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Hello all!

We've been on a Hiatus from this community for some reason and It's thrown us off a bit, sooooo... Let's do a forum post!

Thanks to Pink Streamers for showing us this community. :muffins:

Now, onto the bigger stuff. We have two new members to our group! Apple Jack and Rarity. AJ has been keeping the wonderland very tidy and sustainable, so much that we have our own crops!!! None of us knew how to, but she just went for it!


Rarity is our resident dress making queen with already in 1 month making about 30 dresses. They all look stunning! But it's a shame we can't draw, otherwise we'd draw them and show them here!


Onto the rest of us.


Lagonir has finally finished her Changeling hive, and I must say, It is impressive. She has put so much work into keeping it safe from attacks and has already started to get the npc's!


Now, I can't ignore this. Fluttershy has a really beautiful human form. Like, it is absolutely amazing. We have found an exact duplicate of here, but it's rather lewd, so if you want to see it, pm/dm us either here or on Discord.


Pinkie also has a lewd Human form, again, pm/dm for it.


[Coming up to my birthday! It's tomorrow!! May 9. Other than that, School is bland but it's getting better, so that's a good thing ^^]


<Caramel, who is my daughter, is doing a ton of magical practice. Kinda like me when I was younger, but she studies with Pudding and Astral some times. When she isn't studying, she's playing with Pudding and Astral. I'm very proud of her! I'm just worried about when she starts studying dark and corrupt magic..>




Astral is starting to think about getting a Unicorn form. I'm really happy for that and she could study with Cara. But, I fear that would leave Pudding feeling left out.. I hope that the decision that she is making is really for the best.


We will be updating you with stuff and probably making individual posts daily(?) if everything goes to plan. Also, we will put the most liked image of the day up at the end of each post. Enjoy this one!


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Great to see you're back!  I actually took a little hiatus from the main server and site as well (I'll probably have the journal entry as to why by the end of today)


That image looks almost like Jerry Seinfeld but put through some nasty content-aware editing :P


Oh and it's really cool to hear about other people's mindscapes, keep me updated on yours!

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Posted (edited)

It's actually from one of the spider man movies with the content awareness scale! :3



That image looks almost like Jerry Seinfeld but put through some nasty content-aware editing :P

Edited by Luna & Co.

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Posted (edited)


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