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Found 55 results

  1. I press on, despite the uncertainty. I've noticed that, with time, the once robust site I came to hold as a kind of home away from home has begun to fade and become more...barren, in a word. Ponies coming and going, the leadership losing traction with the departure of both Frinkel and Soarin, and the general disintegration of the IRC have all taken a toll on me here, to say the least. Yet, I do not believe that the community is dead. Rather, it is evolving and shedding old skins to emerge as something new and unique, something all its own. Trial by fire, in a way. Anyways, enough of that. I've been re-evaluating my stance on hypnosis and taking a good, long, hard look at exactly what I've been doing in my head. It was eye opening to actually lay out some of the things I've been saying and believing, but most importantly it helped me to sort out my head and solve some of the loose ends. I don't doubt that this new, more concrete mindset too will change, but for now I am contented with the way it is. I haven't done hypnosis in a long while, and while effects linger from time to time, they're never very strong. Perhaps a nice, long sit down session would do me good in the coming weeks... That's all for now. Stay healthy, and enjoy the sunshine (if you're getting any). SB
  2. Hello, all. Hope you're doing well. Here's what's going on in our neck of the woods. I've decided that I want to completely lose myself in my Pegasus form, and welcome the changes as much as I can. I'm going to try to... -- listen to more files, more frequently -- do more things a pony would do (be outside more, eat more fruits and veggies, be more friendly, etc.) -- experiment on how to feel more like a pony (walk on all fours sometimes, maybe?) Last night, I listened to the Helping Hands file for the first time, and then the Generic Pegasus V4 file. For the first file, it was kinda nice, but I expected more. Maybe more listening will help. As for the second file, I could feel something new. I could really feel my Stallion muscles in my arms and legs. It was wonderful! My arms and legs even looked bigger IRL. As I turned off my electronics for the night, I tried a trick that I got from a fellow Hypnoponies member. I placed a towel into the back of my shorts and let most of it hang out the back to simulate a tail, and kept it there as I went to sleep. It works incredibly well. Just to have some extra weight there enchances my changes drastically. I love being a Stallion. I absolutely love it. PS: Just for the heck of it, I said the Helping Hands trigger while typing this up. *Sweet Celestia!* I felt a lovely tug on both of my wings, probably the best feeling I've had in a while.
  3. I'm gonna attempt to relax a bit and do the spa files, wish me luck After having a time at the spa I felt all my worries of my life simply jsut disappear. I could feel most of what was going on, and it soothed and relaxed me very much, I will be doing the spa again soon
  4. Well after losing the closest friend I've ever had in a lifetime, flame3150 or Christian, I worry about my own sanity and if continuing my hypnosis is a good idea. I've already lost my mind these past few days, and I'm worried if I continue too soon I'll go crazy. I wish I never started hypnosis, it gave me great success at first, but now it's dragging me down, and is becoming a burden. With the loss of my friend I'll be going through a dangerous night tonight that will most likely consist of me crying for the most of it. I have to get sleep, but it will be very hard.
  5. As I attempt to try to put in another hypnosis session I am only able to partially feel my wings in my back now. I am no longer able to flap them. However, me being the idiot I am, I did it right before bed and now I am awake. I have no idea if tonight was a success or failure and frankly I'm too sick to care. I need to just relax. I wish I had my friend by my side to support me, but even with the issues I've caused on the server dying down, I am still very depressed as I miss my friend dearly. But, I'm not gonna look down after this session. I need to just stop giving up so damn easily. Im done being a quitter. All I can do now is keep moving forward and hope for the best. Rainbow Dash would never give up, she would keep at it until she reached her goals. I want my friend to be with me as I'm having a rough time in my life. He would know what to do. But. Times have changed and I've forgiven him and moved on. I have to start to do things for myself. My sanity has been completely lost however by all the things happening this past week. I have been up all night crying as I am stressed to where I keep having panic attacks. Tomorrow will be a better day, I know it will be.
