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      Notice for Anyone Using Dolphin Browser   12/13/2016

      I've discovered there's a particular bug that occurs when using Dolphin Browser here that autofills your username and password... into a thread's title and tag fields when you create or edit one. I advise anyone using Dolphin Browser at the moment to discontinue using it here until either Dolphin fixes their autofill so it doesn't do that, or until IP.Board releases an update that reverses what causes that to happen.


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Violet Iridescence

Hello Everypony :)

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Hello all, I am Scarlet Autumn.  Its nice to meet you all. I have known about Hypnoponies for awhile now, but now I am going to join the community. I hope to get along well here. I am very socially awkward, so I apologize in advance if something I say makes no sense

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