developed before thought, and thought developed before self-awareness and self-control. It is why our prefrontal cortex develops last they say, its the most new and least needed for immediate survival (a baby needs its instincts more than its thoughts and all thoughts were built off of emotions which were built off of instincts anyways). So what do you do irl that succumbs to the temptations of instinct and emotion. Yes evidently cute cat pictures are enemies. (heehee) I give in to temptations related to art, youtube, diet, and the fear of the future. I give in to impulse in conversation, especially when I'm tired. But if I controlled all those things I would be super ocd anyways or worried all the time. Generally I have some good habits but even good habits can prevent lucid dreaming, as its the nature of habits. Now if we had to brace for an equal but opposite force of our mind against lucid dreaming to keep the habits in motion, we can assume its like a Jungian Shadow or something tangentially similar. If we try to become conscious tricks would be employed by our subconscious to eas us back into the habit- greater temptations than our habits leading to an interest in maintaining the habits. This reminds me of mythology/spirituality/religion/philosophy/etc. How they can have stories about temptation occurring to people about to be better than the common man. This might explain why I am so, ahem, frisky lately. So the idea, is, to control our habits, our habits have second priority, they are not our masters, we create them adjust them destroy them. Ever give in to temptation and lose what you wanted to gain on a particular task? So purposely tempt yourself and beat it. Food tempts you? Take a cookie, smell it, set it down where it will be always tempting you, and do something you want to do instead. Eventually you will forget about the cookie, that is when you win. Proceed until you finish your task. Move on to another temptation after deciding what you want to do with the cookie. Leaving open the possibility of eating til the opportune moment will exercise your control further. Like, if you are about to lose the opportunity for the cookie in the first place, then eat it, savor it, but don't give in to the savoring. That will build the habit back up. And if you find yourself looking at the cookie now and then, that is when it is most important to have self control and find a task which engages you to distract yourself from the cookie. Try to have a task that doesn't just promote a habit of avoiding habits though, that could be poor. Perhaps also you may want to treat the cookie as more of a sentient thing, and bargain with it. Like, you want me to eat you now, but I have plans, I can eat you much much later. But instead of eating you much later, I will just eat you later, after this task. This gives the temptation a feeling of minor victory while maintaining your control. Lucid dreams are more self-directed, more self-controlled. You need to predict your failings before you can succeed and overcome them, like with many a thing. Now lets finally make the list of 10 of the things we want to do for the day. 1. ps2 preparations 2. reading a fanfiction I am hooked on 3. exercise 4. diet 5 sunlight 6. socialize with fam a little 7. use my time wisely when i am about to be bored 8 brain train 9 sc2 10 talking in chat. Now, this still isn't quite good enough of a list if I want to lucid dream. These are things I can do without being conscious of my consciousness. What manner can I do things to maintain consciousness of my consciousness? 1. Be aware of the biases I have in determining consequence, and determine a perhaps systematic but easy way to approach learning ps2. 2. imagine what I would do in the scenarios in the fanfiction if I were dreaming, and determine what I would do if I were lucid dreaming instead. 3. plan a balanced exercise set that I am not habitually prepared for 4 a balanced meal taking precedence over a convenient meal. I am worth it. 5 perhaps I can exercise in the sunlight or eat in the sunlight or both. 6 my first response is to not want to socialize with them, and pursue my tasks, but if I socialize with them it can still be good and I might be able to develop myself instead of a skill I will use. 7 have plans to prevent boredom as an effect of being busy so I always have something to do 8 do new things, and plan which skills you need work on, and which skills you need to maintain. 9 sc2 with people not just jumping into ranked until you are bored. Systematically improve the skills you need to develop before worrying about strategy, then before getting into matches improve your knowledge of scenarios you know will happen. 10 talking in chat is a relax time, I should let it stay that way, but I should not lose track of the time either, going to bed early might be helpful so I am less tired on working on tasks the following day. Putting more thoughts into our decisions and habits will get us to notice more details as relevant to our decision-making, and this means we could notice we are dreaming more often by noticing detail as more important and requiring decision. Instead of trying to rationalize things to not worry about them, try to learn the implications they have and question if it will cause you to change your plans instead in response to new information. A person not responding to new information beyond their own habits are blind. Thanks for reading.
