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Fluttershy Journals

O-oh.. um.. hello. I-if you don't mind... you can go ahead and check some stories here if you want... I-I don't mind.


  1. The Shy Pony in the Mirror

    This is a journal for me to log my progress with my hypno sessions (I'm
    trying to become Fluttershy) plus any other misc thoughts that occur
    that I would like to share.

  2. FlutterHi's Journal

    My transformation away from my inner evil and into the pony I knew I was meant to be.

  3. Learning to be Kind, The story of Hotshot Vantas

    I was awarded with the "Kindness Award" as a young child, and I want to regain that.

  4. The Cottage Downstream

    Nestled away from the hustle and bustle, you find the journal of Topaz. Come, stay awhile and listen.

  5. FlutterKate's adventures through the windshield glass

    My attempt at describing my experiences, if you want and if you are ok with it...

  6. The Quest for Kindness

    Nobody ever wants to be quieter or more reserved. Except for me.

  7. Renewed Spirit (Flutterthought's Journal)

    I reconnect to who I am as a pony, and finally work through the negative energy that has piled up over the years of not being myself.

  8. My journey to become more in tune with FlutterShy

    I made my choice. Something resonated with me when talking to another fluttershy. I want to be more in tune with her, and chronicle it via this journal.

  9. Izumi's Creatively Named Journal

    Somepony trying out pony hypnosis, because reasons.