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Pony drawing TIPS thread

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Since we're fans of a show represented in a beautiful, 2D, graphical, beautifully drawn way... I thought it might be a neat idea to have a place where we can share ideas to help other ponies get started drawing... and to get better at drawing once they've gotten started! <3

I used to be an animator, and I used to teach drawing and animation... and part of that teaching was going to places and giving a short, roughly 1h seminar/practicum that would give attendees a major boost to their drawing skills.

The technique is something I picked-up while animating at a studio for which I'd wanted to work all my life.  (But the technique itself is actually centuries old -- it's not unlike how the Old Masters would learn by re-creating other master-artists' work themselves.)

As described to me, when the technique's steps are faithfully followed, it allowed for a clean-up artist to quickly learn how to draw a new character exactly as it was on the model-sheet, (as opposed to drawing that artist's version of the character).

But like all training... if you follow it, you get the benefits... if you don't follow it... you don't.


So, above is the hand-out for the drawing seminar I'd give...

...And the five most important things to make sure you always, always do are:

  1. When "laying-in" your guide-drawing...  Put as many sheets of paper as you need to between your reference drawing and the paper on which you are drawing... so that you can barely... barely see the reference drawing.
  2. When "laying-in" your guide-drawing...  Draw as LIGHTLY as you can -- draw so that you can barely... _barely_ see your drawing.
  3. When "laying-in" your guide-drawing...  Draw only with straight-lines -- no curved lines (except for the "Arc of Motion" and the circles for the head and its longitudinal/latitudinal lines representing the meridian between the eyes, and the line on which the eyes themselves lay)
  4. Follow the regimen with each new character/style -- for example:
    6 referenced drawings of a character, then 1 drawing of that character done completely by you...
    5 referenced drawings, then 1 on your own ...
    4 referenced drawings, then 1 on your own....
    3 referenced drawings, then 1 on your own...
    2 referenced drawings, then 1 on your own...
    Alternate between referenced drawings and drawings of that character done on your own until you feel you've got that character down pat!

    (Yes...yes... it's a lot of drawing... but it's drawing for 8-10h/day that makes professional animator's drawings look as good as they do!  Learn to love the tasks you need to do to get to where you need to be, and you'll never "work" a day in your life!)
  5. Respect copyrights!  A drawing done in this training style may have come from a pencil held by you, but it's right-of-copy belongs to the original artist you are referencing.  Most artists are fine with this if you indicate on your drawing that your drawing was done "From a work by ______________"   ...But when in doubt... please ask the original artist before posting a referenced drawing... it's just the good thing to do.

Happy drawing!

-Twilight Sparkle

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You're welcome, gals! 1179911372.png

Just remember to use your powers for good! 1179911372.png

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NEVER!!!! 3814952881.png i mean.... okay 3174501803.png

Okay Pinkie... how 'bout:

Always use your powers for FUN! 3247790610.png

And Krazy and other Dashies:

Always use your powers for 'teh' AWESOME! 1179911372.png

Here's a short YouTube video I stumbled upon recently that has some great tips:

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