  6. Hello, Hypnoponies. Hope y'all are doing well. There's not much to report, really. But I feel like making a journal entry anyway. Being a Pegasus has seemed to unlock new possibilities for me. I'm more confident, more willing to try new things, more accepting of others, etc. My life has certainly improved since I became a Pegasus. This entire hypnosis thing is fascinating, really. It's some kind of magic. To hear the birds chirping with my Pony ears...to feel my tail swishing back and forth...to feel the wind rustling my wings...to see the world in a completely new way...this is a feeling of utmost excitement and happiness. -- Valiant
  7. Another failure, not only this time had all of my progress seem to disappear, but I couldn't help but cry as I tried to do the hypnosis again. My confidence has been shot in the heart essentially. I feel nobody is on my side and that I have nothing good going for me anymore. I want to continue but I have absolutely no confidence in myself that it will work ever again. It only worked because I was able to believe in myself. I believed I was rainbow dash. My parents try to talk to me as I can not help but tell them "go away". I want to go back but I feel I will never truly be as happy as I was when I first started. Once the hypnosis session was over, I didn't get a headache, I couldn't do anything but cry. I started hypnosis to understand my true potential, but it seems all it has done is made me worse than I ever have been. I've already started to get high again, as i have been getting desperate to feel happy again.
  8. I try another attempt at the hypnosis, this time I am not as successful as my first two. In fact I feel sleep deprived, anxious, on edge, and tired. I haven't felt well since I've started the hypnosis. I feel I need to start to get some rest before I can continue my hypnosis as I get very little every day. If I continue to only get my 5 hours of sleep and do my daily hypnosis, I'll make myself sick. This weekend I will be taking a break from my hypnosis in an attempt to make myself feel better My crankiness is because of the fact I am not letting myself get enough sleep, and me not getting enough sleep is giving me the headaches
  9. The day starts out as normal, I still worry about my friend but people were there to help me along the way for that. The entire day I could feel wings on my back, and I could flap them very hard if I concentrated enough. Gym rolls around, kick ball day, we had lost but I still had confidence that tommorow would be better and I would do great. I go home and attempt session 3 where about halfway in between my mother gets mad I didn't finish my work and takes the iPad away. I do my work but I can't help the feeling but getting a headache. I go back down to attempt to finish and I do the exit trigger just to be safe. My head starts throbbing and I was in extreme pain. I was worried I messed something up. In my worry I cause myself a panic attack which causes me to have problems breathing in.while gasping for air I attempt to cry, I scream, but my foster parents had left for awhile, I had been screaming to let my tears out and to be able to breathe, when I get the idea to get help from the members of the discord server. They were phenomenal! They were able to help me along the way and attempt to calm down to where's I was able to breathe again and let out all of my tears. I get in bed, and as I'm writing this, I'm still in bed, knowing that I have people there for me, even when I'm at my worst I,would like to thank especially MK Inst, Pony13, Tavi, and Midnight for helping me with my panic attack tonight
  10. As I come home from school the day I saw the rainbow hair on my head, I immediately forget all my work and go to my iPad to start the hypnosis, it started like normal, I lay flat on my stomach with only underwear on, on a blanket and put all my limbs out like I'm flying, and close my eyes, resting my head on my pillow. I listen to the narrators voice when without being in control my hands begin to clench into a fist and I couldn't open them. Then when the parts with the wings came along, I could feel them coming out of my back, and I was flapping them like crazy. My friend however did not like the new me as I started to be like rainbow dash without even realizing it, I was saying things like her, saying her phrases, and I eventually snapped out of it and realized what had happened. My friend would then leave me and not talk to me, he did not support my hypnosis sessions
  11. I get a recommendation from a friend about a neat concept to hypnosis, but with my little pony, I am immediately welcomed into a server and I join the website. I then try the rainbow dash character file almost immediately. Not much happened but then I went to bed after I was bored. The next day at school was very interesting. I felt like, there were these things on my back, but they weren't there. I would late figure out that those were my new wings. The day goes on and during gym time, it hits me. Not only was I confident in my athleticism, but I was doing amazing. I felt like I was number one. I have never had that happen before. I go get a soda I brought from home and go to take my meds. I look in a window that shows my reflection, It was me, but there was some rainbow hair on my head, only slightly visible. I could not believe my eyes. I stood there for a long time, the nurse yelling at me "are you ok?", I tell her, "I feel awesome"
  12. Hey there, everypony. So, I was wondering if any of y'all had any tips or suggestions for feeling our hooves better during transformations. Have you found a trick that works for you? Any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks, y'all! Valiant
  13. Whenever we do hypnosis or any similar spiritual activity, there are bound to be strange occurrences and things that are just plain unique. So, what has been the weirdest, strangest or coolest experience in hypnosis for you so far? Here is an example: My weirdest experience so far was when I was just doing a regular session, and my entire body started to randomly itch so intensely that I was brought out of trance!
