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      Notice for Anyone Using Dolphin Browser   12/13/2016

      I've discovered there's a particular bug that occurs when using Dolphin Browser here that autofills your username and password... into a thread's title and tag fields when you create or edit one. I advise anyone using Dolphin Browser at the moment to discontinue using it here until either Dolphin fixes their autofill so it doesn't do that, or until IP.Board releases an update that reverses what causes that to happen.
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IRC Maintenance

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Hello everyone!


The host I use for the IRC server is going to experience some downtime, beginning on November 28th at 9 PM CST, as they move the servers to something with a few less bugs. That being said, The IP of the server is going to change. This means that the IRC (both the IP or irc.hypnoponies.net) will not function until I've been given this IP and update everything. Unfortunately, there is no estimated time as to when everything will be fixed and I will be given this IP, but I'm pretty sure everything should be up within a later point in time in the night, the following morning if worst comes to worst.


Stay strong, pones.

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Frinkel didnt get around to finish it. And with the popularity of Discord. We are looking at integrating the two.

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