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Entry 11: Why is nopony commenting on my entries?

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Before I start, I have one question. Why is nopony commenting on my posts now!? Anyways...

Tried again last night, first I used the Twilight Sparkle file. The only felt the horn again. (Though it was much weaker than before). When I used the other file to become my OC. I hardly (if ever) felt anything again! Can somepony please help me feel the effects more strongly!?



Twilight & OC:

  • Try to feel my tail, mane, flank, hooves, fur, ears, muzzle, horn (for Twilight), and wings (for my OC).
  • Try to see if I can fall into a trance more easily.
  • Achieve Hooflock outside session
  • Feel parts of my pony body outside of session.


Still None.


Closing this entry off with this headache inducing logo from Harlech (Later HTV) used between 1968-1970 (This is the extended version).



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Just because we do not respond does not mean we do not take an interest. Some perhaps feel that they have little to contribute to a particular entry. Some prefer to simply observe and watch the progress from afar. I assure you, however, that you are far from being ignored.


I hope you meet your goals with success.

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50 minutes ago, Wubtavia said:

I hope you meet your goals with success.

Thanks, I also hope you enjoy that headache inducing Harlech logo.

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I understand your frustration towards receiving no responses. I myself felt that same way when I was making journal posts at times. It's just something you've gotta roll with.

As for feeling things, you may be receiving other effects than what you're expecting. I discovered I can get reaaaallly into personality, however feelings and actually /seeing/ it can be a bit of a difficult thing for me. ^_^ Who knows, maybe you're becoming more and more like your destined-to-be pony and you're not even realizing it!

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Most ponies here read, but rarely have anything to contribute. As often the contents are deeply personal.

Personally. I try to read everything.

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