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    So I've known that today would be coming for a while. As a matter of fact, I knew the exact day since September. But... part of me always felt like it would never come, like maybe something would happen and I'd be able to stick around forever. But... that does not appear to be what fate has for me, and I guess it's for the better. Tomorrow, I will be leaving for Air Force Basic Training. It will last a minimum of eight and a half weeks, and will push me to my mental and physical limits. During that time, I will also be completely disconnected from the internet, and even after basic, my availability will most likely be limited, to a point where it may not be possible for me to run and maintain this site as often as I'd like to. And, of course, no site deserves to have their webadmin completely off-the-grid for a good nine weeks, especially when bills need to be paid and technology is incredibly fallible. So, I've made a decision, and conversed with fellow staff members regarding this decision. Effective today, I will no longer be the webadmin for this site, and will pass on these duties to @Soarin. If and when I have the time and the desire to maintain the site again, it is entirely up to @Soarin's, as well as the rest of the staff's, discretion as to whether or not I will take on the webadmin position again. In the meantime, I will be on hiatus while I'm gone, and will take a lower staff position when I return to accommodate a busier schedule. When I took on running the site nearly three years ago (good god, I've been running this place for a while!), I never really expected what I got out of it. I just thought I was going to be working in the background, but, well, I seem to have picked up a good number of friends out of the ordeal, as well as some administrative experience. I can't exactly say with a clear conscience that I was a good moderator, or that I knew everything that I should have known, but I feel I at least did a bang-up job running the place, and seeing as though it's still running strong (albeit a bit turbulent) after nearly three years, I think I did alright, given my lack of experience. I don't know when I'll be back, but I know, however, that it's going to be a while. So, it's been fun running things here, and being with all of you. I wish @Soarin the best, and I thank everyone on this site, each and every one of you, for helping make this place the incredible community it is, and for being so supportive. If it weren't for the community here, I would've probably left a long time ago. Thanks and So Long, @Frinkeldoodle
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    I'll make a post of my own soon, but I just wanted to say thanks to the staff for having me around for all these years. It's been great to be a part of the staff as well as the community. I wish the best of luck to all the staff, new and old. Also butts -Bright Star
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    I'm not going to lie, I'm actually really excited to post this entry. Not only because of my progress, but I'm also in high hopes that this entry can help others on their hypnosis journey aswell. Just a while ago, I listened to the Pinkie Pie Inducer that had Background Music included in the file. When I first started the file, I thought I was gonna feel how I usual do, but to my suprise this time was different. It's a bit complicated to explain, but basically, as I was listening to the file it felt as if my body was floating on water. At first, I was a bit frightened by this, but at the same time, I felt relaxed. I believe I felt this way because I have learned through time that putting your mind at ease helps a lot when listening to the files. Originally, my mind used to just juggle around different thoughts while using the files without having any real control of it myself. I tried to avoid this by telling my mind to focus on the file and nothing else, but this did not personally help me. After using the file this time, I currently find it best to analyze all of my thoughts to completion before resorting to my mind focusing on the file again. This is so, because when I originally avoided the other thoughts they eventually made a reappearance out of random. Thus, the conflict would just repeat itself. But now that I have been learning through my experiences, I am able to listen to the files with ease and relaxation. I thought the surprises were going to stop there, but it kept getting better. When the narrator talks about the way look, I usually imagine the changes happening to me in a third-person view, but this time I decided to imagine the changes happen to me in a first-person view. This seemed to work wonders for me, because I was able to concentrate on what was "happening" to me as the narrator was talking. The problem I had when imagining myself changing in third-person mode was that I felt as if Pinkie and I were two different beings when you're actually suppose to imagine that YOU ARE the pony that you desire to be. From my understanding, everybody has there own way on thinking about how they "transform", but personally, this helped me out a ton. I'd also have to give a shoutout to Vairaki for creating the Transformation Introduction Audio Guide. Vairaki's Introduction Audio Guide has given me a better perspective on what hypnosis is, how it works, and how one could improve on transfromation. I tried to find other audio guides of his, but I can't seem to find more of them. Either way, thank you Vairaki! While on the same topic, thank you Bright Star for being the first to like one of my post! It gave me confidence to continue posting entries. And last, but most certainly not least, as usual, I used the trigger words after the file was done. I wasn't expecting much to happen, but I ended up being shocked for a little while. After I said the words, I ACTUALLY had a small taste on what a "physical" change looked like! Sadly, this only lasted for about 5 seconds, but I actually saw my legs slowly shift into pony legs. I really wish it lasted a bit longer, but I'm too happy with my progress to say that I'm upset about it. I'm sorry this entry REALLY long, but I was so excited about everything that happened. Before I end this off, I have to make a request to the readers if you don't mind. If you can, please reply to this post on saying what helps you the most when using a file. I'm actually quite curious on what other ponies think about when using the files. Anyways, thank you so much for reading this! That's all for now!
