I just moved the forums. They WILL be buggy, please bear with me while I get all the kinks worked out.

    The IRC and Minecraft server are still currently down. I'm going to focus on fixing up the forums first, then I will proceed to get the IRC up and running.

    In the meantime, please use the Discord: Heey, click me! :D

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  1. Town Hall

    1. Royal Decrees

      The Laws of the land.

      (Rules and regulations to be followed to have fun and be safe here and on the Hypnopony network!)

    2. Public Notices

      Important information from the Hypnoponies Staff

  2. Welcoming Lounge

    1. Welcome Everypony!

      Post here if you're new for a nice, big hug from everypony!

  3. Ponyville Plaza

    1. Community Discussion

      Discussion of the inner workings of magic, spirituality, hypnosis and other related phenomenon.

      Both serious scientific discussions as spiritual inclined viewpoints allowed.


      (Please post your small questions in Q&A please.)

    2. 4,109
    3. My Little Pony

      Discuss the show and other My Little Pony related stuff here!

    4. Community Activities

      A collection of current and past community activities!

  4. Books of Wonders (The Journals)

    1. The Elements of Harmony

      Check out the journals of the ponies of the Elements of Harmony here. Each one with a different twist~!

    2. 1,767
    3. The Truest of Selves

      The journals for those that use pony hypnosis for self exploration. Or want to become a self designed character.

    4. Other types or Unknown Journals

      Journals about dreams, tulpae or just about everything else.

    5. Old Forum Ponies' Journals'

      These are journals from ponies who were a part of the old forums (Hypnopony.nl), changed who they are, or have been inactive since 2013. Their journals are still important for learning what your experiences will be like, and perhaps they will help you discover if you're taking the right path...

  5. Off-Topic

    1. General Discussion

      Hello there! Got the feel to just talk and do something out of the ordinary?
      Well, this is probably the forum you may want to go.

    2. Games Ponies Play

      Activity threads go here! (Post count is disabled here.)

      If a game was archived due to inactivity, feel free to start a new game or contact an admin to unlock it.

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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Dashie

      Q: Why is it impossible to run through a campground?
      A: You can only ran, because it's past tents.
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    • Tavi  »  Rammy and Rose

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    • Vairaki

      A reminder that the Weekly Workshop starts in an hour over on the Discord server. Tonight's Topic will be covering Exit Triggers and Safeties. 
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    • Jessica  »  Frinkeldoodle

      You know a bit more about websites than me... I've been having trouble accessing one site, and every time I do I get this http://allminecraft.com/?reqp=1&reqr= if it shows different for you.. I'm seeing a godaddy ad about how the domain expired, yet I'm getting notifications of other people posting? I've tried using the place app for the main website, can't even log in. Halp meh, I'm confused.
      (oh and idk if this helps but I tried using a different device, and internet connection to test if it was like something in my device or IP. Still got ithe ad no matter what i tried.)
      · 2 replies
    • Frinkeldoodle

      At Nightmare Nights Dallas if anyone's there and feels like hanging out or something ^^
      · 1 reply
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    1. 1. How interested are you in participating in file creation

      • Interested As A Scriptwriter
      • Interested As A Voice Artist
      • Interested As An Audio Editor
      • Interested In All of The Above
      • I'm Interested but want to learn more first.
      • I'm not interested at all.

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