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Tavi helped me with finding music Azyra likes. Seems she prefers classical piano, often dark and moody. Azyra also gave Tavi a hug after this, and if you manage to get a genuine hug from Azyra, you've definitely done something right.


Imposition today worked amazingly well, and I have no idea why. I hadn't done the hypnosis files for a couple of days, but for whatever reason it just worked. I was able to feel my wings clearly (although not see them), it felt really good to get my ears scratched or my back between my wings rubbed... There were a few challenges with extending and folding up my wings at will though, they didn't seem to want to cooperate with me fully. It's also a little less comfortable to lay on my side when I have the sensation of wings there.

I've also made a new tulpa, The Great and Powerful Trixie (started June 6). So far she's been great (and powerful). A lot more talkative than Azyra, naturally, and she first started talking in full sentences after only about 3 hours. I could've sworn I'd had something written here before about her, but I guess not. [You did, you just deleted it.] Oh. Well... thanks Azyra.


Trixie seems to prefer music with an emphasis on brass instruments, and, as Tavi put it, "I'd have expected nothing less than the penultimate grandeur of the fanfare of war." I'm not entirely sure her music counts as the fanfare of war, but I suppose it could be close sometimes. She also likes music featuring herself, naturally.

Imposition still seems to be working a lot better than it used to. It's been slightly less effective than last time, but still effective enough.


Ok, so Spike's here now (started June 9). He was the only other tulpa I knew I wanted to make at some point, not sure who else I'd make if I do have anypony else as a tulpa (maybe Maud), but I guess we'll see what comes along. He started talking about 40 minutes after I started actively forcing, and he's already about as good as I am at Smash Bros. despite only having battled 2 or 3 times, somehow after just over a day being able to control my hands almost as well as I can. This freakin' dragon, man...


I saw my hands and arms both as hands and arms and forelegs and hooves at the same time, sort of like a semi-transparent image of my forelegs and hooves over my arms and hands. Progress!


Tried looping GPv4 for a couple of hours, it worked somewhat well considering all of the inescapable background noise that my noise cancelling headphones could not adequately deal with. I actually did sort of half expect to see my hands and feet as hooves, and although I've seen them like that before, I haven't actually expected to until now. I sort of did see my feet and hands as hooves, but to a much lesser extent than I had previously. It's also becoming far easier to imagine myself as a pony, about as easy as it is to see my tulpas in my mindscape.




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