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Camellias {Cloudwing}

Anyone wanna join a modded Minecraft server?

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Hey, so I was wondering if anyone here would be interested in joining my server. It's lightly modded with a custom map, and will be receiving occasional updates to help keep things interesting. If you want more information on the mods, I have the pack hosted on Technic and Curse.

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    • By .
      I'm making it whitelisted because I don't want my IP to be free for the whole internet to see. Please reply if you have a way to fix either of the before-mentioned problems!

    • By WispyDaydream[Shade]
      Ok guys, after some testing done my good friend ddsquaredtwo (that's his YouTube username), we'll be doing a server. Also, to answer you question Spyder, Cauldron = Bukkit + Forge + Other Handy Stuff. It's handy to use on a server. For the purposes of this server, we are using the Magitek Modpack (M.M.) v1.2.1


      No need to worry though, because I don't even know what you're trying to connect to XD Spyder in specific. I never gave you the IP .


      Anyway, this is simply a signup form. I just want to see who's interested in joining this server. It will be recorded and put on YouTube. Timing is still being worked out. The IP will be distributed only to those who sign up for security reasons. For those of you who don't know, hackers can use this IP and look up if the network is secure. Basically, you can do EVIL THINGS with an IP address. EEEEEVIL. So, no IP for now. Remember, this is just a preliminary list to let the our server hoster know.


      Also, please note that this requires some level of commitment. The rules of the server state that you may do whatever you wish to do. War can erupt at any moment. The purpose of such a server is to create nations and to fight or try to preserve the peace. RP in your own way and have fun. Also note that any greifing is perfectly legal on such a server because after all, that's it's purpose.

    • By Ciroton
      Well, it's just been confirmed - Mojang really is being bought by Microsoft for 2.5 billion dollars.

      Minecraft to Join Microsoft
      And a statement from Notch:
      I’m leaving Mojang | notch.net
      What are you thoughts and feelings on this confirmation of rumours? Feel free to express them below, but try to keep any profanity to a minimum, please.
      Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if we see 'approved' mods and merging Xbox Live Accounts with Mojang Accounts. Thank goodness my name is the same across them. And that's just for starters. I'm also anticipating some kind of DRM to stop piracy and other such nonesence. >>;
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