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Bright Star

Pony Drawing Thread

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(I my memory serves me right, there /might/ have been a thread similar to this already made. If there is I'm sorry, I just couldn't find it for the life of me...)

I know some ponies here can art, so I though I'd go and make a thread dedicated to those who want to share their arts with us.

Here's a few of my own

Engie, Spy and Scout as Colts (Flash CS4, wanted to make a parody of

but never got around to it)


Click (Colors3D)


Princess┬áT├®a (Colors3D)


Show Accurate me (Ponyscape)


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Doesn't matter. (Although pony's mostly all I've shared online (what about those STIK figure com--) Zip it, enclosed parenthesis within parenthesis).

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I can't even into art D: But I can probably post a few my friend made for me...

http://puu.sh/4ja6A.png (my apparent OC that I never asked for, based on my old online persona)

http://puu.sh/4ja8E.png (:3) 

(would post them using the image BB code but these are HUGE :P )

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[ img(WWpx,HHpx) ] or I just use the image importer here that automatically scales it down proportionally.

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[ img(WWpx,HHpx) ] or I just use the image importer here that automatically scales it down proportionally.
AH! Shall use in the future :3 Thankies!

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A drawing of my OC, ('cause it's a bit odd walking up to a fellow Brony and saying, "Hi, I'm Twilight Sparkle".... O.o )

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I couldn't draw like you lot if my life depended on it

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I couldn't draw like you lot if my life depended on it
Aye, it goes past me entirely. I can't imagine having that skill or talent.

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A drawing of Click I made a while back that I keep forgetting to post (and my internet was crap, but it's better now) I'm still iffy on why the forelegs don't look right and I accidentally reversed his cutie mark, but I'm proud of how this turned out.

[i love it too!]

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I couldn't draw like you lot if my life depended on it
Aye, it goes past me entirely. I can't imagine having that skill or talent.
*points quietly to the following thread...*


In that thread is a link to the hand-out I used to give out for these 1-hour lecture/practicum training sessions on drawing that I used to do quite a bit.

I was flown to Belfast once to give as series of these lectures at the science center there, mostly for kids but some parents stuck around and went through the training as well.

It was _wonderful_ to walk up behind the parents who'd gone through the technique and had drawn something that looked amazing... and often they'd be shaking their heads in disbelief.  I'd say quietly, "YOU drew that... I didn't draw that....  Now that you know that you can draw, it puts the power in your own hands.  You can draw or not draw because you CHOOSE to... not because you feel you have no choice in the matter."

-Twilight <3

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Well, time to get everypony jealous... okay I'm joking.

But here.

Vector Art:


Tumblr, Book 4


Bright Star:


Steed Storm:


Kingdom Hearts Style Stained Glass of Six Corruption:


Tumblr, Book 5


Story of Dreams Book 2-3, Wishdream Reference Sheet


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Well, here are some of my crappy drawings from this years daily artists training grounds.

For me sketching is just a past time hobby. So they rarely develop beyond basic line art.

I think the last thing I actually coloured is my current avatar.






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well one of my first try on RD.


maybe i should work more with verctoring, this was completly freehanded hehe.

do we have an general drawing thread? i havn't drawn a lot ponies.

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I may or may not be able to art at all. 

...And consequently, I may or may not have used my ability to art in order to art ponies. 1544726834.png 

Seriously, though, my scanner's having a fit and and my camera has a really low dynamic range.

I'm pretty artsy, I guess. I've got this folder with traditional drawings of the Mane 6, The princesses (Celestia and Luna, not Cadence for some reason), the CMC and a few other ponies.

Someday I will actually try my hand at digital art. 2894935475.png 

...Maybe I'll scan them whenever the scanner gets fixed...

We shall see. 2955470764.png 


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Quick little doodle I did of my good friend Polaris. The sketch turned out so good, I had to share it. 641293646.png


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My OC Bright Azure. It's still not done though, since I need to figure out how to do her glasses. Also, the head-on shot (Which is half cut-off >.<) looks better to be than the profile. Either her eye is off there, or the head seems stretched. =/ Took an hour to sketch and maybe... four or five fiddling with SAI (since I never had it before). Also, the mane colour is just a trial to see if yellow is fitting. I'll shade and detail it later to make it look better if that is the case. Maybe two or three different tones.


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