  10. I was in the wasteland at a trash heap sorta place getting missions to do and talking to cousin and to a shapeshifter girl. I was gonna get it on with the shapeshifter but family interrupted, and I followed them to my next mission place and it was nighttime and like the human version of canterlot. But then I ended up inside some place, and I remembered mom saying don't get into situations you can't get yourself out of or that you can't undo etc, so I considered that advice if it was worth it, and noticed I couldn't fake go on the museum tour since they handed out passes with names on them people wore. Then I turned and saw something from an older dream I had, which is a room with a football stadium in it that is smaller, like 14x8 feet or so. Then I notice in this dream its icecream cake and my mind came up with some rhyme for it which was rather simple, but still I don't rhyme much in dreams Then the last line of it didn't really rhyme and I ended up waking up. When I was near cousin I viewed myself as a murderer negatively with some inner conflict shoved aside, so idk if I forgot some of the dream or if its just referencing something that didn't actually happen. First half of the dream felt like borderlands (the gravity and a small part of the style).
  11. Alright so what happened in this dream was we are in this building like one of those lawyer office places got changed into a home or something and alot of walls were removed n such. There was carpetting and lamps and a window showing the outdoor light. There were several people here and I was in a woman's body, and it was like I was following a script slightly for who she was and confusing it with myself because I didn't always have myself in view. I was a hotty though, I was fit, had B cups, blond hair tied into a bun with some sun hat on. The thing I was wearing was not what I was used to wearing, it was formal and feminine, and almost tropical but not quite, like the kind of shirt a laid back guy might wear at a beach sorta tropical design, like that shirt ages ago that had alot of girls in bikinis on it, except the theme for this shirt was like a jungle adjacent to a desert, and the desert was nowhere near a beach. Something happens, I go with the flow because idk what is going on. Maybe 9 or so people with one person sorta telling me what to do. Everything goes black next thing I know I'm in a room hiding under something to hide my view from someone, some female wearing what I am but its red velvet? Some purple silk scarf too I think? I was hiding tho so didn't get a good look at her only one eye saw because the other was under a blanket or something I was holding up. Then the woman in the room I'm in, and theres also another woman wearing purple and white no hat and is chubbier in the face. Idk which one but one of them said do you really think he isn't going to kill you? He wants us to all die together (us three women are the only one left alive, and he was too) so that he can take it all for himself(idk what was said for the 'it' I wrote there). So then I leap up and bust down the door. I notice my skin was burning from something in the air in that room that was just being triggered and the girl in purple and white makes it out, the other one didnt because she was literally sitting down at the opposite end of the room itd be rather difficult for her to make it in time and she was preoccupied writing or something. I go into the room with the guy in it, it is a whirlpooling room full of some sort of fluid of skin and neurons or something that assimilate to people and make them, idk. And the girl jumps into it with me and the guy is beneath it and I look to the other girl who's skin starts connecting to this stuff and is against the wall above the current and she said to jump in and hold my breath so I did. But I guess I must've suffocated because I woke up from holding my breath too much which means that woman won the murder mystery contest. When I eat too much high fat content foods I can get sleep apnea, but also my nose was clogged increasing the odds of it. So yeah, doing anti-apnea exercises right now that Einstein made before. Didn't sleep well for some reason. I blame the turkey n mayo sandwiches.
  12. I dreampt I was at a school with many gangs. Each teacher and class had an outside gang affiliation and I was attacked in the hallways upon discovering the school by one of three of the three groups. I was just trying to loot the place and didn't know it was a school and figured the sounds were monsters or whatnot. One group was trying to be furries, hypnotised to be furries through rituals but they could also see what each other was based on reading body language, and somehow I could too. I spotted the furry teacher somewhat quickly but he was a reptile one. I asked questions, since they weren't attacking me I figured maybe I don't need to piss them all of with a quest of vengeance on one person in the group, and asking questions will let me know what sorta stuff is going on in the region. I take off with a different group of students passing by a gang and we defeat them with them fleeing, maybe 4 of them vs 10 of us. We find the spot that was supposed to be vault under some collapsed building. And they said theres a sign that says theres a vault but they never found it, then I said well you gotta look around and under stuff obviously One of them found a super artificial plain pop-tart sized wafer+ waxy sugar bar and I asked if it was edible and ate some of it. It was mostly flavorless but the sugar part was a little sweet and the wafer was crispy and the waxy sugar was more like soft edible glass. I began to wonder if they have other simulated edible things such as if you are a cannibal how realistic is it or if you try to eat spoiled food. I lift a huge wooden plank, pull some hidden levers like a wastbin I had to twist. When we almost have the door revealed and I was thinking about how we would have to reseal it later or there'd be gang wars over it, turns out the previous gang of 4 went back to get more members and now theres like 8 of them but they have full auto guns and we only have melee weapons and semi-auto. Except what I did was run straight for their leader with the full auto, I did some crazy kick that was similar in motion to an overhead haymaker punch, but with some turning. I hit him right on the temple and his head hit against a brick wall while my foot was still on him then it required a bit of strength and balance to right myself. And one of the gang members was coming down the street with a car. Then my cousin changed the game lol
  13. Its basically when you watch movies try and imagine literally everyone's perspectives. How their clothes feel, how their bodies are, what their thoughts are, how are they doing what they are doing and how does it feel? Keep a good humored perspective.
