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Bad idea when you're sick...*AHH-CHOO!*

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I just discovered the hard way that trying to do this while you're sick is a REALLY bad idea.


I had to get up early (initially) this morning for work, normally I work the after noon shift, and thought I would try the two files I have so far to relax and feel better about the next day.  This worked the first time, so I figured it would again.  However, I has started to feel under the weather at school, though I thought it was just bad gas and a bit of indigestion mixed with a noted lack of sleep the past few days. 


Boy was I wrong.  The shakes and chills started around the time I went to get a hay sandwich, and it got worse from there, adding a pounding headache.  I should have stopped the session there, but was determined to finish.  The teleportation felt REALLY weird, less like I was being sucked though to pop out at the library, more like I was wobbling back and forth between the locations, the destination shifting as well.  I remember starting to look for the spell, then trying to use it before I found it, apparently recalling I had done it once already.  Then deciding I should go home and lay down, to feel better. 


It was really weird as I felt half way between human and unicorn through the whole thing, half me half Prof. Coppersmith.  But was sick as both.


I thought it just hadn't really worked immediately afterward.  But the really odd stuff happened this morning when I woke up.


My dreams were feverish, but also pony related, and frightening as well.


Upon waking up, the first time, I was barely able to stand and was extremely uncoordinated, decided to call in sick to work.  While in the back of my head feeling bad because I had to cancel my class.  Then went back to sleep.


I woke up again to call in sick, since I hadn't gotten a hold of anyone the first time.  initially more aware and clear headed, and managed to keep it together until I finished the phone call, mostly.  Falling in to delirium afterwards, mixing up both selves and getting confused with my wife being herself or her OC.  While still seeing us as us, but perceiving Equestria.


The moral of this story, NEVER try using a file if you feel unwell. 

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I learned this the hard way. Luckily I passed out during the file, but unluckily afterwards I felt three time worse.

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    • By Lunar S.
      Well last week just sucked~
      I really ought to stop saying my problems are over because the second I do everything comes back to haunt me; I was sick all week and a bunch of other crap happened too. On a good note, I finally killed my writers block for music and also finally found a deck of those pony trading cards so I guess it evens out. Not really but hey, negativity only gets you so far. 
      So I'll start with the hypnosis, which is slowing down a bit. I'm guessing its due to the stress and pain and whatnot, but I'm starting to have a problem staying in a trance. Also the effects have stopped increasing dramatically, whereas last week each session would be vastly more intense, this week I've had sessions that nearly yielded nothing. Quite concerning, but its been improving in the latter part of the week. I'm noticing that the 2.0 file is yielding better results for me than the 3.0 as well, especially in the trance induction and transformation sequence. With the 3.0 I have to concentrate on holding the new form while the narrator takes long intervals in between each part, whereas with the 2.0 the narrator bunches the whole transformation together; which means I don't have to concentrate on staying in a partially-transformed state for too long. Once I'm in full Fluttershy-mode I'm in, but for some reason when its just the hooves, or even everything but the fur I have to concentrate on it or I lose it.  The only thing outside of a full pony form I can hold without concentrating on is the ears, but that is probably due to the separate file and the fact I leave them triggered 24/7 anyway; they just have to change from dark blue to yellow fur. 
      As for my lovely Tulpa, progress too has been going slow, but we're both improving so thats good. We're still working on bilateral processing, forcing and some imposition. We've been using this test to practice basic bilateral processing (href='http://tulpo.deviantart.com/art/Tulpa-Parallel-Processing-Tests-v1-0-366728259)%C2'> are now getting an average of two perfect scores out of three attempts. She also helped me with the aforementioned writers block! Forcing has slowed down a bit this week, its difficult to talk to her when I'm too heavily distracted by pain/work/etc. However, what has been going well is the imposition. In fact a few nights ago we came pretty close: we were cuddled up watching a movie in bed and I could actually not only strongly feel her presence but I could faintly feel her arms around me. Not only that but I could also faintly hear her, feel her body heat, fur and heartbeat, and even smell her (sounds weird but whatever). Unfortunately I couldn't see her, but still, that was awesome.
      So I guess the conclusion is, frantic week equals frantic results! 
      *cue Pinkie Pie "well duh"* 
      Pony be with you~ <3
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