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Found 12 results

  1. Hi. Turns out this won't be a daily journal. I'll just post whenever I feel like it I guess. Right to it then. So I've been talking to Bright Star alot and stuff. Mostly just talking but alot of it is about finding one's "true self". She described it to me as like a layer type thing. And the inner most layer right next to your true self is filled with sadness, grief, angst, anger etc. She described it as like a frosted mirror which I guess makes sense and that there is a way to clear it. Meditation. Basically lying down and not thinking about anything. WAY harder than it sounds because I have slight ADD and it seems like I'm always thinking of something. I've also been thinking about studying the stars too, Bright told me that they fascinate her with just how far away they really are and yet seem so close because we can see them vividly. Almost like a dream. Maybe this whole "reality" thing is just a dream and we'll all wake up one day and start anew.... Love, Hexwing
  2. Hello everypony! I welcome you all to the first of hopefully many Session Saturdays. What my goal here is to help bring us all together and share our experiences as well as a way for us to help eachother out. Each week, I plan to incorporate a theme for all of us to focus on from the visual aspects to finding ways to feel more "pony" and even taking a dip into the depths of what our minds are capable of. I am taking suggestions, so feel free to post your thoughts on what can be improved. I hope you all enjoy and I can't wait to hear your experiences. -Bright Star Week #1 - Have a session I'll keep this week simple for now. The goal for this week is to simply have a session and report your experiences. Whether you want to listen to a file or just meditate is completely up to you, the main goal is to have at least one session. Was there a goal of your own you were looking for? Maybe focus on that as you're listening or meditating. No, this is not limited to just Saturdays; you will have as much time as you need. Feel free to ask questions and help eachother out. This is all about us coming together and sharing our experiences.
  3. Yeah so the idea is to simply reflect on things you enjoy in detail and new scenarios you love. Higher detail is prolly better judging from compassion meditation. But I figured, since I read once- and it seems true, that comedians can work drama as well since drama can be humorous, but dramaticists cannot work comedy. Ergo comedy is higher than drama, so I was thinking what is higher(broader but not vaguer) than compassion? If one loves something properly they will enact compassion. If one loves something they enjoy it, but more than enjoy, they enjoy and care. Ergo love is higher. So what are things we can love? Thoughts, people, things, activities. People are broader than thoughts or things combined and can have activities of their own. So loving social activities is prolly going to provide more outcomes. Not entirely sure, like if you are a Twilight you like reading, oh I suppose group reading is a thing too. So yeah I stand by that concept. She always has Spike anyways, probably Spike is there so she gets into a habit that was good for friendshipping long term and so she can vocalize herself, as book worms tend to have that issue of speaking up, it also exercised her leadership quality. See how much you can learn when you look to others? Stuff you never even considered before. Considering others, even others that are entirely theoretical or imaginary, is probably a vast well of learning material. Oh also good feelings are good for the brain. SO yeah.
  4. Consonance in this instance is the opposite of dissonance. Dissonance being internal conflicting dialogues, which can cause stress. Compassion meditation, the one with the high gamma brainwaves, works by remembering the things closest to your heart and to have the willingness/readiness of helping them, and working your way out until you have the willingness to help all. We can see the brony community is capable of being very supportive. Perhaps I didn't notice the support that existed until I got to the brony community that was always there though. Regardless, that willingness to help is good for cognitive consonance. Your argumentativeness is indicative of how often you internally criticise yourself, and how much dissonance you may have. Some people view technicalities as argumentative, it might be through attempting to correct someone but not as a direct means of conflict. To be closer to a state of perfect consonance, which I think nirvana was a metaphor for in buddhism, one needs to understand others. But with the compassion meditation, it was done thinking of real people in mind. The things I love most are not real people. How do I approach that? How do I become willing to help creations? Perhaps this is how I can get myself into art in a non-impatient way. One of my earliest posts was about how art and emotion are basically the same thing in a way, it seems relevant again. But it makes me sad when I try to think of the willingness to help relatives, because then their problems come to mind, and often the way to help them is not obvious. Its sort of like the breezies except people disagreeing with the method prevent any help from getting done, perhaps Its not up to me to think of the way to help since you cant make a horse drink but you can lead it to water. Its a bit difficult working through all the assumptions a brain has, and thats why this sorta thinking is good because it prevents future problems from assumptions, assuming my thought process is a natural one for the attempt. But what if some people are not worth helping, or its incredibly difficult to help them its like others are more deserving, theres alot of people after all. Like if one is cruel to people and finds enjoyment in that. Idk but they say emotional intelligence can lead to, in certain people, more chances of manipulating others. But idk. The idea is hard to wrap my head around because lets face it, its flawed. Theres no way to avoid dissonance without being a fruitloop maybe. But maybe its not the case maybe theres legit people who we could spend alot of time helping then we wont have time for the jerks. This is a very fluttershy-like post I suppose. But also helping the jerks means they will hurt others less. But I want to sorta live for myself first lol, which is sort of what the meditation would allow, I dont need to go sprinting into the meditative sunset exhausting myself lol. And if I exhaust myself I cant help others anyways. So this sort of thinking is actually rather constructive, look at all the productive thinking I did. I can see why it helps the brain.