  14. Alright lets say you dream stuff thats not interesting, not what you would lucid dream about, or is unpleasant or a straight up nightmare, or you want to try something new. If so consider this. Reprogramming your dreams. Step A: 1. Imagine any dream example. It can be a repeat dream, a nightmare or dream you've had before, or a newly imagined one. Don't need to go into detail on it as that'll distract though, just grasp the idea of it. 2. Treat it as if it is occurring like you are sleeping. Its fine to make this process brief if it takes any time it all, more of another detail to step one than anything. 3. Turn the scenario into your favor by revealing new information which shows your preconceptions about the scenario being boring or scary were actually wrong. Thats it. It doesn't have to be realistic because its a dream, so the creative decision-making is spent on not trying to find a solution to your problem, but what sort of situation you want to be in. Step B: Repeat A until it forms a habit. Variations: You may want to lucid dream instead. You may want to learn how to approach the dream scenario more directly(one may want this method if they feel their dreams have a deeper meaning) than revealing new context. Lucid dream: You imagine a dream example. You notice how unrealistic or strange or different feeling the scenario or yourself or your mindset is and realize you are sleeping, and you then do as you want because a pirate be free- you are a pirate.(lel) Direct/other: You imagine a dream example. You treat it as it is real, but you resolve all the problems intelligently and time effectively. Or you play out the dream as you see fit, without becoming lucid. Step B2: Repeat. Think of randomly new dream scenarios, then approach it as you see fit. You may want to review more important scenarios a few times, but variety is good. Perhaps for some scenarios you want to lucid dream, and others you want to treat differently, thats fine. You will get more satisfaction out of your dreams for treating each one differently rather than habitually anyways. Habits are a double edged sword. They are like a trance. In an ever changing world habits can be a poor choice, but the world isn't ever changing in some perspectives. Do what you think is good. Science would suggest healthy habits are healthy though, who knew? lol. Don't always need to be lucid. Don't always need to have habit. A middle-ground based on your mood or preference is perfectly fine.
  15. The game idea is there is a massive maze, and each room has its own setting and appears wall-less, and you basically try and reach the end. It starts off you in a voidish place being philosophical, then down the path you walk a door slides open vertically letting light in, and its outside. Green plants, a beautiful sky, but you barely notice in the distance another door. There is an end to the game but its not spelled out for you, which is to leave the place for real. An easy goal to develop would be to see each room. But maybe words would distract someone from the full experience of the place. Perhaps something like this for virtual reality games. There will be times when its more maze like, some rooms are dead ends, such as desert rooms. But not all would be a dead end, the fourth one will not be or something like that, to bring false associations to the room to make it maze-like based on human assumption. Another thing is having rooms with only subtle differences in color or layout, so it seems like you are getting into an infinite room loop when you are not. The game being made for its graphics and smooth room transitions, no loading. There eventually are non-natural rooms with different themes or visual illusions to make progress difficult. One room will have a set of mirrors so when you think you spot a door you approach and you suddenly can't see it, or other difficulties. A game with zero action. There would be rooms where you need to walk over lava to reach a door, or over a pit, giving the idea that the place is a virtual reality maze. But after thinking that you enter a room where you are in water and need to swim up to reach a different door. So it makes you think. I think this sort of game also would aid in lucid dreaming, not the ability to lucid dream, but the triggering of becoming lucid. Because if one questions the reality of their surroundings that is a prerequisite for lucidity in dreams. I used to think control over scenarios increased dream lucidity, but it only increases the ability to control once you are in a lucid dream already, not how to get to a lucid state in a dream. Some parts should have unrealistic themes based on dreams and such. Oh goodness theres already a game like this, sheesh, how about we just get lsd dream simulator a graphics update lol.
