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      Notice for Anyone Using Dolphin Browser   12/13/2016

      I've discovered there's a particular bug that occurs when using Dolphin Browser here that autofills your username and password... into a thread's title and tag fields when you create or edit one. I advise anyone using Dolphin Browser at the moment to discontinue using it here until either Dolphin fixes their autofill so it doesn't do that, or until IP.Board releases an update that reverses what causes that to happen.
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      Discord Account Verifications   06/27/2017

      A reminder for those who use the discord channels that have not yet verified their member status, You have until Saturday the 1st of July to do so to avoid any interrupted service. 
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Announcement: Pet files

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Dear members of the Pony hypno community...

It has come to our attention that the unofficial "Pet" file has been circulating again recently. As most of you know by now, the pet file was removed from our official resource document after it was deemed too dangerous to be used. It created many, many harmful effects, including (but not limited to) dependency, extreme separation anxiety, and a decreased ability to think for one's self. Though for some time we have allowed journals and discussions about the pet file to continue, but as of this announcement that is going to change.

After learning that the Pet file may have been a factor in an attempted suicide, we have decided that the file should no longer be part of this community in any way. As such, discussing the pet file is now off limits, and journals focusing on the pet files will be locked. We apologize if this treatment seems harsh, but we feel that this is in the community's best interest, since the file has hurt so many in the past, and has the potential to do even more harm.

Thank you for your cooperation,

    -The Hypnoponies(n.) administration and moderation staff

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