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Detsella Morningdew

Wave 3, Day 2

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Posted (edited)

Whoa, that was strong.


I got so far deep in trance, I could literally not move. And this happened without me consciously paying attention to the voice. My conscious mind actually "woke up" from how suddenly I was falling.


This is rather surprising, considering how long it has been.


Though my typing-with-hooves muscle memory is kinda lacking. Not too bad now, though.


I'm going to try the Visual Reprogramming file now. My first time listening to it, in fact.


Updates about that later. (For real this time. I won't get distracted.)



...I feel rather stupid for not doing this sooner.


While I do not yet "see" my pony body naturally (expected), the file is probably one of the best reinforcers I've seen. Now if somepony would hurry up and finish the Generic Earth Pony file already, that would be great. :okiedokieloki:

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