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Derpy Hooves

How to avoid EKP

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Basically all you have to do is not merge two personalities

so long as you keep each file seperate enough from eachother which is quite easy if i do say so myself in your mind, you will literally have NOTHING to worry about.

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You make it sound a lot easier than it actually is.

Characters always tend to bleed though. So not being triggered as Applejack does not mean you wont take on traits from Rainbows Dash when listening to her files.. Triggers can be formed accidentally. So if you run into a Rarity trigger, while being Fluttershy. You risk a EKP episode.

And offcource another drawback is that each time you listen to a file to become one pony. You are also listening to a file telling you that you are not the other ponies. So splitting your efforts between two ponies, also means diminishing the progress with them.

Either way, its something only for the experts.

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      Findings as of now: EKP is caused by the suggestion, you. If you made each file create a fully functional tulpa... Hmm... Tulpa possession appears to be similar to triggering, but not you, so you don't internally error. If this is true, then if one wishes to explore all the files without EKP he/she can use a modifier file which can be created that makes each file make a tulpa rather than change you. Curious huh? It's kinda hard to study emotions on yourself though, so I'd like some input from all of you. What do you feel like in EKP? Please use a recent experience. Memories of feelings from a while ago are proven to be hardly ever accurate.

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      What does this have to do with EKP. Well... it kinda makes me afraid that the entirety of my life has been in EKP. It sounds stupid in my head. Probably sounds more than a little silly to you all. Ohh, Libra/Virgo. My life is a balancing act that takes incredible amounts of focus, energy, and skill to maintain. But what am I balancing, other than time? This line of thought takes me down a long road traversing multiple Yellow Wood scenarios. Main theme? What if I can't notice EKP because I don't know better. In all fairness, it's probably not true.

      A Night in a Day

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      And as the Sun
      Paints skies for fun,
      So to must my will
      Shift and bend.

      Oh, how I wish
      I knew myself,
      Understood what
      No one can...

      Oh heart of hearts
      My soul to yours
      What fate was I
      Meant to have?
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