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Hypnoponies Tekkit Server

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Hai Guys! For a couple days now, I've been hosting a tekkit server for me and Absentia. I thought that sense I'm running it full time that it would be fun if everyone who wanted to play Tekkit could go onto a Hypnoponies Tekkit server! I'm not sure as to how long I'll keep it up but it will probably stay up for the summer. And when I shut down the server for good I'll make the world files available for download.



Dont be stupid..

Go a little ways from spawn before you do anything

No greifing whatsoever

Don't make me have to get Bukkit -.-


Anyways! Just let me know if you want to play (It can be a reply here or a private message or skype even) and I'll add you to the whitelist!

You need to tell me your Minecraft username, of course :P


The IP is

Please be patient, I'll add you guys as soon as I can!


-Waffles  :muffins:

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I like to join.


Could I join?


My apologies, I didn't say it but I need your minecraft usernames :P

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Heyo! I'm joining. Prepare for my madness (no griefing of course). Big%20Grin.png


Username: Dra6000

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Heyo! I'm joining. Prepare for my madness (no griefing of course). Big%20Grin.png


Username: Dra6000


Your in!

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Pocket Sized Industries has just landed on the moon :P

TheCanadianGamer is my name, overly complicated machines are my game.

Done :3

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Now. We have actually added bukkit to the server, which is a teeny bit of a pain (don't worry, you can use magma buckets again xP).


Considering building a spawn so you don't die immediately if join at a bad time/will have access to the Hub.


New rule~

-Don't get too close to The Field


Considering a new service which has yet to be revealed. But before that happens, the server would need a lot more players.


Now working on Base Eight Two


Space race still on. First to space station and first to Mars.


Have we made it to the Deep Dark?



Contact either of us if you do not own a linking book to the Hub.



Thanks for reading!





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