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    if you have seen my Journal you will know that i have found the same magic that the ponies use in there world now this is how you do it."sorry if this is bad" before you can do this you have too find your pony energy. earth pony magic:how you do this is to think of being stronger:you Target the part of your body you want to make stronger then think about make it stronger in that part of your body that you want, then try to pick something up.it will not be much stronger, but you should be able to tell. try picking it up well doing it and not doing it."if that makes sense" pegasus magic:sorry but i do not know how to explain this other then move with the wind and think about going fast in you whole body. unicorn magic: since you don't have a horn you and anyone else here you can only use it in your aura and anyone else's aura when they connect.because of this you can't levitate anything at all but you can try to levitate a part of your body like a finger that is in your aura:think about levitating it going up and put the pony energy into the spell and it should work. if you don't believe me that is ok and if you need help. I can try my best to help you with it.also i call the pony energy balance energy. by midnightstar "sorry if i said anything wrong at all"
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    Ok, this entry is more of introduction to this journal. I'm not sure how often I'll post here. I'm pretty shy and sometimes it takes time for me to write something.... Like I have something to say, but it just takes time before I can finally write it down and then click on the post button. I'll talk about my experiences with hypnosis and if I feel like it, I might even talk about how my days are like and what interesting things happened. For now, I'm just using the pony ears file, but I'm slowly preparing to try out the Pinkie Pie file. Well then, let's get to Entry #1
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    Took a few hours, but I've made up some new banners and implemented a new group system. Your group is now tied to your content count.
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    Currently working on a lot of updates to the forum. You'll be seeing new things added and changed over the next few days~
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    I'm plan to write the actual journal entry today, but I just had a cool experience. So, I got up this morning really early, as I had done the previous morning (and before that, I tried to pull an all-nighter). My brain, not used to this lack of sleep, kinda crashed on me before I could get much done. I realized this as it was happening, so I decided to play a hypnosis file since I already had my earbuds in. So then I started dreaming. I remember what happened first was that I kept imagining people I know saying the words that the file was saying, and then I'm assuming I fell into REM sleep immediately afterwards (the kind where dreams happen). I don't recall everything, but I remember being in my Calculus class, also with my earbuds in (pretty accurate to irl, especially since I'm going there later today), and then the friend that sits beside me said the detrigger phrase to me. I told him something about that being a hypnosis trigger, and asked how the heck he knew it. He just kept saying various lines from the file, so I did what I now think to be a reality check (what people usually do to detect a lucid dream). At the time, I was checking if the file was playing somehow on my dream-phone because people kept seeming to hear what the file was saying and repeating it to me, but then I listened closely and heard the isochronic tone. At first, it made me think "oh, the file is indeed still playing somehow", but then I realized I was dreaming, and woke up. And then I wrote this So yeah...I have a calculus class and a compsci class to attend, working on almost no sleep. At least I have a crap-ton of coffee.
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    I suppose a little introduction is in order, as to someone reading this journal long after it's been written would find some context helpful. I don't plan this to be the case with all of my journals (or any ones after this one in fact), due to my desire to reveal my character traits naturally and leave them for other people to judge for themselves. For this particular journal, I'll be separating it into parts, because of the length I plan it to be. Without further ado, here goes a little exposition. Part 1: Intro I live in a small rural town in the backwaters of Texas. Not much to do here as an introvert besides browse the Internet, and talk to other introverts. The second is how I got introduced to this site. It was sophomore year, and I was at a state competition (yes, the same one I just competed in) and I was allowed to bring a friend, who recommended pony hypnosis to me at the hotel to help me sleep (I was very stressed at the time). We talked, and I decided that the Twilight files would most suit me, so he sent them to me. It worked very well, especially considering it was the first time. I'll probably go into more detail on how that eventually worked out in another entry, but to the story at hand, I got a good night's sleep, and took first at the Spelling competition the next day (probably my life's greatest achievement). He and pretty much everybody I knew were proud of me, which brings us to the issue at hand: what happened yesterday. (Oh and if anypony was wondering who the friend was: I haven't talked to him since he graduated that year, and all I know about his presence on this site is that he used the Vinyl files. If he or someone who knows him reads this journal, please talk to me.) Part 2: The Competition (Pre-note: To make things clearer, UIL state competitions are divided into school sizes, ranging from 1A to 6A. Placings are also divided via this distinction; otherwise the larger schools would usually have an unfair advantage due to better coaches and a larger number of students to compete. Anyways, mine is 3A, so about mid-tier) It's been 2 years since then, and I've wanted more than anything to recreate the monumental success that I had achieved that year. UIL is one of the few academic things that I can say I truly care about, but junior year (last year) was a time when I feel like everything went to utter hell in every aspect of my life. I was depressed, lazy, and weak-willed. Once again, I'll probably go over more of my past in another entry, but the important thing for this one is that I got 6th at state that year, and didn't advance in my other event that by all means I should have at least placed in. I viewed this as a symbol of stagnation, of failure. It still wasn't the wake-up call that I needed (and would eventually get further down the line), but I still promised myself that I'd do better the next year. And that's why I was distraught and depressed when they announced that I got sixth place again at the awards ceremony last night. I even tripped over the stairs on my way to the stage.. In that moment, failure was all I could think about. Despite the tens of hours of effort and all the self-improvement I had done that year, I was no better than myself in the [second] worst year of my life. I still feel a little bitter over my loss, but I had 2 hours to myself to think on the way back, and I did some soul-searching