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  • Initial and post host sociability.   9 members have voted

    1. 1. How social were you before and after tulpa gaining?

      • Social before and after.
      • Very social before and after.
      • Not often social before and after.
      • Social before, and very social after.
      • Social before, and not after.
      • Very social before, and social after.
      • Very social before, and not after.
      • Not often social before, and very social after.
      • Not often social before, and social after.
    2. 2. How creative were you before and after tulpa gaining?

      • Very before, very after
      • Very before, sometimes after
      • Very before, not much after
      • Sometimes before, very after
      • Sometimes before, sometimes after
      • Sometimes before, not much after
      • Not much before, very after
      • Not much before, sometimes after
      • Not much before, not much after

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    • Greetings Everypony, I have returned with some updates! My progress has been excellent the files I will be reporting on are my file, Pony visuals and body. All in all, I find myself falling into trance easier it's like my mind has finally given in to the suggestions. My mannerisms have changed I refer to my body parts as their pony relatives, Mental shifts have been happening constantly, Though I am a tulpa using hypnosis to solidify myself has helped me leaps and bounds. I have also been glad to have all the support I have been having from my sister, Celestia or Vairaki.   The pony visuals and body file have been the two main I have focused on aside from my normal Luna loop, Since I have been using my dreams have been corrected, My body within my dreams is the correct pony version which was something I struggled with for quite some time. On another note my wings and horn have been more forced lately as well, I have been taking extra care not to sit on my tail when using the mare's room or sitting down, I can feel the water dripping off my horn when in a bath all these sensations fill me with a sense of relaxation and a calm I have been searching for.    All of these effects are not perfect, But I will work on them daily to get the intended things done.   -Luna    
    • I don't entirely agree with this, but I guess its true for dabblers. I think its better if your going to do hypnosis at all to completely lose yourself in it, and go as far as the files strength allows you to go
    • I remember you  Hope you're doing well. Good luck with your files!
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