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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, my name is Takanuva. I've had a long interest in the show, and furry hypnosis, though I never expressed the desire to watch it up until recently. My interests on here are out of curiosity and self-experimentation, as I don't desire permanent transformation, or it's effects, any time soon. I understand that I need to be careful with the files on here, and would prefer to stay away from personality altering ones. I decided to join here after hearing a Shining Armor file on Youtube, and it accidentally autoplayed the next file, which was Rarity if I remembered correctly. It's not really safe to do that on Youtube, I didn't want to start off my hobby with a case of EKP. So I came here, where I can get support and access to files safely. I read through Star Shard's warning on here, and I'm a bit curious. Where can I find examples of what happens when things mess up, and how badly they go, like the spontaneously changing gender, or EKP issues? I'm pretty sure I know which Pony I'll pick though - Shining Armor. We both share many of the same attributes, those being courage, strength, and compassion. We both share the desire to protect and guide the ones we love, with whatever it takes. We're both extremely brave and chivalrous, good leaders, and naturally impulsive. As such, there wouldn't be an appreciable personality shift if I listened to Shining armor files, the only thing affected would be proprioception.
  2. A little place for some of the arts I draw (when able X3) please feel free to enjoy and critique
  3. So, no file is perfect. And everypony has minor issues that may come up with their transformations at some point or another. Something no file could possibly predict. Things like "How does it react when I'm in a shower" "My hooflock is inconsistent" Etc. But I had the idea for an experiment that's a collaborative list of issues to be fixed or addressed with their tf's, or any potential issues that may have come up. with a transformation. If there's a list of issues that pony have or think may occur that are all fixed. It would potentially be able to lead to one single file that tackles all of the "You don't notice till it's there" Issues. Post your list of niggling little issues. If you have an idea that fixes somepony else's, quote and reply with it. Even if it doesn't end up as a file, it may still be useful for ponies to think how to fix it themselves.
  4. I was just wondering how the demographics are in this place in relation to the various pony races. Hence this weeks poll... Which of the pony races are you or do you wish to be? You are free to just vote, but i am sure lots of us here would like to hear why you feel you are what you are. So feel free to elaborate your choice. Or explain any other option I may have forgotten.
  5. Now Season 5 has come to an end. I am curious which ponies you think had the best episodes this season? Feel free to discus below. As a reminder. These were the episodes this season. The Cutie Map Part 1 The Cutie Map Part 2 Castle Sweet Castle Bloom and Gloom Tanks for the Memories Appleloosa’s Most Wanted Make New Friends and Keep Discord The Lost Treasures of Griffinstone Slice of Life Princess Spike Party Pooped Amending Fences Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? Canterlot Boutique Rarity Investigates Made in Manehattan Brotherhooves Social Crusaders of the Lost Mark The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows Hearthbreakers Scare-Master What About Discord? The Hooffields and Mccolts The Mane Attraction The Cutie Remark Part 1 The Cutie Remark Part 2
  6. You know, it would seem as though I have not been getting admin support. Meh. I can do stuff without admins. Anyway, I'm calling a meeting to be held in a room called #HP_Meeting on Saturday. Be there or be square. If you can't make it, please jot down your viewpoints and have someone represent you. What will be talked about? What is the past of HP? What can be agreed on of the past of HP between us ponies? What parts of memory actually happened and what parts are just rumors/false memories? With the knowledge of the past of HP, how will we learn from our mistakes, move forward, and go on. I know each of you have such strong opinions, so I'm going to respond to each one even before you get to speak. How convenient for you! 1. The past of HP is clear. No... no it's not. Let me put it this way; if a new pony asked around what happened during some events, they would get at least 3 versions of the same events with different small variations even within the versions. Sources? I asked around . Also, admins' and mods' opinions are not subject to special treatment. We are all ponies after all. 2. We don't need to agree because of #1 or because we already agree. If you're going to say only a small bit of the population is part of the variation, they're not. It's like everypony has there own version of what happened and there's no real history to any of it. You can literally ask anypony. In fact, why don't you make a new account and try that out before you come back? I'd *speaks like fake Cadence* love love love *speaks like fake Cadence* for some real research around here. 3. The rumors are false. Why is that my good sir/ma'am? Skipping 4... 5. I made a public announcement therefore I have the correct version! Making a public announcement or anything of the like does not make your version any more correct than if you kept it to yourself. 6. We are doing well. No need to mess with success. Um... how well are disasters and drama every now and then? A good system should not have it's constituents suffer every now and then. We should be prepared to deal with drama in a peaceful and nonangry approach, but we're not. There are good reasons by now that an admin system doesn't work. How many admin systems have failed me in particular? Three. What resolved each's nonsensical problems? A democratic system. I'm not kidding. I had to threaten some of these people just so I wouldn't get punished in some way for voicing my opinion. Then, there's the 3rd one. Don't think I have admin experience? Think again! I started up a group with one of my irl friends, and guess what? It was an admin system! It failed miserably because everyone felt too controlled! When a more representative system showed up, 90% of the people became happy. Does this not prove anything? Admin systems are aristocracies by definition--a small group of people that use their power in (what they think is) the interests of the people! It's time for the internet to realize it needs to have law and order on forums, games, and pretty much all sites with social interaction.
