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Powerlevels discussion

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Alright I feel it is time to have a decent discussion of how our little magic users are ranked. Anything comic or EQG related is up for inclusion  you can list them as one body of work or separate them based on forms ex (Rarity/Possessed Rarity/Nightmarity or Shiny boosted Chrysalis/love starved Chrysalis) or group them together (Background pony/Royal guard/CSFGU student) and rank them accordingly. By my count there are about 30 maximum even if you do the whole separation thing

As always with my threads, I'll wait until a bit later to post my own

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Hmm. A first guess


  1. Discord. (Being a god and all.)
  2. Sombra (Apparently tough enough to beat Celestia and Luna in his alternate timeline)
  3. Luna (Strong enough to beat Celestia)
  4. Celestia (Capable of moving a celestial body)
  5. Trixie (Alicorn amulet)
  6. Starlight Glimmer (Tied with Twilight while being forced to levitate herself.)
  7. Twilight Sparkle (Tied with Starlight despite being at an advantage.)
  8. Sunset Shimmer (Never completed her studies unlike Twilight)
  9. Rainbow Dash (The first Sonic rainboom)
  10. Shining Armour (Shield spell)
  11. Cadance (Shield spell but weaker.)
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I'd agree with most of Star's list, although I'd attribute Dash's Rainboom less to magic and more to pure skill. I'd put Cadance directly below Twilight, above Sunset, and add Rarity to the bottom.






Amulet Trixie








...more or less. I've never really thought about it that much.


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Here is my list and also my explanations:

  1. Discord - Basically, we've seen what he's capable of. Manipulating everything if not controlled.
  2. Luna - I believe this would be a tie with Celestia actually, but Luna would have more raw power when it comes to magical control.
  3. Celestia - Of course being able to move a Celestial body, weaker since again Luna has more raw power.
  4. Sombra - I placed this here because of his power is dependent of Crystal Power, and I also believe that Celestia and Luna can pull what Sombra pulls off if they were also a tyrant.
  5. Spellbook (Powerlust) Rarity - Tied with Twilight. I hope you ponies didn't forget about this, but this basically allows Rarity to bring anything from her imagination to life, sort of like Discord + Amulet Trixie, the reason I placed this here is that it is basically amplified power. Still reversible and bound to a spell though, but it is a very powerful amplification spell. Still a hassle to undo. Powerful if exploited.
  6. Amulet Trixie - Tied with Twilight. Of course, her magic would be amplified. Of course amplified with Dark Power, so as close as Spellbook Rarity. Though I could say this could be tied with Alicorn Twilight and full power Starlight, just saying.
  7. Starlight - Tied with Twilight basically, though has more control over her magic and knows a lot of exploits in most aspects than Twilight. Example aim and misleading on social situations to her favor.
  8. Alicorn Twilight - Tied with Starlight, more of the reason that her power is amplified due to alicornship or mastery of the 3 alicorn's magic over her own, though she could use some more work on her focus and many other aspects that sadly Starlight is better on.
  9. Sunset Shimmer - Almost tied with Twilight, due her unfinished studies but still capable of powerful magic. So in par with Cadance.
  10. Cadance - Almost tied with Twilight, due to the fact her spells are healing based or protection based. Her power is easily drained from what it seems in more intense situations. Power also amplified with alicornship.
  11. Shining Armor - Capable of defense spells. Though I'd imagine he would have a full arsenal of guardian-like spells. Though power is limited through how much his body could take.
  12. I can probably add more here but I'll limit to this, unless you want to go down to as weak as Pumpkin Cake. *giggles*
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You guys made me think too much into this. had explanations but the got lost in an error message. If you have a question about why I put someone where, ask

  1. EOH/Rainbow Powered Twilight (it is her magic she channels it)/Pure Sunset/Power of Friendship or Rock Humane 6
  2. Tirek Max power
  3. Full Power Alicorn Twilight/Discord Absorbed Tirek
  4. Discord/Tirek All ponies absorbed
  5. Devil Sunset/Midnight Sparkle
  6. Amulet Trixie
  7. Tirek arriving at Canterlot
  8. Power of Love Shiny and Cadence
  9. Love Charged Chrysalis
  10. Nightmare Moon/Tantabus
  11. Siege Sombra/Reflections Sombra
  12. Nightmarity/Dreamwalker Luna
  13. Alicorn Twilight
  14. Starlght Glimmer
  15. Luna
  16. Celestia
  17. Possessed Rarity/Sombra first round and S3
  18. Starswirl
  19. Reflections Chrysalis
  20. Sunset Shimmer/S3 Twilight/Alicorn Trixie
  21. Shiny
  22. Cadence
  23. love drained Chyrsalis
  24. Sirens max power/Kelpie
  25. Tirek at deal with Discord
  26. Season 2 Twilight
  27. Normal Changeling
  28. in dream Lucid Dreamers (not Luna)
  29. Canterlot Guard
  30. Moondancer/S1 Twilight
  31. Student of the School for Gifted Unicorns
  32. Zecora (potion making is a kind of magic)
  33. Trixie
  34. Rarity
  35. Reflections Twilight and Rarity
  36. Everypony else/Pony'd Up Humane 7
  37. love drained Changeling/Sweetie Belle
  38. foals (ie Pumpkin Cake)
  39. Sirens before magic at CHS/Tirek during "Its About Time"
  40. Normal "human"/Sirens after RR aka no magic


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