  5. Positive emotions are good for the brain. Positive emotions lead to more possibilities while negative ones reduce possibilities (of further courses of action short or long term) thus having more positivity is akin to being able to juggle more tasks or be smarter. But positivity more importantly feels good and I want to feel good. Good art, good music, good games. What else can make us feel good? So the exercise is to know everything you like, remember everything you like, and to find things you like or enjoy them. But positivity should be able to overcome negativity as well. So I also want the exercise to be what are positive ways to come out of negative emotions or scenarios positively? Why do I know negative feelings reduce potential action? Its a demotivator its sorta obvious. Good feels are motivators. But negative feelings are normal, they are not enemies. Responding to them positively is the answer, theres always a solution for a problem or a solution for a solution for a problem. Can we do it? Yes! Um lol. Imma just list things I enjoy. I enjoy that flow in fast paced videogames. I enjoy winning and doing good. I enjoy arts, videogames, musics, food, knowledge pertaining to various things. I enjoy reading sometimes. I should learn to speed read again. I enjoy seeing progress in my skills I develop. I enjoy being healthy. I enjoy having fun. I enjoy seeing others' enjoyment. Remember these things in the morning and before bed! Hehe. Science says though that positive emotions with negative ones are the key to overcoming negative ones. Like, x made me feel bad but its alright because I can overcome it because every problem has a solution, or because z. Also another positive thing to do is to find how seemingly unrelated things are related. Not to the point where its ponies all the time of course, but still. So lets say sunglasses and meteors. How are they related? Well I guess they are both made of matter and have a general shape, are not living, are real. Now lets say, videogame production and candy. Well thats harder to think of, but candy had to go through development processes, also it gets produced, it goes through trials to work out the kinks and perfect it, its effectively non-unique, unless you count between other games/bars then in which case its unique but has many qualities which may be similar.
  6. I already typed some of this then the page accidentally refreshed so Imma be short. The exercise is changing forms to learn deeper psychology and perceptions and needs of others. I got this idea because somepony made a transformation room in the irc. Basically, think of different demographics of people or ponies or whatnot. Then try and ease into their mindset, while also still being yourself. I can change into an elderly person, his life's demands are entirely different from a kid in high school(which I am not). I can change to a business person, to a free spirit, to a tired underslept mother, to each stereotype and beyond. But do not do things like they behave like x so act like x til you figure them out, no. What this exercise is is basically accepting their scenario as your own, then those things come to mind automatically and more accurately because of your value and perception and situation change. Do this to understand others better. Do this to be smarter. Do this to be more compatible. Do this to be more well rounded. Do this because you want to. Do not do this to stereotype further or to justify older positions. This is a new experience and it is so not going to be worth it if you only do it to justify old habits. Do not do it to find out a definition of yourself, definitions are too inflexible and can cause internal disagreement. Knowing yourself and defining yourself are two different things. I think it'd best be done as a meditation. Do any sort of activity that clears your head of yourself, and just tac this onto it. Be it walking, meditating, videogames, watching tv, you name it.