  14. Journal resurgence II: Electric Boogaloo. So, how have I been? I have been well enough, and some new developments arose from my latest works. I began writing files for the community, and with the Scootaloo file finished and an Applebloom file well on its way to completion, I am hoping to become a fixture in the writing scene for this community. I have plans for a plethora of files. Aside from that, I have been exercising my mental muscles more and more. My imposition has been coming back in flashes and I am starting to regain the wondrous feelings I had when I was younger. It is nice to feel again, and with every file I write and session I conduct my skills as writer improve while my self hypnotic work has continuously made me a better subject. With all this, there is one more thing to be mentioned. I am realizing I am...indecisive when it comes to forms, given how much I'm enjoying my time as Nightmare Moon currently. While I will continue to be known as The Sweetest Belle in the community, I think it is time to embrace the polymorphism of myself and just accept that whatever form I am, the core of my being and my desires for myself and this community will still be here no matter who I choose to be. I can't decide, Madame Moon (Sweetie Belle)
  15. Hello, everyone. Hope you're doing well. I'm afraid it's time for me to leave these forums. You see, I think this whole hypnosis thing might conflict with my spiritual views, and recently, I've been feeling called to move on and leave all this behind. That sadly means leaving my Hypnoponies profile behind, too. The reason I signed up here is because I was dealing with a severe case of loneliness (and I still am, honestly). I guess I found a "cure" for it in the form of Pony Hypnosis. It was only temporary, of course, and recently I've noticed that I simply couldn't keep on with this without feeling something calling me to move on. And so, I am. For now. I'm gonna miss you guys. You seemed pretty nice and accepting. Thank you. Now, I move on to the road ahead. Signing off, Valiant
  16. Hello, everypony. Hope you're doing well. I'm really enjoying being a Pegasus. There's something about it that makes me feel like I can do anything. Recently, I started reading The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook. I've found it very inspiring, whether I be a Pegasus or a human. So today, I first listened to the Pony Visual reprogramming file. I found it to be very successful, but sadly not as successful as the first time I listened to it. Still powerful though, without a doubt. I'm starting to feel my wings shoot out in layers. In other words, my wings are beginning to feel more full. Very nice sensation, that. I can also feel my muzzle becoming more solid. I'm able to feel it with my hooves now. It's pretty wild. After listening to that file. I listened to the Pony Trigger reinforcement file. This session was kinda intense. I could feel my hind hooves firmly and my ears very clearly, along with my wings coming in better for most of the session. Awesome stuff. That's about it for now. Hope you all have a great rest of your day/night. Valiant
  17. Hey, y'all. Hope you're doing well. Today, I'm wanting to listen to as many files as time and life will allow me (all for generic Pegasus Stallion, of course). Spring Break is coming to a close, and I haven't listened to nearly any files yet. Just finished listening to the Generic Pegasus file. It was really effective this time, as always. In fact, about halfway through, I kinda started shaking for a few seconds and tearing up because the changes felt so good. After the session, I got up and drunk a fancy sweet apple juice in a glass bottle. I almost fainted from how good it tasted. Lol. Just walking around in my Pony form feels magical. I love being a Pegasus! On to the next file (hopefully)... to be continued... Update 1 - Just finished the "Afternoon Flight" file for the first time. That was absolutely amazing! Simply beautiful experience. Every time I look into the sky, or see a lone comfortable-looking cloud, I'm gonna remember this file. 10/10, would fly again. Lol.