  16. The idea is simulation, or emulation. You can simulate videogames you know. Simulate scenarios you know, Simulate new games. Simulate scenarios you are curious about. But more importantly each time you simulate something your perception gets more accurate. If you simulate sports for instance you are going to be swell at physics emulation and related abilities. Simulate relationships and you can understand how others feel more often and predict background factors more easily. Don't be afraid to be able to see in 360 degrees, or smell touch hear etc. Omnipotence, its your mind. First pony view might be better for more activities irl however. But keep busy in it, and if you simulate or emulate things you enjoy your mind has the material to use during your sleeping time. It'd influence dreams even if its not obvious in which ways at first. Ever hear that videogaming helps lucid dreaming? Its because you keep doing things, and learning, and making decisions. Life can be habitual and we actually don't make alot of daily decisions compared to videogames, thus the making decisions is relevant. Also because theres less permanent consequence in games, and its seperate from irl, we arent afraid to make mistakes and learn as often and we get far more learning done and decision making. Which our brains love because control shows how much chance of survival we have, how comfortable we can be allowed to be. Which is prolly why proper lucid dreaming is healthy. It centers us. Also as an artist practicing in your mind is far easier than practicing outside of your mind because all obstacles vanish that are not yourself. You don't need to deal with a wonky keyboard or buttons or remembering which functions do what. You just get stuff done. Its sorta how games with more action are better for the brain, its because you Keep Busier. Keeping busy shows why we can be more comfortable, because we have plenty of safe habits. This is why AJ is the most level headed pony in the show some analysts say. Enjoy.
  17. I had a dream that a nuke was transported through time multiple times which is why theres no trace of it getting through anywhere and why regulations etc didn't catch or trace it, and if it was made theres no radiation byproducts to reveal where it was made. Anywho lets wonder stuff. If we wanted to be the happiest person in the world how do we exercise the happies? >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5uzYrxnp3s rofl I seem to have misrecalled a brain fact which would have been my next one to share. Hm. Anyways positive outlook, even when feeling poorly is better http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/03/optimism-and-health_n_4031688.html theres more reasons to be positive than negative, being negative only helps progression of negativity, which is only good if like, you live surrounded by venomous snakes n stuff but even that'd get old and venomous snakes actually can tell when you are scared and think that theres an increased likelyhood of you attacking if you are fearful, but being not cautious could provoke them if you like, move too quickly. IDK lol not gonna edit dis post So like, I'm smiling more lately. It could simply be time away from my mother is doing me good, it could be spring n videogaming n exercising n productivity of thoughtfulness n yada yada lol. I forgot to think about swimming before bed when I did my meditationy stuff. Which I half flanked. Also cousin was over recently which was fun. But if I don't have a positive outlook it makes gaming in challenging ways more difficult. OH and I am taking more walks so yeah. Even though these sneakers tire the heck out of my calves because of how I walk without them on being somewhat habitual. have some smilies why is there no happy aj face Rationalization helps bring light to confusion, which can birth fear. I think that is why I am getting happier. If you are afraid of something consider why, and if you do not know why, you do not need that fear. If you do know why you can still reason with yourself why the fear makes you less productive as an individual and that its not actually worth your time. *hugs cuz hugs feel nice* Also I did some strength exercise yesterday which I have not done before. Just a few til failure exercises like crunch/legraise til failure, plank push up position til failure. Something else lol, right like idk what its called balancing on my tummy/abdomen. Butt lets talk about controlling our minds. First maybe thinking of it as a tool will allow our ease of use of it. The mind is a tool. There lol. Our brain is a tool used for performing, decision-making, memory and when to recall said memories, and to make associations for future use (same as recall said memories part). So we can exercise performance, we can exercise rationalization(6 syllables, yay lol), and memory of course we can exercise and program. Yeah program, axle in a recent reply to my status gave a good response, it contained useful information, tangential tho but who cares tangential stuff is still related lol (more connectionz). I used to program memory for like saving words i needed to remember in college, or when I want to remember something I imagine stuff for the future, such as if I want to know where I put my glasses I visually emphasize where they are like they are glowing or vibrating or can be seen through walls etc to make it memorable(imagine them talking lol). But axle's idea basically gives me more structure