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Amber Streak

It needs to end

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The last few weeks have been rough and draining on the community as a whole. This whole thing with the pets versus anti-pets. It just needs to be dropped and left behind. That way we can stop fighting amongst ourselves and start dealing with the issues at hand.


So as of this post, anybody seen bringing up the pet vs anti-pet topic will be met with punishment. Varying from deletion, locking and even temporary banning. Pets are a part of this community and will continue to be, so we all need to learn to get along.


Another big topic has been abusive masters. If you suspect a master is abusive or a pet is in trouble, then please report these issues in private to the staff. Please try to prevent it from becoming a public issue. Doing so not only disrupts the peace, but it also hinders us from doing our work or any effort to help. Keep this in mind for others things too. If you see any post containing the subject of pet versus anti-pet or the pet file, then report it immediately so we may deal with it. Responding to them will only cause more issues.


Let's make a few things clear though. Pets, masters and discussion of pets are /not/ banned. It was never officially announced, but we've decided to allow for those topic to be discussed again, so don't be afraid to mention any of them. Some may disagree with this choice we're making, but it was unfair to make certain members of our community have to talk in secrecy and only made the problems worse. However, the pet file itself and discussion of it are still banned.

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