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  1. So,as some may know from the last year, there was a list of tulpas that I made while everypony was using IRC,which was going well until February when I decided to stop updating it. Now I'm remaking the list in a new document with a different format. Unlike last time,there is a "last updated" date for each host,instead of a single date for the whole log. Just to keep things more organized. Tulpa Log/List Tulpa Log/List(public view) If you want to be added to the list you can make a post here or send an email to tulpalist@gmail.com Format: Host: (you can have same additional details like tulpas,as seen below) Name: Form: Description: (pictures are allowed) Once again everything is optional. I will not import anything from old log unless requested. Old log can be found here if you are interested Note: All dates are written in DD/MM/YYYY format unless specified otherwise or by using month names.