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Thoughts on: Are we crazy?

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I want to address something that has come up time and again, though mostly in other forums. It is the question if we, on this site, have gone down the deep end.


Let me answer that with a definite maybe.


I’ll explain myself shortly, but let me put this here first: If you already have your opinion, then everything I’m going to write won’t change it, no matter what … so you can do something better with your time. But if you’ll allow your opinion to change or are still in the process of finding yours, this may help you to tilt in either direction.


Why do we do this? I am sure the reason differs for everyone on this site, but for many it is either “just for the sake of itâ€, “out of curiosityâ€, “this world sucks†or “I always wanted to be not meâ€. I guess there are many more reasons I can not think of or have forgotten.


But from all those reasons stated above, the common point is, that we used it to cope with this world, with the stress we get here. This stress maybe coming from being bullied (as some called us losers) or maybe of being overworked (because jobs are very demanding, especially if you want to keep it nowadays) or of wanting to do at least something (for example not getting a job at all).


Does that make us losers or crazy? Not any more than all those other people out there that smoke or drink to cope with their problems, their stress. Some loose themselves in television, others in books or series. And others again, maybe in violence.


From all my time here, I can say, that even if you do this for a prolonged time, you will still be able to function in society. Smokers do that too, as well as those that drink alcohol. In that regard we are not at all anymore crazy than everyone else. Just a different type of normal.


That said, we are still messing with our minds in a way that many do not. And we do change. Changing into people that may be more kind, honest, generous, loyal to our friends and even a bit happier. Seeing what our world and society has come to, I may call this brave. Brave in our stupidity, brave in our belief that these traits can make us and our world better.


Yes, it is crazy to do so in a world that seems to be thriving of greed and schadenfreude, where many find joy in the expense of others. In a world where everyone just wants more and more and more and is still not content.


For me this here has become a deeply spiritual enriching experience. So I can understand when I read from some that this may become a cult. But if it does, rest assured that we won’t go out waving this in front of everyone else with the message: Love and Tolerate or Die.


You are free to do with your lives what you want. All we ask for is the same freedom. We will accept every one else’s weirdness, so please just accept that we have ours.


Thank you for reading

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Lots of ponies give different purposes and ideas about the stuff that goes on here ranging between those that just want to see what the mind is capable off out of curiosity. And those that have developed their own spiritual ideas around it. And to add to the confusion. Several of the theories around this stuff work better when explained in a somewhat spiritual manner, than explaining the hard science behind it. 


I don't think its the purpose of this site to make any statements regarding that. We are just here to provide a safe place to share experiences and advice.


And well, what we do here is a bit weird, so some chuckling from the outside is to be expected. But as long both sides leave each other alone in respect there shouldn't be any mayor problems.

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People mostly don't understand.

Lack of understanding has caused a lot of conflict in human history.


This community is special,this place is special.

No matter what others say or think,we need to focus on our goals here.

Remember,it's our goals,not theirs.

I hope we haven't forgotten and that we never do forget our goals.

Do you all remember yours?

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I came here because of the slogan actually

"Finding ourselves by becoming others"

I think this is why we have so many younger users as well. They are looking to find themselves during the time where they are supposed to be finding themselves and this has helped a lot.(in my case at lease)


I mean, are we crazy?

I doubt it as we are only here to learn and grow. To find an escape from the world around us


everypony does it, we just found a way that works well for us. That doesn't make us crazy, it makes us smart.

Edited by Aurora Soul

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I personally like to think of it differently, Aurora.

Not to find an escape,but rather, to find the meaning and our purpose in the world around us.

Do this, and your happiness will certainly be far greater, than with just escaping the world.


But it's alright,your choice is your choice.Do what makes you happy and what fulfills you at the present moment.

When the time comes for you to take the right path,you will.

But don't ever,not even for a single moment think ,"oh, it's probably not the time".

Your will is your will.If you make it that way,even if the time is right,most likely nothing will happen.

You have to work hard,it may not be easy,but what you find and achieve is certainly rewarding and worthwhile.


Some of our roads may be looking bad,or are not fulfilling,or maybe they are not productive.

But as long as ones road connects to the right branch, somewhere down the path,it's good.

This is up to you.


Never give in to despair,sadness,depression and other negative feelings.

It's alright to feel sad sometimes,but don't let them grow stronger.

Deal with them at their roots.


What we all done in the past is done,be it good or bad.

Think not of what is behind,but what will come.

A brighter future,it is for sure.

What is behind you is the past.

A place you take only the good things from.

Such as Wisdom.

Such as Experiences.

The bad past shall not interfere.

For you are no less worthy for the brighter future,

Than any other person who ever lived,who is alive, and who will be born.


To look beyond the self imposed obstacles and to defeat them,

Is to realize you were never really limited in what you can do.




To finish this.

The right time to start something is not yesterday,not tomorrow,but right now.

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I know better then to think im the Standard, but i sure am crazy. Insanity is an advantage in this world, als long as it stays healthy.

Also its fun

So are you guys.

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I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. Some have called me crazy for many things I have done, but none of them have been anything more that "me being me". I kinda see myself as like the "Lyra of the human world" in that respect. Just because we do something that others consider strange or different does not a crazy make.