  7. Skills I want to reveiw, I want to review skills good for the mind, videogame skills, social skills, general life skills, careerish skills, art skills, more? How I define skill for this context: An ability one can improve at with more use of ability, or an ability one needs to develop before becoming adept at, such as fine motor skills or skills that require thought or forethought. Such as jogging I would not really view as a skill, but the act of jogging is a good lifeskill, so if I were to meditate on jogging it'd be to increase the frequency or likelyhood of my jogging, not the ability of my jogging. For something like osu, I would reflect on the skill aspect not the frequency. I may not clarify which skills I am doing for which however, I am just listing, feel free to ask any questions. 1. Osu 2. Megaman legends Juno Challenge of mine 3. Super smash tv 4x speed 4. Tetris 4x speed. 5 Starfox 4x speed 6 Ninja Gaiden 3 2x speed. 7 StarCraft 2 7a each race (crystal intelligence) 7b skills (fluid intelligence) 8 one finger death punch 9 Burnout 3 takedown 10 COD AW 11 Exercises for neuron development a. rotation of joints a1 clockwise a2 counterclockwise a3 slow a4 medium a5 fast a6 small circles a7 medium circles a8 large circles a9 different directions of circles b non-joint movements b1 lines of movement not circles, back and forth not clockwises, I E moving one's ears 12 Nunchucks 13 katana 14 shurikens 15 martial art exercise videos 16 martial art stance and movement videos and throws 17 martial art strikes and grapples videos 18 martial art multi-phase grapples videos,(did not try some of these yet, but I read up on martial arts before and they interest me) 19 high gamma brainwave sports (ping pong racquet ball tennis golf (for some reason these sports tended to have very high gamma brainwaves) 20 compassion meditation thought type (also had very high gamma brainwaves) 21 frequency of chores 22 frequency of exercise 23 frequency of meditation exercises 24 general bussiness (time it takes/how often i decide for me to decide to do something rather than being lazy) 25 luck mindsets a Reducing distractedness b looking for positive memories c looking for opportunities of scenarios 26 Posture 27 Planning for the future 28 Stock market skills/investment skills a. research b chart interpretation 29 Hygiene frequency and thoroughness 30 Knowledge aquisition a google lol b inquisitory acquisition frequency c unbiased logical mindset c1 look for multiple explanations/interpretations c2 do not deny facts that are facts, but do fact check to make sure they are indeed facts. c2a Logic, bias, and fallacy studies 31. Bussiness (frequencies for efficiency of time) a social bussiness b videogame bussiness(economics) c physical activity bussiness (such as the more time you sit the sooner you die studies suggest, the more you move the longer you live, but we need cogntiive and social stimulation as well, so the more time one is unproductive the worse generally) 32 rest a its possible to be too busy b fun time c naps d relaxation e proper sleep f Tea lol or some other thing which takes time forcing you to relax and be patient 33 Energy work and other such things (lucid dreaming, AP, etc) a There are non-spiritual explanations for spiritual phenomenon, so related to point 30 especially 30c2a No offense but there is a reasonw hy I believe in the non-spiritual explanation b its good to understand the spiritual explanaiton too as you can draw parallels to psychology through such things, so this is part of 30c2, no information is useless. 34 Discussion/communication a know when to mention certain things and when to avoid certain things b avoid adding to aggression, do not get upset. 35 Typing ability 36 Planning efficiency and frequency and broadness Broadness: For example the amount of fields in which you plan, can be applied to each of the skills on page. 37 Memory a Working memory (linked to fluid intelligence) b crystal intelligence 38 Health (other skills may reach branch into other skills) 39 Intelligence a Fluid intelligence a1 speed a1a I E fast videogames (action, racing, etc) a2 accuracy a2a I E games with lots of options (strategy, rpg, moba, etc) 40 Prevention of disabilities or accidents (part of planning) a fitness frequency awareness b psychological fitness frequency awareness c emotional fitness frequency awareness c1 social c1a awarenss of others problems and themselves will give you more accurate insight into how to prevent your own problems, and still be good social experience. Remember inaccuracies may be abound, and oppurtunities may be overlooked. c2 rest d awareness I will try to add more in the future.