  7. Keep the story going! Add onto what the Poster above you's said! Rules: No more than 3 sentences, No less than one sentence, Sentences can only be 10-20 words long, Follow Basic and normal rules of the site. It can be crazy, silly, scary, or just plain random. Here we go! Once upon a time, a pony by the name of Bob walked up to a lemonade stand. And...
  8. You are in a warm pool as your true self, it is one of those pools with a deep end and it is large enough for you to have comfort swimming whichever way you like, but small enough so that you can get to the side if you wish. The pool is heated and has the usual chlorine in it, the water you can feel moving each of the hairs on your body. You splash around the water providing some resistance and waves forming in the pool, you try to see how many waves you can make the pool have and take a break when you feel necessary. Exhilirated from the playful warm up you are ready to swim a bit. You swim left. You swim right. Easy peazy, gliding here and there. You try to go faster to see how the water feels against you providing more resistance. You start to casually swim to ease down from all the exercise at a healthy pace. You soak a bit longer kicking your legs lightly before climbing out of the pool, the water dripping down your body as you do. Your lungs adjust to the pressure change and you take a nice deep breath and sigh reflecting on the evening and dry yourself off gently with a towel. You consider swimming more when you have the time to do so. Perhaps swimming with others could be fun too.
  9. Its the decision on how you approach conflict. Twi tries solutions, its why she is the leader. Applejack thinks true things to clear up the conflict internally then works her way to clearing it around her after. Fluttershy helps. Pinkie fights it via producing happiness. Dash fights it by trying to make herself immune to it by buffing up her ego. Rarity solves it via positive self image. Just thought I would share. So it is possible to utilize multiple of these traits I think, on a side note.
  10. I forgot how good this would be good for brain training. Not only is it good for brain training its good for your pony body visualization as well. For the intents of hypnosis effects to be felt more clearly you want to obviously imagine interaction with the body, or get someone to interact with your body, such as your ears. Some-pony can do an ear massage, comb a mane etc. And this just happens to be on my mind I'm not stealing any-pony's idea nor was I inspired by anything other than what my imagination cranked out this morning. If you massage some-pony with your hooves you have the perfect opportunity to make them more defined, and to help some-pony else get more defined in the process. And giving goes farther than receiving because you can help multiple ponies instead if you wish and it lasts longer for yourself. If you are more interested in personality changes than physical ones I think playing the part you want to be will help contribute towards related effects. Such as if you are trying to be like Pinkie Pie, its not going to happen over night, and trying to act like her in addition to hoping hypno helps you act like her is going to help more than just hoping. Fan works can help with this as well, and not just fanfiction but also analysis videos on character development and such. But for the brain training aspect. What faster way to exercise multiple skills in quick succession than by visualization? Some visualization studies, idk if they were peer reviewed or not however, suggest sports using visualization techniques in training more than actual physical training helped more for skill development. In the case of a game like Osu where you are already constantly exercising the skill, or ping pong, I think visualization will be less effective, but in a game or sport or such where theres a scenario that occurs less than half the time visualization is much more significant. Such as having the ball in soccer is going to happen only a fraction of the time, but its the most important time so spending visualization on that is going to be grand, primarily because a game would not constitute much practice for ball handling skills at all. I wish you luck in your endeavors. Oh and a visualization tip, writing out all the skill scenarios you want to visualize would be useful to do more in less time. Personally I would prolly quickly rotate between skills to simultaneously exercise working memory and cognitive flexibility. But thats only if one is more interested in overall brain quality than perfecting a particular skill. But if you want to exercise working memory and just one skill, write ten brief scenarios you can swap between that exercises that one skill. Such as with the soccer example there can be varieties of ground qualities, varieties of exhaustion, varieties of approaching opponents, varieties of angles and distances from the goal, and varieties of goal keepers.
