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A Spark of Magic

A Spark of Magic has been created for the unicorns to use and will take them on a hypnotic journey where they will experience the sensations and feelings of casting magic.

The file comes with an induction for unicorns. You can choose to listen to a file with classical music in the background or one with just the regular background music which is present in other files. We personally recommend the classical version as it might make the file stronger and induce stronger emotions.

Thanks for Silvermoon who voiced the file and Star Shard who helped with the writing.

Important: Emotional Kernel Panic Warning

Before even starting pony hypnosis, please really think over it all and be 100% sure you know what you're getting into. Hypnosis is not a toy nor a game. We want ponies to enjoy these files, but we also want them to be aware. All these warnings and disclaimers may be scary, but they're here for a few reasons. They're here to make you aware of what you're getting into. Also to make sure you go about pony hypnosis in the safest way possible.

A Spark of Magic

Classical Version
Background Music
Sounds Only