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MLP Rewatch (2) The Ticket Master

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Season 5 ended so I'm re watching all of the previous eps


The Ticket Master- Written by Amy Keating Rogers/Lauren Faust and aired on October 29th 2010 on Hub Network


This episode is about the importance of having fun with friends vs trying to have fun alone. This episode reminds me of myself in these situations where I have a hard time choosing what friend to bring to some place. Going places with friends doubles the fun. This may explain why I found Trotcon to be really boring.


Feel free to post your thoughts on this episode :) I will try to post these daily.



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I felt this episode taught one of the top five lessons of season one. It was a good episode, and Twilight was still brand new to the concept of friendship. This episode began the growth that our now favorite six equines share.

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This is one of the episodes that I always underestimate the fun of for some reason. It had some good scenes and started or is a notorious warning sign of Celestia being Trolestia.

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