  8. Basically I want to just explain why I am making a list, and how I will use it. I am making the list because I want to be optimal basically. Cover all my bases, be organized, stuff I usually do not do because habit of my life and sort of fearing to act different around others because acting different means people noticing me being different which means more attention and I don't like attention in that way, it reminds me of scrutinization. I realize that is detrimental for myself however and am seeking to progress my bussiness as I am extremely lazy. Not the most lazy, but, when it comes to self-beneficial behavior I have been neglecting myself. Now, how will I use my list. Basically the meditation is to reflect on skills to promote those skills, or promote the frequency of certain behaviors mindsets use of skills etc. What I will do is imagine a scenario to justify my reflection on those things as my 'pony' self (im more of a shapeshifter really, more psychological flexibility to have form fluidity, and creativity and faster acknowledgement of myself changing in minor ways, and more ways to find my 'true self'(the true self is changing as ourselves are changing, without change one cannot improve, and they just become routine, basically automatons, this is why conservatism is usually ignorant politically and socially, as for instance why hoard money when you can use it to make yourself happier, others happier, and it helps the economy, theres little reason to save beyond a decent emergency fund, and for future spending. To save all your money is also lame as inflation decreases its value over time anyways. Its almost as good as throwing some of it away in certain scenarios.) ) Meditation works in a similar way to dreams and daydreams if one googles the purpose or effects of such things. Its about the future and reorganization of the mind for the future. If one daydreams about videogames, their skill for the games and/or frequency of interest in the game rises. Similarly, meditation is like daydream, but there is yet a difference. Meditation is ritualized to emphasize a specific mindset allowing it to be easier acquired through similar rituals in the future, such as sitting position, breathing pattern (which may aid smoothness of thoughts anyways) and the environment and perspective. We could potentially or possibly get the same benefit skipping over the ritual part honestly. The ritual is like tea, its to calm down and prepare for a psychological transition. But if we don't need that transition we could potentially have faster and more flexible changes, such as instant correction of mindsets when one has time to think when doing a repetitive task or waiting, and does not have the time to straight up meditate. This makes it valid in more scenarios and more often. But because of the large amount of topics I need to cover meditations would be good first to be thorough and ensure thoroughness by dedicating an amount of time to it.
  9. Such a title lol. I named it this title because, this is about the subconcious mind. I did an experimental meditation which caused me to have more interaction with the subconcious, delaying me waking up when thirsty, because in my dream I was more active, and the subconcious was also more active, and I caught onto certain themes and processes that are interesting. The Meditation: 1. I began lightly chanting words that were important to me such as neurons, biological immortality, brain, 2. I sat meditation style, hands open facing up/out 3. From the hands I imagined energy reaching to my head. 4. In my mind I daydreampt about things that were important to me, which distracted me from 1 occassionally 5. Things such as skills I plan on developing, skills I have developed, from irl or videogames. The Dreams: 2nd dream: I awake, and am struggling. I do not see what I am struggling with. I lay back down forced by from what I am struggling with and am about to fade away, when out of the corner of my eye I notice a TV is in the middle of the room facing the thing I struggled with which is to my left. As I notice the remote is put down in the corner of my vision so once its out of my peripheal into my regular vision I cannot see any motion. I am confused, I think its a spirit demon or tulpa or shadow like of peter pan etc. I stand up while still confused as such to turn the TV off or something. I forget, but I wake up still in that thought. I wake up thirsty and get a fair amount of water, my second time waking up thirsty in the middle of the night tonight. It is normal for me to get nightmares when thirsty. But this one was very strange/different. Relevant part of 1st dream: At some point of avoiding danger my mom tries to convince me to get into the pool, of which there are a couple that are my relatives laying down next to each other in the bottom of the almost lukewarm pool. My twin brother then enters the pool, and I do not, because well, themes in my life this is a reflection of partly. I am more distant from my mom than he, and I am more thoughtful/aware. I leave and get into danger until I wake up, thirsty, not as thirsty as dream two. Analysis: Other information I have for my analysis: 1. I recall themes being dark for some subconcious aspects, or evil or such. Malicious. Rude. Anti-social. (This reminds me of the original sand-man story which I heard about but didn't read now, oh well lol) 2. I recall my mom mentioning something of the bible before how it says do not attempt spiritualism as it causes malicious spirits, or such. 3. My understandings are psychological, not spiritual. I believe spiritual phenomenon are misunderstood psychological phenomenon. 