  18. Hey, y'all. Hope you're doing well. I'm gonna try something different and use bullet points this time around. Things are going quite well. Yesterday, on my way home from college, I said a trigger phrase while driving. It was by far the best transformation I've had yet. The sensations are definitely getting stronger. A few nights ago, I listened to the Generic Pegasus file after a long, tiring day. It worked well, of course, but afterwards I felt dizzy and kinda nauseous. So...lesson learned: don't listen to files when I'm dead tired. The next night, as I was about to go to sleep, I got some cabin socks out of my drawer and put them over my hands to simulate hooves. Then I got into bed and said a trigger phrase. It worked exceptionally well. It was pretty dark in my room, so I could only make out the shapes of my hands, and they legit looked and felt like hooves! It was amazing! Earlier today, I listened to the Pony Body Reinforcement file. Another great session. I could really feel the change in my neck and hands this time. That's all for now. Have a good one, y'all.
  19. Hello, friends. Hope you're doing well. It's feeling even more amazing to transform into a Pegasus as the days go by. I still can't believe it's working so well. Maybe I'm just very susceptible to hypnosis...I don't know. Whatever it is, I'm extremely grateful. Earlier today, I tried to fix breakfast completely in my Pegasus form. It didn't go as well as I hoped (it's hard opening stuff with hooves!) but I stayed in form the whole time and it was a fun experience. In case you're curious, I had a blueberry shake and some daily vitamins. Side note: I think my taste buds are getting more sensitive or something, because fruits and veggies taste like food from Heaven now. Lol. Also, about an hour ago, I listened to the Pony Trigger reinforcement loop. Very successful. I read a tip on this site saying you should imagine yourself, in your Pony body, in front of a mirror after a hypnosis session. I was able to clearly see myself, picking up my hooves and smiling at them. Finally, ever since listening to the Spa file, I can sometimes feel somepony giving me a wing massage. I like to imagine it's Fluttershy, my love, letting me know things are going to be okay. It's the most relaxing, soothing sensation in the world. That's all for now. Hope you're all having success with your Pony selves! Brohooves all around! Valiant
  20. Hey, everypony. Hope you're doing well. So today, I listened to a total of three files: Pony Ears, A Long Day at the Spa, and the Generic Pegasus file. My experience with Pony Ears: This one was nice. Short and sweet. I could already feel my pony ears pretty much all day before listening, but now, they're pretty stuck on there. Lol. It's fun to flap them around, and it's amazing to get a few scratches behind them. Seriously. It's heaven. Lol. My experience with A Long Day at the Spa: I was most looking forward to this one because I really wanted to get a good Pegasus wing massage. And, lo and behold, the Experience Files section had just what I was wanting (and then some!). This Spa file was awesome. I could feel every sensation, from the incredible massage to the brushing and cutting of my mane and tail. And seriously, that wing massage delivered. Very satisfying. My Experience with the Generic Pegasus File: This was my second time listening to this file, and this time it helped reinforce the trigger and the sensations of my coat and tail. The preening of my wings felt better this time around, as well. Not much else to report this time. It's effective, for sure though. So yeah. Everything's going quite well. Hope you all are having success with your new forms too.
  21. I just started doing pinkie pie, but it's only been 2 days and I've experienced phantom tail and pony dreams. in one dream it was me and pinkie sitting at a table with a golden object in the center depicting a diamond shape of some sort. Pinkie took the object and bounced away.. now all I can think about is pinkie pie, and all depictions of myself in past memories have been replaced with pinkie pie, dispite me still seeing myself as human. Is this normal?