for my idea of dream manipulation, why not bring forth a dream world to swim in imaginatively, instead of like googling swimming, tho googling swimming should help some. But to make it more consistent what else would I do to ensure I practice it for longer during sleep? Hmmmm. Perhaps imagine everything changing on a whim like how dreams happen, and I'm just swimming throughout it. Or imagine multiple dreams as they were, except I'm swimming the whole time instead of walking or flying or something lol. Maybe, set a mental note for when I am sleeping to swim, many mental notes so at least one of them works and then when the dream gets distracted it'd have a higher chance of reverting back to swimming. Perhaps imagine scenarios where I am forced to swim, or swim because I love the feeling. Why swimming you say, its good for longevity and I do not have an immediate swimming location. I dont even know how to swim. I doggie paddle lol. But if you are reading axle, yeah I remember how you learned how to swim lol. I think thats all I want to mumble about for now
  18. Apparently napping after sleeping is still the best way for me to dream more, including remembering my dreams before the nap(s). I had a few dreams, don't remember all the details but it was rather detailed in some parts. First dream was me and this other kid made a bomb out of just metal and gasses I used heavy telekinesis to form grenade things then he took them and turned them into bombs, and we were going to plant them at the main office of a mind control school. It had a very very slight fallout vibe to it. Next dream I was with a group of people who had abilities that were found from ancient objects and they caused the world to be nuked with almost eldritch energies everywhere except where we were, and all people were killed who were not in hiding, all who could ever learn what powers we had manifested or gained, or took. They were corrupt out of fear oriented emotions such as greed or paranoia and used the powers to overcome their fears. The whole group was cowardly myself included, because I before I dreampt this recalled a quote about cowardice being capable of the greatest heroism. Quotes obviously have flaws(as do dreams). After the entire group split up after prolly years, I was trying to hunt them down one at a time with nobler people(the human versions of calamity and velvet from fallout equestria I think, the other person who made the bombs with me was a human version of calamity slightly, or had that feel anyways, or maybe its just a standard story trio of two males and a girl and I'm overassociating it(prolly) because of the similarity of fallout). My cowardice was to not deny the group's efforts out of fear of death. If I denied them when it was going down I would have been ganged up on and lost easily(even tho it was my dream I could have killed them all at once if I tried with them distracted on something). Next dream I am on the walkway of a giant dam or something used to keep the wastes from the ocean entering towards more traveled areas, but this area still is traveled on because people love scavenging, but from the nukes or whatever happened there was a sludge holding a bunch of yellow catfish-like fish in place right next to the walkway. Of course as I ponder if they are zombies they become zombies, and flop and leap towards me as I skip run n leap away from them, and others are calling me towards some piles of metal debri saying they found something. Theres a person in front of me maybe every 4-14 meters some more to the left some more to the right, some standing on debri some walking past. Maybe 5 people in my vision but judging from the movements and saturation there should be more ahead past a large debri pile. I end up with my trio again scavenging and we find out theres more catfish things, they migrated from mountains into the ocean and are actually from an intellectual race and the adult ones have formed legs and arms almost like a frog would, and they are going to overpopulate the dead ocean, so we set our sites on going there, and somehow we viewed them as evil, prolly because we associated it with abnormalcy just like the yellow catfish. But these ones were a pale muddy brown and have spears, and were easily a continent away. How my brain showed the mountain from our position it may as well have been in europe and us in egypt(except not precisely as such), except if I try to visually travel there (as one might think they astral project) then its far closer, only like an island's distance away.
  19. Let's start off with the dream so I don't forget about it and regret it later. First off, it wasn't lucid like most dreams I remember (which are few and far between). I was driving my dad's black Ford F-150 along on various types of streets. At first, it was fine, me driving along. Then I had to stop, and for some reason thought I could barely brake. And it happened over and over. And as the night progressed, I would try harder and harder to stop it (at one point double footing the break pedal) but always found myself in an accident. I think this may be important, but I don't know what it means. I don't think it's related to our nice little hypnosis tracks, however. Just a dream I remember. As for myself, well.... tired all the time. Alternating from sick to thinking I'm sick. I have a feeling that my energies aren't in sync with each other. I'll keep this short for today. The main thing was the dream.