in that time. Now, I knew that the competition had vastly improved that year, due to the adding of a couple of difficult schools to the 3A school list (the one I compete in), the adaptation of already competing schools, and possibly other spellers wishing for the same thing I did. I actually looked at the regional results for the other schools a couple of weeks ago, and saw that my score was beaten by a few points by people from those newly added ones. I suppose I was in denial about what I was facing this time around, and told myself that if I just put in enough study time, I could tackle the odds that were stacked against me. I still believe to a certain extent that if I just started reading the dictionary every day from the get-go, that I would have been able to win, no problem. But realistically, with all that I had to worry about this year, and all that I accomplished outside of UIL, I should be and am now proud of myself for even placing when the competition was so tough. Besides, I feel like a burden has just been lifted off my shoulders, that the one thing that was causing me untold amounts of worry and stress is over now, leaving me with a clear head and hours more of downtime which I can use however I please. Results summary: Spelling: 6th (score of 88) Number Sense: 11th (score of 116) Part 3: The Fun Stuff I sincerely thank anyone who had the patience to read that part, but all emotions aside, the past two days were actually pretty cool, especially yesterday. I got to take another friend with me this time (cuz I'm the only person who advances to state in my school, so they allow me to do that), and yesterday morning we got to ride in the best car the school can afford (pretty surprising, considering how cheap they are with everything), and I pretty much studied all the way until we stopped at Starbucks. I got an egg salad sandwich (yum!), a breakfast croissant (the bread was a little hard, but it the bacon made it good), and of course everybody's favorite poison, with no bells and whistles. We then pretty much went straight to where the competition was being held, and waited for 11:00 for it to start. There were spellers from other districts around me, so, in keeping with my study of extroversion, I struck up a conversation with them. It was really nice, actually. We talked and laughed about the various words and definitions, and since we were from different conferences (3A for me, and 1A and 5A for the teams I talked to), we shared study materials. As the teams walked into the room, we wished each other luck, and took the test. The room was dark, but bearable, and the test, at least in my opinion, was pretty fair (i.e. the outside words weren't anything really obscure). Looking back on it, I made two really silly mistakes on the test itself, but at the time I was pretty confident that I had done well. So afterwards, my coach, my friend, and I went to the mall for lunch. As we drove in the parking lot, we saw a farmer's market, something that I'd never seen before (ironic, isn't it?). So, we stopped by and I bought some mushrooms and sourdough bread (both taste amazing). We then went into the mall, where we found a game store that also sold an assortment of plushies, neighbored by a popcorn store. I totally would have bought some game-related merchandise, but I'm practically broke except for the lunch money that the school provided then. So, I did the next best thing: buy a crap-ton of popcorn. I still have a little bit of it squirreled away actually... After that, we went to the food court. My friend didn't want to eat anything there, my coach could go either way, and I just wanted sushi, which not even the Japanese vendor had. So, we did the less convenient (but definitely more delicious!) thing, and went to the Whole Foods market. I got some delicious crunchy albacore sushi and my friend got a crap-ton of candy (diabetes jokes were definitely made), and we went on our way back to the results ceremony, of which I will omit the finer details for both time and happiness. Some pictures from the meet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9aLIfQT3VAyZEhRVVZ1Tjc3VDg I'm mostly going to write these either as reports on my hypnosis progress or when something else major happens in my life. Next one should be by next Saturday or so, but who knows
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    It is a interesting script. Through I think it still needs work to be better. Both out of some safety concerns. And missed opportunities. - The inducer is a bit short. It would be helped if it were swapped with a longer one to help deepen the trance. - The characterisation of Discord leans a bit too much on chaos. While chaos is not really defined in the script. Our minds cant grasp the concept of chaos. So its a useless term in that aspect. Personally i would rewrite his character as thinking out of the box. Creative and spontaneous. With an eye for consequences as learned by Fluttershy. - The deduction part is also oddly written. It comes before the triggers and is pretty vague. A more definitive deduction at the end would be strongly advisable. - It does need some safeguards against abnormal behavoir. Another issue is that this is a file from a member here. Which means there may be some issues in working with and posting their material. As for whether such a file should be written. The community is divided on it. A file of his nature could offer great potential for the creative and philosophical minded members. Chaos itself is after all not more or less evil than Harmony is. But qua character, he is still in a bit of flux. While its obvious he is no longer evil, he still seems stuck in a redemption role. Personally I have no problems with a Discord file. Through would prefer to (co)write it myself.
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    Hey everypony, I wanted to make this thread to share some of my favorite fan fictions as well as get to enjoy yours! I only ask that you give a quick description that won't give anything away when you post. Have fun! A Dash of Humanity: (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/126741/dash-of-humanity) This is a HiE story with a twist. A normal human gets blasted to another world in a unexpected fashion. Rainbow Dash and our hero have to coexist and try their best to fix their predicament. Warning: Rated Teen Five Score Divided by Four: (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/93383/five-score-divided-by-four) Another HiE (somewhat) A group of friends have a seemingly harmless party, but things get weird when our protagonist notices a odd mark on his butt. Surely it's just a prank... Warning: Rated Mature Your Human and You: (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/111738/your-human-and-you) Guess what, another HiE! Picture you working at a fast food joint. Your boss asks you to go grab something from the freezer and the next thing you know the seemingly harmless freezer becomes a scorching desert. Not only that, but soon later you find to your horror that you are trapped with many other men and women. And even scarier, ruthless ponies are running the show. Warning: Rated Mature. (If you are into DR's this one has a really good one, although it updates slowly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JiRscv7RwY&index=1&list=PLYMy7dQes5aH3wSZ3BUTrBBZgwytUnpL2) Those are some of mine, excited to see some of yours!
