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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Hypnoponies Community, I wanted to take this time to make some things on my mind a little more clear to everypony. Gonna be covering a few topics, so please bear with me. First, as far as hypnosis goes, I've been slacking on my actual use of files, and I've been feeling a little less Twi than before. If anypony's worried, it's okay, it's just general laziness. When it comes to being a Changeling, I'm finding it incredibly easy to visualize and 'feel' the holes in my limbs and my wings. As it stands, we'll see how it continues, but I'm still me. When it comes to Sylvin, we're getting along fairly well. I'm starting to be able to hear her better, understanding more of what she's saying. We're starting to get better at keeping ourselves separate as well. She's very clear in my mind visually, even if the wonderland has been a little disused lately due to various reasons. We've been starting to work on imposition exercises as suggested by other helpful users on the site. Now for the tough stuff. A lot of you aren't going to like me talking about this, but I want to get it off my chest and get my opinion out there as best I can. I'd like to address the drama on the site from my perspective. From the start, I was rather for pet-master relationships. I believed that they were just another form of love, and I idealized it. However, when I was doing so, I didn't understand much of the situation behind the scenes, not just the pet-master interaction, but the way the individuals involved acted, both towards each other, and the community as a whole. I learned over time, through various sources I'm not sharing for the sake of privacy, that not everything was as ideal as I would love it to be. There was abuse, there was sadness and pain, there was power grabbing, there was drama. I'm not going to go over each and every one, because neither is it my place to do so, nor do I want to try subverting authority over information from our able staff. What I want to go into is what I've seen done about it, and by who. You likely all know something about Oscore, modded swiftly and demodded just as swiftly. You may see him as being anti-pet, and in a way he is. But here's the thing: he doesn't hate pets. He doesn't like the relationship itself, due purely to mental health reasons. Oscore is a military medic, so his priority will always be to help others, to keep others healthy and safe. Whether or not you can see it, he wants to help. He wants to help the pets wean off of their masters, wants to encourage them to seek professional therapy if need be, but not to simply cut them off and insult them or kick them out. The only ones he wants to kick out are the masters, and that's not because they're masters, but because of the things they've done to hurt this community. I want you all to understand, none of us in our little hive have any particular desire to gain power over this site. We don't want to usurp power, we don't want to ban pets or kick them off the site. We just worry. We worry about their health and safety. We worry about the integrity of the site. We worry about the influence the masters have that they should not. I truly believe what we're doing is the right thing to do, that it will strengthen this community as a whole, that it will help harmony to bloom on our site again. I know a lot of you just want this to be done and over with, and I agree. But then some of you think it's already long done, and I simply have to tell you that it's not. I don't see any way of both sides of this backing down amicably, coming to a peaceful resolution. As such, I'm going to keep doing what I can, promoting awareness, understanding, and self-worth. We are all special, I think. We're all here for a reason, and that reason is to support each other to the best of our abilities. After all, when we are together, united in harmony, we are at our absolute strongest. I thank you for your time, and I apologize to any I have upset with this. However, I feel I just needed to say where I stood on this all. - Kaerea Shine, Evening Changeling
  2. Dear Hypnoponies Community, Due to a conversation I had tonight with a new friend, I found myself looking back on my life on the internet; namely the friends I've made and fallen apart from. My old RP group was a family to me, eight or nine years it's been since I started roleplaying on that site... Where my ex girlfriend and I started out. It was tough in later years. They decided they wanted to start fresh, wiping their worlds and continuities away, but I just couldn't bear to do so. My world was too important to me, it was too much a part of me to let go of. I think that was probably the first part of my drifting away from them, the group breaking up... The last time we talked to each other was new years, when I initiated well wishes. Perhaps partially inspired by our lovely Silvermoon's post today on happiness, I felt that I owed it to them to let them understand that what we had still means something to me. So I thanked them. I told them 'thank you for everything you've done, and all you've given to make me who I am today, from the bottom of my heart, thank you', my ex included... Then I cried for a good five minutes, because between that and the menu music for Starbound, it just hit me hard. That in mind, I realized something else while I was crying over it, and being comforted by three of the absolutely wonderful friends I've made here. You know who you are. I realized just what this place has done to me. What it has done for me. I haven't even been here for three weeks, yet it seems like a virtual eternity; as if this has been my whole life. When I log in, and everypony greets me, I can tell they really mean it, same with when they bid me, or anypony else farewell. When I have a problem, there's genuine concern in their words as they try to help or comfort me. When I doubted myself, they were there for me the whole time... There's so very much love in this community; that sort of love you only get with people who truly care about each and every other person there. It fills the rooms, and when I'm here, it fills my heart. I can't claim to have the sort of empathy that, say, Vivian does, where I can sense the general emotions of those online, but I can tell, just by looking at the interactions, just how much everypony here means to everypony else. And it just... It means so much to me that I'm counted among those who matter to others here. Even if it's just a hello when they see me log on, or a nuzzle, or wishing me pleasant dreams when I go to bed at the end of the night, it shines through this screen into my heart. I feel like I really am home when I log on, as much as when I walk through my front door and see my parents and sister. I feel like I'm part of something huge, important, and wonderful when I'm here, and I can't even begin to say how important that feeling is to me. All of that said, I suppose the most simple way I can express my feelings here is that same, simple phrase Silvermoon gave. The same, tired old saying, worn over the centuries, but never losing what it really means. So from the absolute bottom of my heart, to the very tip top of my head (and horn), thank you everypony, for everything. Thank you. - Kaerea, Heartwarmed Student in Training