  22. A lot of people practice pet play here. While it’s not often a publically spoken of topic around the forums, namely due to a bad history of events, the fact that these sorts of events are still occurring shows that there’s a clear lack of clear information of what this sort of play can consist of, the risks, and in some cases even the very nature of what pet play is. While the site itself does not officially relate to, endorse, or promote this sort of play with any of the files here, the naturally curious may encounter files from elsewhere that do. And while it is your own choice and responsibility if you are to listen to these files, listening to them with a clear understanding and knowledge of what to expect, and how to keep yourself safe in this sort of play can help keep such unfortunate incidents to a minimum. Pet play basics – What is pet play? Pet play is a relationship between 2 or more people, where one takes the role of an “Owner”, and the other as a “Pet”. It can be anything from simple casual playing, or it can move into more of a serious dynamic. This is a form of power play seen within some practices of BDSM. BDSM is a range of roleplaying practices and lifestyles, generally sexual in nature but not exclusively so, consisting of a few parts. These relationships can be both online and offline in nature. The acronym BDSM can actually split into 3 areas. B&D, D&S, And S&M B&D Stands for Bondage and Discipline, D&S is Domination and Submission, and S&M stands for Sadism & Masochism. Pet play therefore is a practice that stems from the D&S range of activities, with the Owner taking the “Dominant” role in the relationship, and the Pet taking the Submissive role. Pets Vs Slaves While a lot of people may consider the two roles to be similar since they both cover the “Submissive” role, there are some clear differences in the sort of roles the submissive will have. A “Pet” Is treated as you would expect a pet to be treated and behave, a more caring dynamic than a Slave, where the primary expectation is “You do as you are told”, and are generally treated with less regard, more akin to an object or tool, than you would with a pet. The main way to consider it is this. A Pet is able to have opinions and desires for themselves. A slave does not. A pet will run to your heel because it’s excited. A slave will run to your heel because it knows it’s place. Safe Sane & Consensual Despite the fact I just said a slave has no opinions or desires for themselves, this does not mean that the Owner has just taken free reign for themselves. BDSM relies on a core principle in order to keep both parties involved from trouble. Both partners, before any play occurs, should have a form of discussion beforehand in order to cover some basic points. These are generally to cover things like personal Limits (Both hard and soft limits) Wants out of the relationships, expectations for the play involved, and safewords in case of any problems occurring. These pre-talks before play allow for the play to follow the considered BDSM creed. Safe – The participants are expected to keep the play safe for both parties. This role is obviously more important for the Dominant in the relationship, given they are generally the ones in most control. This is less of a problem for online play as there’s less risk involved than physical play, but nonetheless are expected. Sane – Both parties are expected to care for the others mental as well as physical needs, this is to prevent occurrences where the sub may have a breakdown if play becomes to stressful on their mind-set. Aftercare in all play, and at regular points if in a longer term dynamic, should be so that both sides can evaluate the play, address any concerns, and ensure that both parties are in a healthy mind-set after play ceases. Consensual – All play and plans should be agreed upon. Even with play involving consensual non-consent, there is still a clear agreement of what is and isn’t allowed to happen, and that any calls of a Safeword are upheld and addressed. Both parties should be well informed and be able to call off play at ANY point if Limits are broken. Hard vs Soft Limits A hard limit is something that under no circumstances should be attempted by either party. These are the “Definitely never going to happen” category and the dominant should be respectful of such. A Soft limit is something where, under most circumstances isn’t desired, but may be attempted if the subject is in a mindset willing to try them, with extra care expected by the dominant to ensure the play doesn’t push too far and result in any freakouts. This is where someone calling a safeword is most common if something attempted becomes too uncomfortable. Safewords A safeword is a word, phrase, or signal, which something is wrong for some reason, and the Dominant needs to stop for their own wellbeing. This is more often common in S&M and B&D, but can be used for any play if something is wrong. The dominant should ALWAYS respect a safeword, and try and address the problem if possible, before continuing after the sub has given an ok. Safewords can be any