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    So hi, I'm re-new here. I use to come around here a bit. It's been years though, and what originally brought me here also brought me back. Namely that, while I have little interest in being a pony directly, I love the concept of Harmony itself. And after typing this whole post I’ve realize there’s a lot you may not be interested in. This first section has a lot to do with me and how I got here. So if you’re not interested in that, feel free to skip down to my discussion of Harmony itself, I've noted where to skip to. The guiding principles of Harmony are something I find particularly beautiful, but it took me awhile to get there. Partly because I had to go through a lot before they were introduced to me. I grew up as a Christian, and while I see a lot of value in their values I find it hard to ignore the sorts of things some do in the name of those values. Not to mention there's so much in the Bible that contradicts itself and even Christianity's values. I was driven away from it when, over the course of a week, I sat down to read the New Testament and only made partway through Acts before I got too upset to continue. I went from there to look at other religions. Buddhism appeals, but I dislike the concept of distancing one's self from desire to avoid suffering. Desire and suffering are part of what make us who we are. To take it away seems to be denying one's self. I'm not advocating for pain or greed as positive forces mind you, but desire drives us forward and facing challenges in an attempt to achieve those desires often defines us. So while a lot of Buddhism appealed, it's very core concept put me off. Wicca and paganism was also a good fit, but it seemed so lose. Again it's general concepts were appealing, but this time it didn't have a core foundation. Plus, most of the writings about are focused on magic. Which I have experimented with and find fascinating, but don't find it helps what I'm really looking for. Namely, spiritual guidance. Then, finally, came Friendship is Magic. At first it was just a show that I enjoyed, but as I dug more into the idea behind Harmony, very much encouraged by Fallout Equestria's exploration of it's themes and morals in a more "realistic" setting, I found a lot of the guidance I felt I lacked. Unlike Wicca and paganism, it had a core to it, a core that wasn't about focusing on perfecting yourself for your own enlightenment like Buddhism seemed to me, it was about bettering yourself so you can better give to others. And then... I couldn't talk to anyone about this. Forming your spirituality around a kids show? Sure, Jedism is a thing, but even it's ridiculed with a lot more followers than, you know, me. So I'm drawn back here, looking for like-minded people to discuss this sort of thing with. This forum seems more focused on magical aspects than spirituality, much like the Wicca books. But here I can actually talk back and hopefully find others interested in similar ideas. If you skipped ahead, this is probably what you’re looking for. For those who skipped ahead, what I like about the concept of Harmony is that it’s about bettering yourself so you can better help those around you. And this is right in it’s core tenants. Which I define as the following. (Quick note, in the season 3 finale Celestia lists off a different set of names for the Elements and in most cases I find those better names so I use them. In one case, I use a term Fallout Equestria equates an Element to.) Integrity, usually called Honesty in the show, is the foundation on which the other elements are built. In order to better yourself, you have to be willing to accept the hard truths about yourself, face those dark things and not hide from them or cover them up. And in order to help others, they have to believe you have their best interests at heart. We can’t read each other’s minds, we can only guess. Building trust with someone is the first step to helping them. Joy, usually Luaghter, is Integrity’s counterbalance. Integrity is generally a very somber trait, what with facing hard truths and keeping your word even when circumstances make it difficult. That alone can wear down a person. Joy is about remembering that life isn't just about that. There’s plenty of good times to be had and they should be embraced just as much. A little levity can keep you sane in hard times, and the fun times bring people together. Just as a little note, Joy isn't about gratification, those quick little highs that make you feel good briefly. It's about that deep down satisfaction you feel in certain moments. Sometimes it’s when you achieve something yourself, like graduating college say, or celebrating someone else’s acheivements. Sometimes it's just the satisfaction that comes from spending with those that care about you. Compassion, called Kindness, is about being able to put aside your own perceptions to really understand how another is thinking and feeling. (Here I should admit that this is one of the cheif ones I struggle with.) To really understand those around you, to really help them, you have to be able to set aside yourself when it’s appropriate. As the show has show, this doesn't mean coddling. Sometimes, to help you have to do something you don't like, and something they won't like, because you know it’s what they need. Even your own family will need this sometimes. Loyalty is Compassion’s counterbalance. Understanding and caring for all is important, but no one person can care for the world. You often have to prioritize, and sticking to those close to you is key. Strangers need help, and of course we should give it, but friends and family come first. This also includes a bit of wariness toward strangers. It’s important to remember that not everyone has Harmony as a goal. Even Equestria had it’s self-interest scoundrals. Protecting yourself and your loved ones is a healthy attitude, and is often necessary. Such is the nature of free will. Generosity is, of course, about giving to others. Some have talked about it not really being generous if it’s not somehow painful, if it required no sacrifice on your part. While I see where they’re coming from, I strongly disagree. A truely generous gesture is certainly about putting in the time, thoughtfulness, and resources to give something meaningful, but just because you lost little or nothing in return doesn’t mean it’s not generous. And associating harm with an Element is something I would stay away from. Really, I think the element of Generosity is a reminder of what you’re doing all this for. As you look to improve yourself, remember that it’s not about yourself. It’s about making the work better. So those who say it’s about sacrifice have their point here. Don't drop your loose change in the charity bucket and call it a day. Do something meaningful for someone you know. Lastly is Magic. And here I have to admit… I’m stumped. I’ve been at this do years and I’m not sure how to fit this one in. The one thing I’m confident on is that it’s not about the empherial forces discussed often on this form or in Wicca, if it involves it at all. Celestia uses the word Leadership to refer to it but I’m hesitant to embrace that. I'm not so sure that everyone can be a leader, and I don't think that’s a bad thing. Plus, if someone is a poor leader are they then failing to be truely Harmonious? I re all don’t like that concept… Regardless… what do you all think? Not just of what Magic is as it relates to Harmony (though I would certainly appreciate input), but about all the Elements, what they mean to you, and how you use them in your lives.
