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My Unicorn Adventure. [Day 0 (Night)]

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Okay. I'm gonna try out just a generic Unicorn stallion hypnosis thing. 


I'm gonna see how well this goes. :) Wish me luck!

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I'm confused, I clicked the link, but the post didn't have a plave to reply or ask for a journal. Or atleast for me it didn't. :/

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Really?  Well just try to find it under Public Notices then, by the name Journal Requests. 

...actually, yeah your right.  Might be something to do with the software update.  I'll try and look into it.

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Alright, just double checked the permissions and made sure ponies can reply to topics again. Meanwhile I'll move this out of Origin's journal until yours is made. Sorry for the messy mess and hope we fix everything the update broke soon!


-Bright Star

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Alright. Thank you so much for helping me! :) I've never seen administrators that were so responsive! Making my first time here pretty awesome! Thanks so much!

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