  20. Well, it is 2 am, I went to sleep roughly three hours ago, but I had a dream that I wanted to remember - so I wrote the things down that I could still piece together: I remember getting into a bus, daydreaming for a while. The driver managed to rake a wrong turn and turned onthe crossing, going wrong again. There it was still like 'I have a reason for this.' But then, the dream skips, and the bus is somehow driving over a field. There was a river we almost crashed into and an indoor-swimming pool arena building. He was complaining that this small town was so complicated. I offered to showhim the way, but got a call from someone, who wanted to ask me about some sort of getting hired-problem. I took my sweet time answering the questions but in between the scene changes. I remember the bus driver, whom i had offered to show the way and 'relogged'. But I somehow was somewhere different. There is some going around and the next thing I remember is being in a house with many people. I am going around, a bit restless. It might have been some sort of astral projection as I met on other that was there with two bodies. I am not sure how I escaped from him or even why, but things were late and many were asleep. I was sneaking around, didn't want to be seen - I might have had some sortof fight earlier. I ound a corridor and I wanted to put my hoof aginst it to open s portal and leave, but then I heard something and deided against it, leaving further through another door and another, following a small child, that somehow was a servant there (like a bald child monk). I was still loking around for a suitable wall, as I heard a 'good morning, miss'. It startled me after a while of more searching - no one had called me with that gender before. So I turn and ask her and get an 'of course I would'. Somehow the surroundings change and a girl looks out of the wall, asking one question: "Why did you leave the castle, Luna?" Suddenly everything feels like memory-lane: I ran away with her, my powers somehow lost, then taken over by a dark star, turning into nightmare... turning around towards the castle and telling them that i was utterly defeated. Them is sweetie belle, looking like the EQG-version and another, slightly older girl looking closely like another sweetie belle. There was talk about returning where we belong and me muttering, defeated, '/if/ I get my powers back'. Things deranged from there into an Elements of harmony-scene, where those were used to help someone (sweetie belle again). I was part of them and so was discord. After that I woke.
  21. Such a title lol. I named it this title because, this is about the subconcious mind. I did an experimental meditation which caused me to have more interaction with the subconcious, delaying me waking up when thirsty, because in my dream I was more active, and the subconcious was also more active, and I caught onto certain themes and processes that are interesting. The Meditation: 1. I began lightly chanting words that were important to me such as neurons, biological immortality, brain, 2. I sat meditation style, hands open facing up/out 3. From the hands I imagined energy reaching to my head. 4. In my mind I daydreampt about things that were important to me, which distracted me from 1 occassionally 5. Things such as skills I plan on developing, skills I have developed, from irl or videogames. The Dreams: 2nd dream: I awake, and am struggling. I do not see what I am struggling with. I lay back down forced by from what I am struggling with and am about to fade away, when out of the corner of my eye I notice a TV is in the middle of the room facing the thing I struggled with which is to my left. As I notice the remote is put down in the corner of my vision so once its out of my peripheal into my regular vision I cannot see any motion. I am confused, I think its a spirit demon or tulpa or shadow like of peter pan etc. I stand up while still confused as such to turn the TV off or something. I forget, but I wake up still in that thought. I wake up thirsty and get a fair amount of water, my second time waking up thirsty in the middle of the night tonight. It is normal for me to get nightmares when thirsty. But this one was very strange/different. Relevant part of 1st dream: At some point of avoiding danger my mom tries to convince me to get into the pool, of which there are a couple that are my relatives laying down next to each other in the bottom of the almost lukewarm pool. My twin brother then enters the pool, and I do not, because well, themes in my life this is a reflection of partly. I am more distant from my mom than he, and I am more thoughtful/aware. I leave and get into danger until I wake up, thirsty, not as thirsty as dream two. Analysis: Other information I have for my analysis: 1. I recall themes being dark for some subconcious aspects, or evil or such. Malicious. Rude. Anti-social. (This reminds me of the original sand-man story which I heard about but didn't read now, oh well lol) 2. I recall my mom mentioning something of the bible before how it says do not attempt spiritualism as it causes malicious spirits, or such. 3. My understandings are psychological, not spiritual. I believe spiritual phenomenon are misunderstood psychological phenomenon. 