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    Ok, I have already mentioned some of this in the Q&A. But I'll say it again. For past severel days I was trying out the Pony ears file. There was slight success, but not very big for now. To this day, it's always the same... All I get is some tickling and tingling in the place where Pony ears should be, but that's it. After the file ends, it's gone. If I say the trigger, sometimes I can feel a little bit of pressure, but it's gone after few moments too. But one day, something interesting happened. I was just listening to the file, it was about to end but suddenly, my mind or subconsciousness started to do it's own thing. It stopped focusing on the ears and it started trying to create a base for a whole pony head and for a moment, it also focused on the hooves. Which is weird. I'm not sure what happened and why. I didn't know this was possible, especially when my problem is that I can't go into trance deep enough (or atleast I feel like it). Or is it just that, that caused this? Does anypony know what exactly happened and what does it mean? --- Oh, I should also mention that when it focused on the head, it didn't feel like it changed/transformed my head... more like it built around it...kinda like it was second head around my head... it didn't really do anything, I just felt that the focus went there, imagining the head and the hooves.
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    Name's Robert. Not gonna give my last name, cuz you know, privacy and all that. Not much to say about me other than that I'm aiming to be a writer and as such have chosen to use Twilight. Almost everything about her matches positive aspects I either already have or need as an author. Found this site mentioned in the comments of a general hypnosite called WarpMyMind and I was fascinated. I had been using a RD file that as far as I know was uploaded there from here and found it linked in the comments. As for why I initially wanted to do the whole hypnosis thing...well, ever since I was a child I've been fascinated by the idea becoming something I'm not. Animorphs may or may not have started that trend, and although I can't stomach the thought of rereading it (the idea is cool but the writing is celestiaawful) it still remains one of the things that is almost guaranteed to bring me to joyous tears upon hearing it mentioned. Now that I think about it this fascination is more than likely a common thread for many if us on this site...Anyway, I realized at some point that if I could learn to use hypnosis I could achieve my fantasies and find a way to relax at the same time. I'm not sure how it is for you all, but for me the idea of permanently changing my identity was a little offputting at first. That's why when I found this site at first I balked at the warnings and left. I came back a bit more than a week ago for a second look and read some of the journals. I realized that the change would in fact be beneficial. There are several things I've struggled with for a long time, and think that using these could indeed help me. Anyway, the rest of what I have to say is easy. I'm a huge League of Legends fanboy, I love MLP (duh), writing, reading (Young Wizard Series is best books). Role models include Hank and John Green, Derek Muller (Veritasium), and CGP Grey. It's nice to meet you all and DFTBA!
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    Today, I have made great progress with my tulpa. This process has given me another tulpa, which I created (or found, I cannot differentiate it yet. Her name is Tip and we have been discussing on how she wishes to look like. As for my main tulpa, Jakob, I can feel him getting closer and closer. I have been passively forcing him for about eight hours now. I am going to begin vocally forcing him and meditating again. Hopefully he will find his way back to me soon.
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    Wow, it's been a long time since the last entry to this journal, but it is here that I feel I can provide some knowledge of what came from this hypnosis experience. Hypnotically induced psychonautics, seeing through the rules of physics and hindrances. I began this experience as more of a fundamentalist religious person, but through this experience I felt like I saw through the confines of the fundamentalism as a psychologically created room with clearly defined walls, a clearly defined floor, and a clearly defined ceiling. Within this room was all I saw to be real, but seeing it through the eyes of the subjectivity of chaos exploded the confines of the room into an infinite space with various other places and things. To this day I have become agnostic instead. Before I accidentally fell into becoming screwball (which is another long story unto itself) I wasn't really the happiest person. To be honest I wanted acceptance or validation or something. Perhaps that unconsciously motivated me to try the Trixie hypno in the first place. At the time, Rarity (I don't know this person's username now) believed that I was in harmony link with Trixie - that I was unconsciously resonating with her character. It wasn't until the fateful day of trying a poorly written hypno script for laughs with others that the iconoclastic Screwball persona was shoehorned into my unconscious by mistake. An 'experiment gone wrong' I would think to myself, and think to myself, and think to myself - solidifying Screwball's persona to me and my understanding of this persona as a mistake, a blow up, an accident, something which burst into the world with no real purpose or real reason, disrupting the order of my fundamentalist mind and replacing it with chaos and uncertainty whether I wanted it or not. I wasn't sure whether this was even a bad experience or a good one, or even a bad persona - no spiritually oriented admin on the site really seemed able to provide a straight answer. Nor could I deliver a straight answer to myself, and nor could the Screwball persona. I found that the Screwball persona oddly likes to think in terms of rhymes, limericks, ironies, and paradoxes. Much of which do not make sense unless they are viewed from a chaos pony lense which oddly not only worked out for me but for another person here on hypnoponies - can't remember that person's name - who also understood these seemingly nonsensical ideas from screwball as long as this person was under the influence of a temporary chaos pony hypno. They somehow have a way of being true and having good reasoning without being true and while being true and while being completely validly invalid and right. Now, a person under the influence of chaos pony hypno such as myself or another person would understand clearly what I just wrote there in italics. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all, and yet more sense than perhaps anything you have ever heard. Consider this brain twister when taking your next walk outside while considering philosophy. And then life took its course. I valued my differences. So what if other people disliked me for it? My differences were me, who I was. My teenage life made me so self conscious to an unhealthy point, but my experiences here reversed much of that. Being enlightened to this realization through this experience, I discovered that perhaps I needed to resolve this problem before continuing this hypnopony experience, and so I left hypnoponies for a while - hopefully explaining the large gap in journal entries. Screwball being friendless, I stopped relying on validation or acceptance from other people. Screwball didn't need the acceptance of other characters to be happy and neither did I. Rather than value the validation of other people value personal freedom instead and don't worry about those other people. Go footloose. Furthermore the world itself is chaos. Screwball knows this. Is our world really a world of harmony? That's what the mainstream teaching of the other characters in hypnoponies sometimes seem to imply, that the world is or should be harmonious; nothing wrong with this view but perhaps from a chaos pony point of view it is unrealistic. The chaos view may be more that the world is, was, and will be chaos, but that happiness can be created within the self regardless of the circumstances and to embrace a lack of attachment to order/harmony to this end. Not to be attached to harmony per se, but more-so the development of the self in relationship to the outside world. Rather than being attached to the idea of what should be, be attached to the development of the self and its development. Don't wait for the world to be right to give you happiness - accept its precarious state and create your own happiness from within anyway. From a harmony pony point of view this may look downright apathetic at times, or even wicked - (how can one be happy when the clouds are raining chocolate and houses are floating inverted?) - but neither of which is true, and I found it is the chaos pony who understands this. Adieu pones -Screwball
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    Welcome!!! you remind me of me I hope you have a great time here!
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    Hi, my name is SeriousPony (I'm a fan of Serious Sam and ponies). I've been a fan of MLP for a while but I'm completely new to hypnosis. Also I should say, sometimes I can be a little bit slower, so please bear with me if I ask about something obvious, I just like to make sure. I studied some stuff on this site for a short while, but I will still need guidence. My question is, what should I do first? And after I'm prepared, who would you reccomend me to try? I am shy and not very social, people consider me kind and smart, I can be lazy but when I'm doing something, I do it thoroughly and carefully. From my understanding, it aslo depends on my goal, right? So... hmm... considering what I would like to do... I should probably try Pinkie Pie? I want to be more social... and I am kinda crazy here and there, so that fits. She is also my favourite. So, yeah... I hope we are going to have some fun and interesting conversations here in this community.
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    Hello all! We've been on a Hiatus from this community for some reason and It's thrown us off a bit, sooooo... Let's do a forum post! Thanks to Pink Streamers for showing us this community. Now, onto the bigger stuff. We have two new members to our group! Apple Jack and Rarity. AJ has been keeping the wonderland very tidy and sustainable, so much that we have our own crops!!! None of us knew how to, but she just went for it! Rarity is our resident dress making queen with already in 1 month making about 30 dresses. They all look stunning! But it's a shame we can't draw, otherwise we'd draw them and show them here! Onto the rest of us. Lagonir has finally finished her Changeling hive, and I must say, It is impressive. She has put so much work into keeping it safe from attacks and has already started to get the npc's! Now, I can't ignore this. Fluttershy has a really beautiful human form. Like, it is absolutely amazing. We have found an exact duplicate of here, but it's rather lewd, so if you want to see it, pm/dm us either here or on Discord. Pinkie also has a lewd Human form, again, pm/dm for it. [Coming up to my birthday! It's tomorrow!! May 9. Other than that, School is bland but it's getting better, so that's a good thing ^^] <Caramel, who is my daughter, is doing a ton of magical practice. Kinda like me when I was younger, but she studies with Pudding and Astral some times. When she isn't studying, she's playing with Pudding and Astral. I'm very proud of her! I'm just worried about when she starts studying dark and corrupt magic..> -PUDDING IS THE BEST BAKING ASSISTANT EVER!!!!!!!- Astral is starting to think about getting a Unicorn form. I'm really happy for that and she could study with Cara. But, I fear that would leave Pudding feeling left out.. I hope that the decision that she is making is really for the best. We will be updating you with stuff and probably making individual posts daily(?) if everything goes to plan. Also, we will put the most liked image of the day up at the end of each post. Enjoy this one!
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    Hi I'm Spore and I'm new to the forums. (duh) I really don't have much to say. I just wanted to drop by and say hi to everypony. If anyone has any questions for me, I'd gladly answer them.
