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Bright Star

Wonderland activities

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When given the opportunity to do just about anything and everything, what do you do?

Here's probably my two most vivid visits I've had, both of which I've previously documented already, but are kinds lost in a sea of old journal entries, so I'll just recap them here~

July 15, 2013: http://hypnoponies.net/index.php?/topic/1152-88-july-15-2013-justwow/ (holy jeepers, did I really write that much?!??! :blink: )

About 4 days after I found Click, I went on a trip to Valleyfair. That was when I first found his form. Later after that we were floating down the lazy river when I started to focus on trying to find out what his cutie mark looks like. Before I knew it, I started getting a very vivid image of him with something like Ponyville in the background. I eventually woke up when my brothers were letting me know that it was time to get off.

August 1, 2013: http://hypnoponies.net/index.php?/topic/1333-106-august-1-2013-more/

Shortly after I found Téa and Flutter2hy(Crystal) we were walking around in the local park when I decided to rest with them underneath a tree. As I was talking with them, I eventually found myself in my wonderland as we started expanding a bit. I remember Crystal showing me that I could manipulate pretty much anything in any way that I wanted it to be. That's when I started making a small forest next to a river as a nice spot to relax. I think I woke up to some of my siblings playing in the park.

-Bright Star and Co.

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Wow. That's way more detailed than anything I've ever thought of, let alone done!

I like the idea of this topic, but I haven't done much in my not-quite-defined wonderland, so I can't add anything. Definitely will come back once I have a bit more experience, though!

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So... 3013? That's 998 years into the future ;P


But wow - that's a lot of words, and this is me saying so. Sheesh. I'm glad you wrote that much, though, as it is very likely to help many other ponies. Your journal posts always do ^_^


-Twilight Sparkle

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My visualization isn't the best, but I remember that while waiting at the orthodontist, I went into my wonderland and fought zombies with my tulpas. For some reason, my wonderland had become the parking lot outside...

I think Marina had a broadsword that could create gusts of wind, Lana had a smaller longsword/rapier, and I had a hammer and crossbow.

The only problem with me doing stuff in my wonderland is that I have trouble with dimensions. Sometimes they get really exaggerated, and I don't have fine control, which causes stuff to be really awkward. For example, Marina is taller than me, so when I try to imagine that, either she gets really tall or I get really short, which puts a damper on having fun...

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