word, phrase, gesture, or sign, agreed upon before play starts, that wouldn’t naturally come up during play. This means that a safeword shouldn’t necessarily be “No” “Stop” “Don’t”. As those can be used to express desire for more, or as a natural reaction to an aspect to the play. As such an obscure word such as “Banana” or “Bathmat” is used, in order to be unmistakable during play. In instances where talking isn’t possible, (For example if the person is gagged or, more likely in this context, in trance) Something like humming an instantly recognisable tune such as a national anthem or recognisable jingle is an effective way to get around this limitation should that be imposed on the subject during play. Aftercare Regardless if it’s sexual, non sexual, physical or online. BDSM can have strains on all involved, and what happens after play is just as, or even more important than what happens during. Subs and doms can experience “Drop” Where after a particularly intense session when the adrenaline, endorphins, and serotonin that was generated from the play, start to drop, and the subject (And in some cases the dominant, though this is less common) can suffer emotional and physical stresses during the drop until they are at a stable level. Symptoms of which are similar to depression, and can include, but are not limited to: · Difficulty concentrating, remembering details, and making decisions · Fatigue and decreased energy · Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and/or helplessness · Feelings of hopelessness and/or pessimism · Insomnia, early-morning wakefulness, or excessive sleeping · Irritability, restlessness · Loss of interest in activities or hobbies once pleasurable, including sex · Overeating or appetite loss · Persistent aches or pains, headaches, cramps, or digestive problems that do not ease even with treatment · Persistent sad, anxious, or "empty" feelings · Thoughts of suicide, suicide attempts Knowing and realising this can happen, the dominant should be there for the sub in order to care and address these issues. If you’re experiencing sub drop, know you’re not alone in these symptoms and they are common. Aftercare can help keep these to a minimum. After play, the dominant should be able to take on a caring role in order to address any problems, help relax the sub after an intense session, and be able to provide support to keep them feeling safe within the relationship. A little while after play, time should be given to reflect on and address any problems that occurred during the session, in order to prevent them from occurring in later play. These safeties are there for everyone involved in any BDSM practices. Both pets, slaves, and even the dominants themselves. A Recap: · Pet play is a part of BDSM. Regardless if it’s MLP Pony pets. · Slaves and Pets have distinct differences and expectations · BDSM Play should keep to the creed of staying : Safe Sane and Consensual · A safeword should always be agreed upon before play, and if the safeword is used, Stop and address the problem first before continuing. · Hard limits should never be crossed and soft limits should be handled with care. · Aftercare is essential · Sub/Top Drop can happen and should be kept vigilant for to prevent. BDSM & Hypnosis BDSM does cross over into a lot of hypnosis scenes. Many people who are interested in hypnosis may fantasise about the idea of being hypnotised to lose control, be brainwashed or otherwise be manipulated for fun. But BDSM with Hypnosis can cross into some very risky territories if both parties involved aren't practising within a safe environment. BDSM already has it’s own rules regarding safety, and using hypnosis with another person does not remove those rules. Pet play with hypnosis is still BDSM. Hypnosis involving another person controlling or dominating you, is BDSM. That does not mean the play is going to be inherently dangerous, directly harmful, sexual, or strict. But understanding these fundamentals about BDSM safety can apply to all aspects of hypnosis. Applying the same rules to BDSM as hypnosis is more simple than you think, and apply to both parties: Understand and explain your limits and expectations beforehand. . You are able to stop play/trance at any time if a limit is breached. . You reserve the right to say no, or call a safeword if something is pushing a limit. . Aftercare is expected, to review problems and address any mental strains of the subject. . If you are expecting something and getting something else. Review it with the hypnotist. Predators Through many BDSM and hypnosis circles, the term “Predator” is used for those that exploit weaknesses in a sub for their own gain, will manipulate and go against the subs wishes for their own. In physical play, this would be the equivalent of rape. Where a dominant has a submissive and isn’t respecting a safeword being used, it becomes abuse. Even in consensual non-consent situations, there is still an expectation of care from the dominant, being able to judge the responses from a subject and act accordingly. If these responses are ignored, or used against them, this becomes