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Helo eto, everypony.

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I feel lost.

Rwy'n teimlo'n goll.


Out of touch, out of harmony, and out of reach and relationship.

Cyffwrdd Y tu allan , y tu allan cytgord a chyrhaeddiad a pherthynas y tu allan.


I don't know how I can return. As Twilight, or just to create a blank slate and cover the last two and a half years - start anew.

Nid wyf yn gwybod sut i ddychwelyd . Fel Twilight , neu dim ond i dalu am y ddwy flynedd ddiwethaf a chwe mis gyda llechen wag er mwyn dechrau eto.


I just need to be welcomed back. In any way possible, I wish I can return to just how I felt before - attached, in good standing, and good friends with a number of ponies here.

Fi jyst angen i'w groesawu yn ôl. Mewn unrhyw ffordd bosibl , yr wyf yn dymuno oeddwn yn gallu dychwelyd i'r union sut roeddwn i'n teimlo o'r blaen - ynghlwm, mewn barn dda , ac yn ffrindiau da gyda llawer o merlod yma .


So, hello.

Fel, helo.


Yours truly, the happy-go-lucky unicorn

Cofion cynnes, y unicorn optimistaidd


- Twilight Sparkle

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Welcome back Twi, I hope to see you soon, okay? I'd like to think I'm still your friend, and as such, I'll be here for you~

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*she hugs everypony here* Thanks. I feel, or rather, felt, detached from the community and the community's goals. It's written at the top in small letters. But I never learned to respect that it wasn't the only entrenched path to take. We have ponies, griffons, Pokémon, raccoons... Whatever anyone feels they are, I never learnt to not take it personally. If I took it personally, it hurt. But collectively, it's a natural and truly-deserved freedom that I never felt for quite a while. I know what it's like now: What it's like to be against the tide. What it's like to be off on your own tangent, with someone by your side or if you're still waiting for your partners and friends.


I needed to change what I saw, and that's what I didn't understand. I'm sorry if I made out that any of you weren't my friends with my relentless rambling about lost causes and paths - everyone has their own part, and they can take it where they want. I just wish I'd known it sooner. It would have avoided a fair amount of depression and downhearted feelings.


Learning to be a better unicorn and pony,


-Twilight Sparkle

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