4. Nightmares occur more frequently when lucidity is more frequent, and usually as waking up. 5. People trying spiritual things get much more doppleganger sensations. 6. The subconcious mind operates faster, such as if one is unaware of the buttons they press on their videogame controller they are usually much more skilled as their attention is diverted to more important matters. Explanation: Alright so we notice malicious activity in my dreams sort of. (sorta drowsy right now) This corresponds with well of course my theme of nightmares when Im thirsty and need to wake up. But I know it is common, it is just I put on too many blankets, and my subconcious needed me awake to not get dehydrated and this is what I think. 1. Malicious activity lol. 2. It is prolly adrenaline that causes one to wake up faster from nightmares so it is beneficial in that regard, evolutionarily speaking dehydration was enough to warrant importance of wakefulness of course. 3. If I die from the malicious activity in the dream I will have nothing to do and will wake up. 4. Waking up makes me self-aware, being self aware causes me to realize I am being put into a deathly situation, I refuse to participate lol. 4.E. I think this is because the subconcious mind sees it as Play. Pretend to be dead, I will put you into a scenario where you are pretending to be dead, so you wake up when you are bored and have no other activities to do. (What if I try reincarnating or respawning? Trololololol) 5. This postpones me waking up and I get thirstier. 6. Dream escalates til I wake up. And if we go back to the other information I think was relevant, the subconcious mind we recall is dark themed in some aspects. Jungian Shadow actually I think may have been the term. The thing I was struggling with is a Doppleganger sensation, the bible had that warning because obviously people tried some spiritual stuff and bad stuff happened because they were not being smooth with their subconcious as they are bringing conciousness to their subconcious mind. The subconcious holds our personality if we had more control, such as over breathing and such. So, if the subconcious jungian shadow is anti-social its because hey, you are wasting time in your dream world when you could be sleeping, or getting water, wtf man, wtf lol. So its sort of like, you trying to do a task, and your boss arrives randomly and goes through your papers and stuff, and you know your bosses concious thoughts, and its just, it impedes your normal function if you are the subconcious, and worse if the boss tries talking with you, when you are eternally busy managing background tasks, its going to be irritating. Its the concious mind being the problem, so it is antisocial to dissuade your being there. Then combined with nightmare themes and such other internally malicious behavior one might think theres something wrong. But, that is only an assumption that nightmares are purposeless, one from misunderstanding as well. Obviously I have nightmares for a reason, to wake up faster and because waking up conflicts with, waking up oddly lol because of the conciousness of the processes. Which occured for me just because my meditation brought more attention to subconcious processings, as I was focusing on skills, which is something dreams work on anyways. Athletes are for instance more likely to get gamma brainwaves during dreams than normal people, IF I recall, this may not be the case but I think I recall it, I only read it once however, so I could be wrong for this fact. So, why the title as it is? Distant because the subconcious mind has to be out of sight. Distant because lets say, we are aware of the world. But we only see a certain amount of it. So the rest of the world is essentially in the dark. It holds this theme. It reminds me of the jungian shadow/subconcious because it was struggling outside of my vision. That is revealing, whether intentional or not to show it as that way specifically in my dream. And because outside of our conciousness(light as light is noticeable) is where the subconcious(dark, unaware) is, so the subconcious sort of is the activity in the shadows, it functions better unaware of itself similar to how when a gamer games and they can be entirely unaware of the buttons they are pressing to control their in game actions faster. Any questions or counter-understandings/explanations or factual contradictions etc feel free to post. Edit: I am not Christian, I only added that as evidence of the culture attempting spiritual things, or cultures near them and the results they had. And I wanted to discuss more about the visualization's impact but Im sort of tired right now and can't think of anything.
  22. A few nights ago I had a dream: I was looking up to an alicorn that looked like the statue here: http://youtu.be/jW5n3k2VgZE?t=56s She said to us something like "I want Luna and Patena to do something" ... (and I felt like we both were fillies) ... It only lasted a moment - but that name and the scene stayed with me. it was so very strange ... and feels strange, too. I do not know what to make of it. Anyways, just wanted to share this small bit. Stay well, everypony.