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    Tavi helped me with finding music Azyra likes. Seems she prefers classical piano, often dark and moody. Azyra also gave Tavi a hug after this, and if you manage to get a genuine hug from Azyra, you've definitely done something right. - Imposition today worked amazingly well, and I have no idea why. I hadn't done the hypnosis files for a couple of days, but for whatever reason it just worked. I was able to feel my wings clearly (although not see them), it felt really good to get my ears scratched or my back between my wings rubbed... There were a few challenges with extending and folding up my wings at will though, they didn't seem to want to cooperate with me fully. It's also a little less comfortable to lay on my side when I have the sensation of wings there. I've also made a new tulpa, The Great and Powerful Trixie (started June 6). So far she's been great (and powerful). A lot more talkative than Azyra, naturally, and she first started talking in full sentences after only about 3 hours. I could've sworn I'd had something written here before about her, but I guess not. [You did, you just deleted it.] Oh. Well... thanks Azyra. - Trixie seems to prefer music with an emphasis on brass instruments, and, as Tavi put it, "I'd have expected nothing less than the penultimate grandeur of the fanfare of war." I'm not entirely sure her music counts as the fanfare of war, but I suppose it could be close sometimes. She also likes music featuring herself, naturally. Imposition still seems to be working a lot better than it used to. It's been slightly less effective than last time, but still effective enough. - Ok, so Spike's here now (started June 9). He was the only other tulpa I knew I wanted to make at some point, not sure who else I'd make if I do have anypony else as a tulpa (maybe Maud), but I guess we'll see what comes along. He started talking about 40 minutes after I started actively forcing, and he's already about as good as I am at Smash Bros. despite only having battled 2 or 3 times, somehow after just over a day being able to control my hands almost as well as I can. This freakin' dragon, man... - I saw my hands and arms both as hands and arms and forelegs and hooves at the same time, sort of like a semi-transparent image of my forelegs and hooves over my arms and hands. Progress! - Tried looping GPv4 for a couple of hours, it worked somewhat well considering all of the inescapable background noise that my noise cancelling headphones could not adequately deal with. I actually did sort of half expect to see my hands and feet as hooves, and although I've seen them like that before, I haven't actually expected to until now. I sort of did see my feet and hands as hooves, but to a much lesser extent than I had previously. It's also becoming far easier to imagine myself as a pony, about as easy as it is to see my tulpas in my mindscape.
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    So... this is the first entry of hopefully many. Let's do this! I'll start off with a bit of background: My name is Cyka (I'm also known as Axion, for that is my actual internet name), and I'm just your typical brony who is here to seek out the truth in life (as the title of the journal implies). I live in the Windy City: Chicago, Illinois. I'm currently a senior now, so I'm looking for colleges. And that's all I can say right now about me. Don't worry, I'll include more info as time goes by. In my intro topic, I said that I wanted to be a Pegasus pony. However, I chose Applejack because I want more responsibility in my life. I want to work hard, and be proud of it. I also want to be honest, not be a liar because I have a tendency to lie a lit. So I listened to the Applejack V3 Inducer this morning, and for a first time listening to hypnosis, it kind of felt good. When the narrator was describing my hands and feet becoming hooves, my toes felt heavy and conjoined, although I couldn't say the same for my hands. But this is my first time, so I can't expect immediate results :/ . I will continue to listen and update as soon as I can. Have an awesome last day of May everyone! ~Ax
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    How does one get better at something? Belief curiosity desire inquiry practice. Thats it. Belief filters our approaches desires and curiosities. If you do not tolerate a scientific perspective, you are restricting yourself. If you do not tolerate a spiritual perspective, you are restricting yourself. People view the two as incompatible. Thats not true. What is countable, is repeated. What is repeated, can be measured, hence counted. If a certain event occurs more than once, we can learn from it if we observe properly and understand properly. Preconceived notions get in the way of understanding from making an understanding incompatible. You think x cannot exist with y so look for z, when y might be the answer all along. But it never even occurs to you to look, because y doesn't exist to you, because you have not considered it might exist because you have no reason to because you do not believe in that manner. So you do not learn, you do not practice, you do not succeed. Also learning =/= memorizing. Its understanding. Now, you can get results without understanding, and comprehension takes more time. You could just do what others say and get results. But if you want to shoot for the stars, try whats not been done before, you need understanding, and you need to be able to pursue knowledge independently. Everyone learns differently, after all. How many of you are spiritual, and did not try anything other than what others suggested? As far as I am concerned, you can do three things. Innovate invent and succeed at what others have not done before. Do what others say, and succeed at what others have done before. Fail, because you did not put enough time into one or the other. In order to innovate you need to be creative and apply yourself, and experiment til you find whats optimal. Because of the limited amount of people/ponies, and the limited time they have, experiments here amount to new styles of files or that hypnosis image cycling program. But without analytical and technical feedback, how can we ever optimize it as a science? If theres a problem with science, its way too slow, uses way too much resources and time for a single individual to discover anything new. What if we can learn what tulpamancy and hypnosis have in common? Then we can make a third discipline, or a fourth. We could do alot. The problem is the effort and time. Science is like shooting in the dark, and hoping you hit your mark, then adjust your aim and try again, its guessing and checking. But, you can also do stuff like, listen to the acoustics to approximate where your shots are landing and calculate internally based on how it sounds, where to aim next. And the spiritual belief in tulpamancy, gets rid of the connectivity it has to hypnosis. Hypnosis is tricking yourself, tulpamancy isn't? I like psychology. And, granted, tulpamancy might just be