abuse. A predator can use any sorts of techniques in order to manipulate the subject. Including, but not limited to; Emotional abuse – A dominant manipulating emotional states in order to get the sub to break and give in regardless of the sub's needs. Trigger abuse – Continually using a trigger or an effect in order to force control from the sub. Safety avoidance – Avoiding any calls to stop play, address issues, or otherwise tend to the needs of a sub. Gaslighting – Psychologically manipulating the subject in order to doubt their own memories/beliefs/sanity, or adjusting events to favour the abuser. Role rules Where the general rules apply for one off play, if moving into a long term D/s partnership here’s some tips for both in order to keep play safe for all. · Are you both aware of what your roles and expectations in the relationship are. · Do you feel happy and safe with the relationship both during and after a play session has finished. · Have regular reviews for both parties. Are things going as expected? Is there problems to fix? For pets: · Your owner is also not a mind reader. If something makes you uncomfortable TELL YOUR DOMINANT. Address the problems together so you can continue happier than stay uncomfortable. Your owner should take attention to the problem as their role is to still care for you. · You always have the right to refuse if a limit is being broken. If your owner is not respecting this, ignoring safewords and warnings. STOP IMMEDIATELY. They either do not understand basic safe play procedures and they should be informed of such, or They are a predator and should be avoided at all costs. · If practicing pet play with hypnosis make sure you trust the hypnotist / file. If there is something in a trance or a session that you do not like, you can always reject an abusive suggestion and call a safeword. For Owners: · Your pet or slave is still a person and still has both emotional and psychological needs · If using hypnosis on a subject either from an induction you use, or from effects from other files. Be aware you are still manipulating a person’s mind and should take care with how suggestions are worded, the repercussions of such suggestions both in the immediate and afterwards. · Set exit triggers. · SET EXIT TRIGGERS · If a subject is showing resistance, DO NOT TRY FORCING ANYTHING WITH MORE HYPNOSIS – Address the issues directly. Force will not work and will backfire. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! Should you choose to, or already do practice any form of Pet play, you know now the basics of how to keep yourself safe and protected from the risks involved with any sort of BDSM play. While pet play doesn’t have to involve any of the sides related to B&D and S&M, there are still guidelines to ensure even the tamest of play stays healthy for all. And always remember the golden rule of any BDSM related activities. SAFE. SANE. CONSENSUAL. For further reading on safer practices, I would suggest the BDSM Wiki at www.bdsmwiki.info Which was also the source for the list of Sub Drop symptoms. (Naturally the content may be NSFW, so do take care.)
  23. I started doing the rarity V2 file. i have been having rather weird side effects during this week, Rather than the rarity we'll call it "Partition" (i'm an IT guy) taking over, it's been blending with my own personality. it's giving me a headache, and im worried with EKP. should i try V3? is that safe?
  24. Here is the archive for the Weekly Workshop for September 17th 2016 focusing on "Hypnosis: Beginners to experts" Discussion for any of the points or topics covered in these workshops are welcome below.
  25. The 'Weekly Workshop' is a new series of group sessions taking place live on IRC and Discord. Each session will consist of different topics per week as nominated by the community for those who wish to get more out of, or even those just beginning their hypnosis experiences. Each workshop will have a range of activities ranging from guides for hypnosis or file creations, Q&A's, sessions, fun activities and more, with contributions from members from the HP Community. These sessions will take place in the #WeeklyWorkshop room on the Hypnoponies IRC every Saturday starting at 23:30 BST. For workshops involving live audio sessions, these will take place on Discord. Each week the main IRC logs will be archived for members that missed it, however there will be some events that won't make it to the archive and only for those there at the time, such as any voice sessions that occur, the best way not to miss anything is to show up on the night itself. The first session will take place this Saturday the 17th, with the main topic being Hypnosis: Beginners to experts. For anyone who's interested in contributing material for the workshops on any topics they feel strong with, or who wish to get involved somehow. Feel free to send me a message on the site. *Discord, for those that have not used it, is a free and simple voice and text based chat that can be used without signups in browsers or their own client, servers for the voice sessions will be linked during the workshop itself.