4. Nightmares occur more frequently when lucidity is more frequent, and usually as waking up. 5. People trying spiritual things get much more doppleganger sensations. 6. The subconcious mind operates faster, such as if one is unaware of the buttons they press on their videogame controller they are usually much more skilled as their attention is diverted to more important matters. Explanation: Alright so we notice malicious activity in my dreams sort of. (sorta drowsy right now) This corresponds with well of course my theme of nightmares when Im thirsty and need to wake up. But I know it is common, it is just I put on too many blankets, and my subconcious needed me awake to not get dehydrated and this is what I think. 1. Malicious activity lol. 2. It is prolly adrenaline that causes one to wake up faster from nightmares so it is beneficial in that regard, evolutionarily speaking dehydration was enough to warrant importance of wakefulness of course. 3. If I die from the malicious activity in the dream I will have nothing to do and will wake up. 4. Waking up makes me self-aware, being self aware causes me to realize I am being put into a deathly situation, I refuse to participate lol. 4.E. I think this is because the subconcious mind sees it as Play. Pretend to be dead, I will put you into a scenario where you are pretending to be dead, so you wake up when you are bored and have no other activities to do. (What if I try reincarnating or respawning? Trololololol) 5. This postpones me waking up and I get thirstier. 6. Dream escalates til I wake up. And if we go back to the other information I think was relevant, the subconcious mind we recall is dark themed in some aspects. Jungian Shadow actually I think may have been the term. The thing I was struggling with is a Doppleganger sensation, the bible had that warning because obviously people tried some spiritual stuff and bad stuff happened because they were not being smooth with their subconcious as they are bringing conciousness to their subconcious mind. The subconcious holds our personality if we had more control, such as over breathing and such. So, if the subconcious jungian shadow is anti-social its because hey, you are wasting time in your dream world when you could be sleeping, or getting water, wtf man, wtf lol. So its sort of like, you trying to do a task, and your boss arrives randomly and goes through your papers and stuff, and you know your bosses concious thoughts, and its just, it impedes your normal function if you are the subconcious, and worse if the boss tries talking with you, when you are eternally busy managing background tasks, its going to be irritating. Its the concious mind being the problem, so it is antisocial to dissuade your being there. Then combined with nightmare themes and such other internally malicious behavior one might think theres something wrong. But, that is only an assumption that nightmares are purposeless, one from misunderstanding as well. Obviously I have nightmares for a reason, to wake up faster and because waking up conflicts with, waking up oddly lol because of the conciousness of the processes. Which occured for me just because my meditation brought more attention to subconcious processings, as I was focusing on skills, which is something dreams work on anyways. Athletes are for instance more likely to get gamma brainwaves during dreams than normal people, IF I recall, this may not be the case but I think I recall it, I only read it once however, so I could be wrong for this fact. So, why the title as it is? Distant because the subconcious mind has to be out of sight. Distant because lets say, we are aware of the world. But we only see a certain amount of it. So the rest of the world is essentially in the dark. It holds this theme. It reminds me of the jungian shadow/subconcious because it was struggling outside of my vision. That is revealing, whether intentional or not to show it as that way specifically in my dream. And because outside of our conciousness(light as light is noticeable) is where the subconcious(dark, unaware) is, so the subconcious sort of is the activity in the shadows, it functions better unaware of itself similar to how when a gamer games and they can be entirely unaware of the buttons they are pressing to control their in game actions faster. Any questions or counter-understandings/explanations or factual contradictions etc feel free to post. Edit: I am not Christian, I only added that as evidence of the culture attempting spiritual things, or cultures near them and the results they had. And I wanted to discuss more about the visualization's impact but Im sort of tired right now and can't think of anything.
