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I think I found pony magic

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if you have seen my Journal you will know that i have found the same magic that the ponies use in there world now this is how you do it."sorry if this is bad"


before you can do this you have too find your pony energy.



earth pony magic:how you do this is to think of being stronger:you Target the part of your body you want to make stronger then think about make it stronger in that part of your body that you want, then try to pick something up.it will not be much stronger, but you should be able to tell. try picking it up well doing it and not doing it."if that makes sense"


pegasus magic:sorry but i do not know how to explain this other then move with the wind and think about going fast in you whole body.



unicorn magic: since you don't have a horn you and anyone else here you can only use it in your aura and anyone else's aura when they connect.because of this you can't levitate anything at all but you can try to levitate a part of your body like a finger that is in your aura:think about levitating it going up and put the pony energy into the spell and it should work.



if you don't believe me that is ok and if you need help. I can try my best to help you with it.also i call the pony energy balance energy.


by midnightstar "sorry if i said anything wrong at all"


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Posted (edited)

sorry but i'm very scare about sharing this.i hope you all don't say something bad about me.

Edited by midnightstar

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Yep. I have no doubt that you can for example actually make yourself temporarily stronger by concentrating on the idea. There is an absolute limit to your strength, but it is about 40% above your normal limit.


I've done the unicorn magic one. Fun. Weird feeling.

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This sounds rather interesting. Would you mind explaining some of this further? I'm not sure I would call myself an empath yet, but I'm greatly attuned to emotions and energy. This is the video that started it all for me, it sounds like you're attempting to access parts of the same discipline, albeit under a different name. 


Though to be fair, I wouldn't mind referring to it as Alicorn or Unicorn magic... You want to ground and center your energy, and meditate. Breathe fully, and be mindful in all things. Feel the energy coursing through your body, and cleanse yourself of tension and negative energy. With willpower and conviction, you can accomplish many things, especially strength or weight. Part of it may just be reaching my full potential, I don't know. But there's definitely something spiritual about it.

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    • By midnightstar
      here we go
      what is earth pony magic: well it is the magic that is tied to the ground, increased strength and endurance in the body when you want it or not and can heal your body faster.i know this because I uses this magic and now, when i get cut, it stops bleeding in one minute after I got it.
      how it works:the more you use it the better it will get and it will happen all the time without you using it if you do it enough.so it will use it by itself.
      how to do it:you can do many things but the easiest one is to get something out, pick it up, see how easy it is to pick up, now select the part that your body in your mind you want to get stronger then think of part of your body being stronger then pick it up again.see how mulch easier it is.
      i hope this dose something for you.
      by midnightstar
    • By rainbowkittenears
      Fell asleep listening to the session last night, nothing happened.


      Retried this morning with rousing success while in the session, though senses remain a bit muted.


      I feel a bit like the way I see things in trance is how Toph perceives the world in Avatar: TLA.


      Feeling was nearly 100% with the exception that the horn seemed to flicker in and out of existence, though I attribute that to an ingrained training to focus on the third eye chakra in that spot instead of a horn.


      Limb feeling was perfect, body and face shape were perfect. Had trouble with feeling the brushing of the tail and mane.

      Also had trouble with ears, so extremeties I don't already have seem difficult to manifest.


      All effects of the unicorn body vaporized almost immediately after the recording finished, though that may be due to the fact that Rythmbox queued up Red: The End of Silence right afterward.


      The trigger only has a mild effect on me when spoken and only if I close my eyes and recline a little.



      Possible things to try:

      extra preparation: shower, brush hair/teeth, etc. immediately preceding session.
      try to eliminate restrictive clothing while remaining warm, try to find my bathrobe.
      find my sandalwood oil and diffuser and set that up before session.
      drink a relxing tea or infusion (sub thought; check housemate's property for herbs for such an infusion.)
      Will keep you guys updated daily, at least to start.

    • By SweetHarps(Lyra)
      Humans, ponies, and all living things are part of the environment. Breath is one of the ways we interact with the world around us and within us. I would like to provide a meditation to all of you. We are the recipients of so much information and energy of the world around us. From our senses and into our minds chemical and electrical energy passes. It is known that not all signals reach the brain though.

      With some visualization we can see and feel.

      I would suggest that because there is intent here that you Find a location that you can sit and be attentive. Good posture is important so no slouching or leaning back.

      To start with, sit down with your arms(forelegs) resting comfortably on your lap palms up, to your sides with your palms facing forward, or in-front of you as a pony. If you hooves or hands are touching something in the environment (without grasping something) that is better.

      The breathing Focus on your breathing breath in though your nose and out though your mouth, SLOWLY with intent. Allow each breath to fill your lungs with as much air as possible, holding it for a second before releasing it though your mouth, then pushing the remaining used air out...Repeat

      The visualization, as you inhale visualize/imagine energy starting at your finger tips/hooves entering your body. This energy will flow filling you up it my start off with just your finger tips/hooves but over time and practice it will become quicker and more complete. As you exhale you need to make room for this energy so “open up†that makes your kind special. For Pegasus it is your wings, for earth ponies it is your rear hooves, for unicorns and humans it is into your mind(unicorns should use the horn as the natural endpoint.)

      As this refreshing energy fills you raise your hooves or hands high above your head then slowly lower them as if you are grasping the air and pulling yourself up and out.
    • By SweetHarps(Lyra)
      Unfortunately, we all too often run across misguided individuals, including instructors who take pride in their ability to strike down or smash those who are currently weaker. Though there are those who stand in opposition of such behavior all must be taught to be ready and for any challenge.  But if there is nothing but resistance it will no longer be magic. No harmony, no love, no magic in such a struggle. The study of spells is not to obtain a mastery over others -one with such a view is doomed to fail from the beginning- but is instead a way of obtaining mastery of the self. ‘Attack opponents with love, bind them with affection’.

      Though constant practice and training, and so every day progress can be made- A new Spell can be discovered, an old one can be handled better, and fresh insights can occur.

      A manuscript from the introduction from Sea Shimmer, “Practical Unicorn: Intermediate Magicâ€, Third Edition, Canterlot Print p.11-12


      Well I decided to post a little something from my studies in the Library; I will be posting other things later so have fun. If I misquoted something I’m sorry, it is what I can remember.



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