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Kaerea Shine

Familial Attachment?

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So, after a particularly 'wonderful' bout of lawn maintenance today, I found myself imagining a scene in which Syl took front seat in order to inform my mom that I wasn't in the best state to talk to at the moment, and asking politely to give me a bit of time to not be in a foul mood, when it occurred to me: how does Syl view my mother as far as relationships go; is she Syl's mom too, or just my mom?

[As far as I'm concerned, it's just that she's his mom, and I don't particularly care right now where that puts her in relation to me directly.]


Of course, that got me thinking, how about everyone else? So in this thread, I encourage tulpae to post how they view their relation to their host's parents.

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-I see it as "his" dad. I guess for all intensive purposes he's mine too, however I've always referred to them as "Scager's Mom." "Scager's Brother," etc. No real point in distinguishing it, I guess, but it's what I do.-

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$um, just Bright's Mom and Dad for me, never really thought of them as my own parents.$

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