  10. Humans, ponies, and all living things are part of the environment. Breath is one of the ways we interact with the world around us and within us. I would like to provide a meditation to all of you. We are the recipients of so much information and energy of the world around us. From our senses and into our minds chemical and electrical energy passes. It is known that not all signals reach the brain though. With some visualization we can see and feel. I would suggest that because there is intent here that you Find a location that you can sit and be attentive. Good posture is important so no slouching or leaning back. To start with, sit down with your arms(forelegs) resting comfortably on your lap palms up, to your sides with your palms facing forward, or in-front of you as a pony. If you hooves or hands are touching something in the environment (without grasping something) that is better. The breathing Focus on your breathing breath in though your nose and out though your mouth, SLOWLY with intent. Allow each breath to fill your lungs with as much air as possible, holding it for a second before releasing it though your mouth, then pushing the remaining used air out...Repeat The visualization, as you inhale visualize/imagine energy starting at your finger tips/hooves entering your body. This energy will flow filling you up it my start off with just your finger tips/hooves but over time and practice it will become quicker and more complete. As you exhale you need to make room for this energy so “open up†that makes your kind special. For Pegasus it is your wings, for earth ponies it is your rear hooves, for unicorns and humans it is into your mind(unicorns should use the horn as the natural endpoint.) As this refreshing energy fills you raise your hooves or hands high above your head then slowly lower them as if you are grasping the air and pulling yourself up and out.
  11. What do you think about an idea of having a place just for discussing about meditation, techniques, experiences, etc.? Just checking what your opinions are. Also you can think of this thread as a suggestion too.
  12. This is the kind of thing I tend to be normally interested in. But since my internet options have changed I have been slacking on it. Alright so for the awesome facts lol. http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/02/13/276381632/heres-one-more-reason-to-play-video-games-beating-dyslexia One day of action games treats dyslexia more than a year of therapy. I have the feeling its because their motor and visual cortex is under-stimulated in relation to each other, and they mix up letters from being inadequate. Such as how somepony who doesn't exercise much becomes clumsier. Just a different kind of clumsy. http://www.polygon.com/2013/1/30/3932876/research-playing-first-person-shooters-improves-learning-abilities-cognitive-function Self explanatory title. http://www.bit-tech.net/news/gaming/2009/03/30/studies-show-fps-games-improves-vision/1 Another self-explanatory title. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/07/video-games-good-for-us_n_4164723.html It can reduce aging (at least of the brain) it can make teenagers more skilled at surgery than doctors (yikes) They can be a pain reliever, and can replace 1 on 1 therapy. But action games can reduce impulse control, such as increased aggression. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/08/130804081115.htm Tetris (and most likely other similar non-action games) http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/playing-tetris-curb-cravings-study-article-1.1619908 can reduce cig and food cravings in minutes. It can also reduce PTSD symptoms http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/heal-your-brain/201203/can-tetris-prevent-ptsd-0 But playing them too much can be bad http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/08/08/338855459/playing-video-games-can-help-or-hurt-depending-on-who-you-ask Also sports may help the brain more than videogames I am sure, because it also gives exercise, which is great for the brain. http://healthland.time.com/2010/10/14/study-walking-is-a-brain-exercise-too/ Such as even walking helps the brain. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A43006-2005Jan2.html A type of meditation improves the brain similar to golf or tennis (two sports with brainwaves that are much higher than other sports such as soccer, football, or basketball, likely because of the frequency of action in relation to the ball, thoughts planning out what to do with the ball in a precise way(fine motor skills), also tool use.) I am probably going to track my progress with game scores over time. Probably going to take more walks. Probably going to go to bed earlier and meditate before bed. Not going to play more than 3 hours in a day. Going to find other activities besides games to exercise my brain. Non-brain related studies have suggested before that cardio and weightlifting help the most for the body, I wouldn't be surprised if theres a cognitive benefit either. I remember weightlifting increases odds of quitting smoking, and cardio improves circulation to the brain and can also relieve depression somewhat. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if depression is caused mostly from diet and behavioral problems (such as lack of exercise or skill development). Also I just realized a good way to get a variety of gaming in, and improve my gaming overall, and help reduce my time of gaming. I only allow myself one try or one life, whichever is more appropriate lol. If one game is good for the brain, a variety is better. It might even help the three hour rule, as they may have not studied a variety of games being played, but rather, one game. Still, I will abide by the 3 hour rule. Also theres a psychological effect on if you limit something at the right time, you want it more. So it could drive my passion into me getting better at all of those games at once, instead of droning out on one or two. http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters/games-and-more/word-bubbles-game.htm these games are sorta good too.