  11. I haven't done another hypno session since my first entry, but as the title suggests, I have been making progress! I have gained some slight movement, and a lot more feeling, in my wings. Also, I have gained feeling in my pony ears, and I can swivel them around a little, too! If you read my first journal, you'll know that I enjoy combing my fingers through my mane, which feels a lot more like a mane than hair now, which I did for a little while when I was taking a shower this morning. I'm actually a tiny bit worried, is it normal to feel all these effects so early on? I would appreciate it if somepony could let me know. Making progress, ~Avi
  12. Hey guys, I'm AviatorBrony, Caleb, or Avi for short. I plan to update my journal at least a couple times a week, mainly: When I do a hypno session,When I feel significant effects of my hypnosis in everyday life,When I have a dream/nightmare involving ponies,And other significant events involving MLP. ___________ Entry 1 I haven't yet started using the Rainbow Dash hypno file, I am planning on playing it on loop tonight. Though, I did use the Afternoon Flight file today. I seriously enjoyed just letting my mind run free, imagining myself as a pegasus. I must have dozed off during the deducer, because I can still feel small lumps on my back, about where my wings would be, even though there's nothing physically there. Also, when I was taking a shower this evening, my hair almost felt longer, and farther down my neck, like a horse/pony's mane. I really enjoyed combing through it with my fingers, and spent about 10 minutes just relaxing, doing said activity. I dunno why I enjoyed it so much. That's it from my journal today! ~Avi (As I am about to post, my "wings" start aching. This stuff is realistic XD)
  13. Date: July, 3/14 Time: Approx. 1:30 am (EST) File: FlutterShy 3.0 a BMG Note: This journal is being recorded off of memory and may be excluding certain details of the actual event. Before: At this point I was so full of hope and happiness, I felt as if this is my only chance to make my life something I can be proud of. I lied down in bed with my computer on my bedside table allowing me to use my overear headphones (just like how I did when I listened to binaurals in the past), I took a deep breath trying to dispel any nervousness I had. I started the file. During: I don't really remember much about how I felt during my first hypnosis, what I do remember for sure though is I was more relaxed lying there than I had ever been in my life. I managed to keep my mind blank and did my best to make sure every word got to me. The volume may have been a little low as I had some trouble understanding what was being said, also I noticed that the music was quite loud. I remember not feeling any physical changes but I felt like I was being hit by wave after wave of happiness and compassion, my personality was developing. I regained consciousness. After: Upon waking up I squeezed my hands (which made various cracking sounds for reasons I am not sure of) and looked around. I could not believe my eyes, when I first came out I didn't see a bland wall, a dim room or my depressing computer space. When I awoke everything I saw was just so beautiful, I sat up and cried at how beautiful life is. This was a very emotional time for me, I can't recall ever being happier than I was at this moment in my room. It was like I came to a sudden realization, I really was meant to serve, I can change peoples lives for the better, I can create happiness. I went to sleep for the night. The Next Day: I awoke with the same happiness I went to sleep with, complete love for everything. That feeling when I saw my family was indescribable, I loved them so much. Everywhere I looked all I saw was love, everyone I saw I felt I understood. I was so happy. I got ready for work excited to share my love with the world. When I walked through the doors at my work I almost stopped in my tracks, I could feel everyone's happiness and I loved them all. I felt like I was walking in slow motion with the biggest smile on my face. When I saw my co-workers I greeted every single one of them individually with the most loving smile I could put on. I was put on front counter, I got to directly interact with every customer, I was so happy. I smiled and greeted every customer as they approached me, my smile was matched with one by every customer. I was in a state of such happiness and sharing this happiness only made me all the more happy. In just the first four hours I was met with compliments of my kindness that I had never gotten before, I was begged to attend a party (I declined as I'm really not a fan of partying... or alcohol), and I was told about people that have crushes on me (I really didn't know how to react to all of this). I was given a second chance, I felt the last bits of my old self dissipating... I was so happy