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Tulpa tips and questions

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Alright, after accidentally amassing several tulpa for the past nearly 20 months, I thought it would be a good time to share some of my own tips and tricks on how to raise and take care of tulpa. Also, feel free to ask questions at any time (And feel free to give your own tips as well if you'd like)



Creating a tulpa


I will admit that I've not once created any of my own tulpa from scratch; every single case for me has been unintentional. However, I can probably pinpoint the times that I may have started with forcing a tulpa without completely knowing it:




Around April 2013 when I first joined the site and learned about tulpa, I got very exited on the idea of having one of my own. As I was reading some of the guides on tulpa.info, at that time many of them believed that creating a tulpa, especially your first one, took many many many hours, reporting as much as 60 hours or more. Still, the very idea excited me so much so that I wanted my first tulpa to be an Applebloom tulpa. I wanted to have her by my side and I wanted to show her everything about my life. As I was thinking about this, at that time I was walking around in a mall. I was passing by the food court. I imagined that if I had an Applebloom tulpa that I would have her on my head as I showed her the different restaraunts and what kinds of food they served, what things I liked to eat, the stores I liked to walk around in, things that were happening in my life--BAM! That is how simple forcing is! I didn't realize it at the time, but thinking back on this, I may have unintentionally started the process of making a tulpa from that very moment. Since then I've done a few other things such as imagining her sitting in the passenger seat while driving, imagining what she would do when I was sad or lonely, having her sleep next to me at night. 

Some time afterwards, I got this sudden urge to create an OC for myself (keep in mind this is /well/ before I discovered myself as Bright Star). I wasn't sure why at the time, but I felt that I should start out with an Applebloom base and use that to make a colt version out of it. It turned out kinda neat in the end, though I didn't do too much with it after that. Then one day while I did a shower meditation, I got a quick visualization where I saw that image just standing there (and quite vividly). Again, I didn't think too much on it other than I just placed it in my journal for future reference. 


Then one day I noticed that I was randomly right-clicking for no reason at random points. Out of pure curiosity I tried to find a way to communicate with my right clicking, and I eventually managed to find out that it was Click doing such. At that time the only way I could communicate with him was by mouseclicks and the on-screen keyboard, but after a few days I manged to figure out how to separate my thoughts from his. He also didn't have any sort of form at that time.


When I went on a Valleyfair trip with a few of my siblings, we went on a rollercoaster. I noticed that Click seemed very much scared of being on there, and he was starting to panic a bit when we got in line for the next roller coaster. Out of the blue, I suddenly imagined myself reaching out and petting him. This visualization turned out to be very intense as I could very vividly see which form he ended up picking. I then comforted him the best I could from the "empty" seat next to me while we rode the roller coaster. After that, I could visualize his location relative to mine in the real world.

Alright, that took a bit longer than I originally intended, but I hope this at least helps a bit.

But yeah, continuing on.



Forcing tips


Forcing is a lot easier than it seems. There isn't this big secret that we all know other than just a lot of practice and getting into the habit of forcing. It does take a bit of time to get used to, but try not to think too much into it and you should be fine.


I'm going to breakdown the five senses and show the best forcing methods that I use. Keep in mind that my current progress is that I can visualize where they are and get a rough to clear-ish idea on their forms in the real world. 


Sight - What helps a bunch is having a picture of your tulpa to reference by. It doesn't have to be perfectly drawn by the best artists in the world, just about anything will work. That main idea is not having something that matches exactly (especially if they like changing their form), the biggest thing is to have something you can remember them by, especially if you drew it on your own. One more thing you can do is have your tulpa face in front of you and slowly spin or turn in every direction. Examine how they look from every angle and practice this near daily if you can. 


Hearing - Most tulpa cannot talk right away and find some other way to communicate until they figure out the easiest method for the both of you. Also, when most tulpa do find a voice of their own, it will almost always sound just like your own mindvoice. This will take a bit of time to figure out while a tulpa finds out how to find a different mindvoice to use. Until then, keep in mind of your tulpa's sentence structure or find some sort of method for the tulpa to show it is them that is talking.


Feelings - This is different from touch. When I say "feelings" here I mean feelings like happy, sad, or angry, etc. This is often the easiest way for younger tulpa to communicate. This will feel different for everyone, but somethings to look for is sudden changes in mood when shown certain things that normally wouldn't excite and/or bother you, for example, or maybe just a small pressure on certain parts of the brain during certain moments. Communicate with your tulpa and try to find the methods that work best.



Making a Wonderland


A wonderland, or also known as a dreamscape, is a commonplace created by your thoughts where you can go and visit at anytime you call for it (via daydreaming, forcing, or meditation). You and your tulpa are able to create and change anything there to anything you/they will like. It is commonly used by tulpa as a place to rest if they need a break from the real world. The easiest way to create a wonderland is to simply imagine yourself in a place consistently. This may seem like nothing at first, but the idea is that overtime you will learn to visualize this more and more easily each time you do this. Also, having a map of your wonderland as you create/discover it will help as well. 



Well, that's about all that I can remember at the top of my head. I hope this helps out anypony looking for any tips.


-Bright Star


Edit: Switching guides are located here: http://hypnoponies.net/index.php?/topic/5624-switching-guides/ Also feel free to ask questions at any time

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Creating can definitely be easy. I made mine nearly 20 years ago.. likely -years- before people were really thinking about tulpae and had all these guides and stuff! And my experience was similar... I created a character that I ended up talking to as a friend. And a friend they are. [Aww! :D]

Also, remember that the wonderland should suit your tastes. If you don't feel happy about something, change it! Picture it gone or replaced by something else. This should really be your "happy place" as it were. Since I'm talking about it, mine looks kind of like this


Thanks for putting this together, Bright!

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This is a good list. Though I would like to add a tip of my own


Echo Parroting

A technique that I used personally to get a tulpa with a mind-voice the first time. The concept is fairly simple, though I'd recommend having a tulpa that can at least respond. You may also want to pick a template voice for your tulpa beforehand.

What you do is say a sentence or word that you want them to repeat, but do it in their template voice. Then have them repeat it. If done right, you should be able to spout out a few sentences and get most of the phonetic alphabet out, so they can communicate with all sorts of sounds. This worked wonders for me, so I hope it helps others as well.

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I kind of have a voice in my head... and sometimes it doesn't stay completely inside of my head. I might talk to myself sometimes when it's actually two co-workers in Central Command having the discussion. The personality reminds me of GLaDOS... it already was kind of sarcastic and convinced me I was a bad person, but now that I've realized that, the voice has sounded like her too.

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With the dreamscape is it possible to shape it into a escape from reality type experience, like for example you have your real life and this wonderland as Kinda a place you would rather be?

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On 5/15/2016 at 4:53 AM, EQRG said:

With the dreamscape is it possible to shape it into a escape from reality type experience, like for example you have your real life and this wonderland as Kinda a place you would rather be?

Very. You pretty much get what you put into it, and if you spend a ton of time practicing your visualization, I'm told that the results can be as vivid as reality and more. I'm still working at it, personally, so I can't say with absolute certainty, but that's the general concept.

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