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Nox Celum

Maybe You Can Teach an Old Alicorn New Tricks..

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Oh stars where do I start...


It is likely many of you do not remember me, or do not know me at all.  I've got a bit of a habit of appearing and disappearing for myriad reasons.  Once in a blue moon do I log a journal, mostly for those that have known me and refused to give up on me after I put all of my might into trying to shove them away.  You know who you are, and so I write another page in this dusty old journal for you.


My cycles of disappearance tend to follow a pattern of reflection and conflict.  Now after these long years I've wrested myself free of the demons I have tirelessly battled with.  I owe much to my Luna tulpa making a surprise resurgence and showing me the "Ghosts of Asteria's past, present, and future."  I still find it amazing that she managed to still breach the black that I had allowed to control me for so many moons.  Through both of us giving in to our own demons one last time, we showed each other just how weak they actually are... and how easily vanquished once that weakness was revealed. 

It is... strange now. Most of my life has been lived in conflict, I have woken up and laid to rest with strife close to my heart every day.  With that gone I am not sure how to feel, its a comparable feeling to a weight being removed just for another to be put in place.  Revelry for the occasion was not to be had, for time has shown me that you cannot have light without dark.  I may have finally made peace with myself, but there will always be opposing elements.. my dichotomy.  But victory has been had for once and I wish to continue the trend, and so it shall continue.  


As self-patronizing as this entry may have sounded, this turning point in the struggle with myself has been no easy feat nor will I treat it as such.  Luna has since retreated back to whatever neuron she calls home, waiting for the next time I have need of her.  Now I get to enjoy the sunshine for once... after so many years of refuting its existence (even though us night-kin shouldnt even enjoy sunlight... Im being nit-picky  >.>). 

Longa noctibus, clara sidera




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Nice to meet you Nox Celum I look forward to getting to better know your character.

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