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Notice: Staff changes, specializations, and who to go to for what.

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Hey folks, Spitfire here, bringing you a quick little update on some recent changes within the administration and moderation staff.


Over the past few weeks, a number of events have taken place that made it immediately obvious to the staff of this forum that a few changes were needed. So we all sat down and decided to come up with a few things that would, hopefully, make the individual job of each staff member easier, as well as make it easier for users to report issues to the proper staff member.


The first thing we did was re-work the actual staff a bit. As a result, some of our previous staff members are no longer with us. These include:

  • Cardspin

  • Fluttershy[Ditz]

  • Twilight[Peri]

Another result of this discussion was the upgrade of BrightStar's status from mod to admin.


Our next order of business was the assigning of specializations for certain staff members. Not every member of the staff received a new specialization, but we think these roles will help significantly lighten and evenly distribute the workload. Here's the list:


-Bright Star: Forum cleanup and post maintenance.


-Pirate Cove Foxy: Webadmin, appeals, utility administration.


-Luna: Utility administration.


-Soarin: Journals, account management, and site functionality.


-Spitfire: Rules, dispute settlement, drama diffusion.


If the staff member assigned to a specific task isn't around, you can of course still go to another staff member to request help. However, we would like to ask that you only do so with matters of immediate importance. Otherwise, each of our staff members can be reached via private message.


And finally, we've also decided to implement a chain of command. All of our staff members have very busy lives, and thus can't be around 24/7 to react to problems when they arise. In the event that Foxy isn't around to finalize something, the next staff member in the chain of command will act as a temporary final decision maker. The chain of command is, as of right now:

  1. Pirate Cove Foxy
  2. Spitfire

  3. Soarin -or- Luna

We decided to list Soarin and Luna as the same rank due to their differing time zones. If one isn't around, simply go to the other. If none of the listed staff members are around, any decisions made can be asked to be reviewed when one becomes available.


Hopefully this proves helpful to you guys if you ever need help with anything. And again, any member of the staff is reachable via the forum's PM system. If you feel you may need to contact a mod or admin when they are not using the site, some are reachable via Skype as well, and may give you their contact info if you ask nicely. We will of course be willing to answer any questions that you might have regarding these changes. Thanks for reading!


Note: the lists in this post are subject to change. When in doubt, keep an eye on this post for any changes, or contact an Administrator.

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A moderator can move, pin, edit, hide, merge and split topics and posts as well as kick and ban users from the chat.


An admin can do everything a moderator can and also have full access to the admin panel where they can create new forums (like journals), modify user pages (such as the banners), accept new users (and conversely keep spammers out) read the chat logs and ban or suspend users.

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For reference - all other staff are approachable with any problem if the specialised staff is not available. All administrators and moderators continue to reserve their respective rights.

Come to any of us with your problems if you need to.

- Twilight Sparkle

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I just wanted to mention that we now have two new members of the moderation team. Both LightningGearV2.37 and Spike have been added to the team as Chat Moderators. They will be helping with the chat and any problems within it. We're happy to have them as part of the team and feel they'll both do a great job. :)

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