  23. Apologies for the lack of cohesiveness. It starts with Twilight and myself both in an anthro form (I’m some random pegasus, I never have time to get details other than the type). We are in the haul of a ship and she is badgering me with questions on subjects I don’t even remember looking up enough to have questions on as that I type this, so I am sure they were nonsense. That wasn’t the problem though, the problem was the ship was sinking and she wouldn’t let us move on to the next room until I had gotten a question right. It was getting bad as each room I was doing worse to the point that one room almost filled before I got a correct answer for her to let us use a stairwell to escape. Also kept gabbing backpacks along the way but I have no idea why, I don't take them with me. And it just kept going, I never wind up drowning but I wake up before I get to fresh air. This is the second time I had this dream this week. It played out the same way both times, just keep going through rooms that wind up becoming more filled up than the last. It was just really awkward to me that Twilight was more concerned with my duress test taking abilities over our mutual survival more than anything else going on.
  24. Okay *tries to remember it fully* We were in a create our own game mod world thing. I had an mlp mod extension that somehow got someone to suicide or something so when mom knew I had the mod she got concern and she ended up finding out I had liked mlp and didn't make a big deal out of it, and she said she even wasted alot of money on getting an invention from the mod before and she showed me this odd sink contraption which I accidentally kept getting my fingers stuck into which spun blade grater things and spawns brushes that rotate and gets some soap out and she was like what are you doing! Then I remember the mod itself was like we were washed up on an ocean and we made some houses n stuff with the mod and the dude was an enemy suddenly and tried to fight me or somehting, and he had aTON of stuff spawned for a vehicle it would have taken like 8 hours to spawn and rearrange their positions alone but he got them all to move to a music video and the panning screen and stuff thousands of animals including some zerglings lol. That were tan colored. When we built the house incompletely he just flew into the sun acting weird and trying to pin me down to attack me or something before that, which I guess was the suicide. Thats all I remember, aside from him pinning me down reminded me of neural connections including team rocket and some unrecognizeable neurons at the same time. Team rocket's was purple around dark purple semitransparent or somehting, and the other oen was sort of tan or cream colored possibly brain or grey colored in smaller amounts. The shape was, idk, like a rock(s) or tumor lol. The recall only lasted a split second anyways.
  25. Starts off at some well made stone street and building I presume my family is vacationing at. It is in someplace like India but higher class and theres a stone building and some flawless highly similar Disney art statues that look like no human could have made it by hand as they claimed. There were about 12-20 of them, arranged in a way like how I arrange spine crawlers in starcraft 2, but they were on display in a room, some floating in mid-air it seemed the room had its lights out and I was outside the building and it was up some steps. The building itself was like one from the disney movie Aladdin but smaller and where the statues were it was wide open. I presume this is because before bed in the chat we were mentioning favorite animated movies, and I had played starcraft 2 previously that day. Then I am talking to the white people who claimed to have made it (dream swapped them up on me, and the background was turned dark like the rest of the room of the statues) and they spoke a little bit about it I forget what exactly, but the kid is a teenager slob living with an older teen his older brother then he also has an older sister and a mother and father. We decide to play some movie trailer which converts into a videogame half way into watching. I do not remember the title of the movie game that clichely flashed by as the main actor is talking. But after some time the kids family friend is playing it whom is bald and black and maybe late 20s of age, and in the game there are two ways to play the races, powering yourself up so you can destroy the other racers to win, or, leveling up only speed, the tree chart is basically V shaped there is only offense and speed no defense. And he decided to level up speed, and early in the game, its already moving very fast, driving up towers rotating around the cylindrical towers or whatever it was to avoid getting shot and at the end of the race busting into a building through glass driving up the steps and it slow-motion in midair it pauses you still in mid-air and has the score/stat screen and congratulations, then he replayed the same level but slightly faster, it was overwhelming to watch just imagine playing it lol. But the controls were very easy handling, like momentum was changed to be highly convenient or non-existent, what I mean is, you making a turn is instant, your vehicle doesn't get dragged from the sudden turn and mess up or need to drift etc. Then the chubby stereotypical short haired white teenager who is immature, acts immature throwing some food around, it sticking in illogical places, the food also being somewhat illogical, okay it was cheerios and jelly the jelly was shaped like a block of butter but like 6x larger and it stuck to the door frame and the cheerios stuck to the door when he threw it, then we went to their patio thing, which looks highly similar to the room building thing that contained the disney art sculptures (which were all painted fyi in flawless colors, such as a genie head, stitch from lilo and stitch head, etc, didnt catch what they all were) and we played around with nunchucks and martial art staffs. I wanted to see how much I could level up in nunchucks before going home to surprise my brother or something so I randomly took up practicing it seriously. There was occasional chatting and thats it, thats the dream.