As per why I do this specific thing: I am completely disillusioned by humans in general. Humans have set up a system based on cruelty and exploitation that is almost indescribable, not just in how humans treat each other, but other sentient beings as well. I am (and have been since before I even saw FIM) ashamed to be of the same species. Seeing FIM was like looking in to a portal to a better world, and I guess the files help me cope by letting me experience what it would be like to be in that better world; atleast in some aspects.

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I believe that using hypnosis to emulate a pony/otherwise that you admire is perfectly acceptable, as long as it doesn't go too far. You can't become so lost in your imaginary Equestria that your functioning in the real world suffers. I, for one, am waiting for a changeling file to be made. But when I use it, I know that I still have a life and obligations as a human. And at the end of the day, no matter how much hypnosis one does, it doesn't change the fact that Equestria is purely imaginary. Striving to be like a pony/whatever from Equestria is fine, as long as you don't lost your grip on reality. People will say we're freaks, autistic, etc., but "normal" is an overrated concept anyway, as long as someone can function financially, socially, etc.


TLDR: it's alright as long as you don't forget what's real and what's not.

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Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees


Okay, but seriously, it's just different strokes for different folks. Somethings that my friends think are completely normal are just totally insane to me and vise-versa.

As long as you enjoy it and don't take it too far it's fine. and that goes for everything.

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I have to agree just about completely with Katie in many aspects... Especially to be of the human species... I realize there is much beauty in this race but that beauty is usually led by the wrong methods which cheat and take advantage of people and living beings as a whole which in my opinion is not right. I do feel i am a bit of a hypocrite but I feel I am simply because of the conditions of this world and the fact that it has taught us to be this way. We have made the conditions of the world start to spiral out of control. If something doesnt give soon we are sure to destroy ourselves...(realize i am talking about the human species as a whole) This hypnosis as a whole is about as close to enlightenment that i as a human being am able to get at this current moment in time. In this world it seems for every ten jerks there is one truly kind person that will go out of their way to help you.

So in this context why else should this be used but for fun, escapism, and/or enlightenment. It is by human nature that we make mistakes and choose the simple way out. But, what is it that happens when we stop defining ourselves as human? We can then choose to defy human nature and change ourselves to be a kinder and more accepting society.

But such ideas are frequently thought of to be insane. Any revolutionary at one point or another has been thought of to be insane or crazy.

So, would I define us as crazy? No I would not. But I doubt society would be quite as open minded as I am about this sort of thing. Especially so if the press as corrupt and biased as it is or society as a whole found out we are hypnotizing ourselves to be kinder people in the form of colorful equines. ^_^

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we're definitely crazy. hypnosis is a tool. pony hypnosis is an escape. but an escape needs context to make sense. for some people, they are escaping from a harsh reality. some are escaping from themselves (if they can even identify their real body as themselves). you can't say you are doing this sort of thing for fun. there is nothing fun about abandoning the personality you have developed your entire life in exchange for another (FICTIONAL) life. can you even call the body changes an exception? its outright unnatural let alone psychologically dangerous (EKP). in my opinion, pony hypnosis attempts to reprogram you into something you can only pretend you are. a placebo effect.


so yes, i honestly do think we're crazy for pursuing something as outlandish and dangerous as this. i'm not afraid to admit it. society is ignorant, degenerating and conforming, i'm sure many of the people escaping reality can verify this. the world isn't exactly open to the idea of trance-induced pony hypnosis and most likely never will be sadly. i'm all for pony hypnosis, but i strongly believe we should keep this sort of hobby to ourselves.


again people, this is my opinion. sorry if i seem rude, especially to people who consider this website sanctuary. i'm just trying to be honest, something i think people would appreciate.

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It is definantly not sane.


But, I don't know. I think it also depends on the reasons why you are doing this. There's a healthy kind of crazy and there's the....unhealthy.


Just don't lose touch with reality.

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Are we crazy?  Are we strange?  Heck yes and yes again.  I mean look at where we are and what we're doing; we're using the process of hypnosis to experience becoming ponies that were originally imagined as characters for as how meant to sell toy versions to little girls.  You can't look me in the eye and say that is at all normal. 


That said... what is normal?  Who is normal?  Because if you pointed out one person on this world you would describe as completely utterly normal, not only would you have a lot of disagreement on your hands, that person would be abnormal by means of the fact no one else could be as completely utterly normal as them.  Normal is a matter of subjective perspective and vague bell curves because every single person is unique and strange in their own way.  It's why I detest dress codes that go beyond simple health and safety, excessive strict codes of conduct, neighbourhoods that dictate rules on how your house and lawn must look and anyone who dictates conformity as ultimately they are simply trying to stifle individualism with that sneaky little word for something that doesn't exist; 'normal'. 


Yes, listen to others and consider what they say when they criticize you.  The rules are supposed to be there to stop people from getting hurt or being miserable even if they don't always work out that way.  Everyone wants to feel like they belong to greater whole, a decent accepting, respecting, loving, supporting community and it's wonderful when that works out.  But if that was all that mattered we might as well hook all our brains up to a network now and call ourselves the Borg. 


Instead simply by you, or rather be exactly who you decide you want to be. I'm starting to understand that's what self hypnosis is all about and frankly, life is too short even with all our wonderful medical advancements to do anything else. 

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Yes, but sanity is a horrible restraint on the mind. 

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