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  1. Recently, I've found that there are many, many things in life actually mirror some pony activities pretty well, such as flight and magic. While this list is, by definition, biased and incomplete, I've found that the following activities do a good job simulating what normal life in Equestria might be like. Flight is relatively easy to experience in this world, but there are times when the sensations line up almost to a T. I've found that, alongside cycling (mentioned in a help file by Star Shard), Thrill Rides such as roller coasters, scramblers, and other similar machines can simulate flight exceptionally well, from flying through a storm to building a tornado. Even simple objects such as swings (any kind will do) can also do fairly well. Magic is a bit tougher to simulate, since it requires next to no interaction, but there are good examples of it that can be found in general life. Some of the best examples come in the form of video and board games, where it can be easier to lose yourself into the game. This is especially true for video games that "suck you in" and make you forget your playing a video game, or Tabletop RPG's, where assuming a role is the goal. Unfortunately, the sensation of magic is harder to pull off, but is not impossible; with a bit of effort, it is entirely possible to perform a similar task with "magic", in the same way it is possible to "fly" on a thrill ride. If you have any suggestions for other activities that can mirror pony activities, post your ideas below!