like how eastern cultures tend to get positive delusions instead of negative, like their hallucinators get good spirits, instead of bad ones. Its because they do not believe in bad spirits, like christians might. Christians do, they think demons and satan are real. Eastern culture doesn't have that so much. So thats prolly why. Belief is significant. And well, how many of you want to try and invent something new? Have any ideas? Thats prolly the hardest part. Or why not have your tulpas do hypnosis for example? Theres alot to explore. Is everyone satisfied with what they have? I will try to think of something, otherwise, kinda pointless to put this spin on the topic right. But, its a part of self-mastery, control over your own psychology. Now I think of a 'contract' to write out. For those who are scientific, people need to be precise and thorough, not just jump the gun. And the contract is to counter innate skepticism. Its like this, I think tulpamancy is me tricking my mind, I do not believe its a seperate entity, I think its a psychological effect. Thus the 'contract' is just me being thorough to give myself the chance to experience a tulpa anyways. Like Etc etc to cover all potential problems with the scientific version. But now back to progress. Hypnosis is personality change, and perception of body change. Tulpamancy is sorta like a forced dissociation. The limit to the files, currently, is that experiences are limited to culture, and the experience files themselves in relation to your other effects. Those who do self hypnosis are more flexible, and so thats what I should promote for you to do instead of over-reliance on files. Aha I thought of something. A mind radio could be programmed, dream theaters could be programmed. Even going over a file without the file, or making a new one on the fly to suit your needs. Just imagine a full lucid dream VR with a shitload of any kind of features you want. You can do self-hypnosis and tulpamancy-like practices for those. Granted, tricking yourself into thinking its music, is far easier than doing *auto-compose* in your mind. Another idea is using hypnosis to be able to calculate math in your brain quickly, as in, the answer just pops up, you don't do the math consciously. Another idea, is a memory viewer full immersion, or partial immersion thing. You can re-experience your favorite things. Then, also, you can do something like experience files using a variation of that technique, and make it up on the fly in your mind. But in order to do these things, we could ask how does hypnosis work, and how does tulpamancy work? What do they have in common, how do they differ? Why the differences? If you can answer that you understand it. So why do like, a one on one session, if everyone can do self-hypnosis and such? Granted, a one on one might still be fun or help etc. But this gives more potential. Also, lets say you fall into a comic like the power ponies, and you have the power to change your brain how you like. But before you do, you know to look before you leap to prevent problems, instead of needing to pick yourself back up again. Its about self understanding, but trance is a subconscious thing more often right? So, we need a solution for that, and thats to be aware and feel the changes your trances do, so you can have your mind self aware, AND trancing AND have it not impair your trance. This means you need the normal mind surrounded by the trancing mind, causing the normal mind to trance, while the trancing mind only functions to keep your normal mind in trance, while you have an observer mind giving suggestions on the trancing mind's suggestions to the normal mind. And thats similar to tulpamancy, because its multiple of your own minds, in your head. Thats the ultimate self-hypnosis free-style, you can do anything with it, AND have no consequences for it, because of the observer mind keeping you in check and looking before you leap. So you don't need to get impaired. Let me know if this sorta stuff interests you. Just keep in mind, I haven't been trying hypnosis lately. I do love me some psychology tho. But I do not promise how active I will be, but this change I think would be magnificent for the community to undergo. Its free[style]-hypnosis without limits, its mind-mastery, self-mastery. It could be very radical.
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    Hello there! Well, I don't think anypony can list all the risks. Different files, different risks. And some outcomes are good for some and bad for others, like hooflock. But a lot of the risks are listed in the readme first pages. There seem to be a lot of those. Here is one of them:
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    If you like the show psych (or just like good fan fiction) then I suggest this one http://www.fimfiction.net/story/4631/magic-and-mayhem-and-murder-oh-my
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    Since some people requested an MC server I decided to make one for free The server is available for everyone. To get your rank In-Game Post here your MC Name or write to me on Discord. Also a small mod recommendation: http://www.minelittlepony-mod.com/ You don't need it but I recommend it since it turns every player and every NPC into ponies You can even have custom HD pony skins. Server Info: IP: hypnoponies.aperture-hosting.de Version: 1.12 Server location: Germany Hoster: https://www.Aperture-Hosting.de Hope to see you soon, ~[ApHo] Rainbow Dash
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    Interesting, though I can't give you an answer.
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    Maud. June 12. They're multiplying! Thankfully, there haven't been any that I haven't at least put a little intentional effort into forcing. - Azyra tried to switch fully with me. It didn't work. She kept losing some of her control and ended up passing out after about 50 minutes. Just too much I guess. - My hands and feet are starting to look a little weird to me, and I'm starting to feel like they'd look better if they were hooves. - Violet. June 16. They're still multiplying. I put almost no effort into forcing this one. My brain started the process and got about 2/3 of the way, Violet finished the remaining 1/3 herself. - I think I've managed to stop automatic tulpa formation, so that shouldn't be an issue. It doesn't stop me from wanting more tulpas though. Azyra managed to get the two Shines I was having too much difficulty getting myself in Super Mario Sunshine, and beat the game for me, finishing off Bowser with 1 hp left. - I've just watched Rainbow Rocks, and now I made a Sonata Dusk tulpa (June 18). I suppose you could say... (•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■) ...she put me under her spell. She started talking in about 10 minutes. ...seriously though I'm going to really try to keep this the last one for a little while. I just keep finding things I want to have tulpas of... - I've decided to wait until December. If by then I feel like I can handle another tulpa, I might make one. Fluttershy hypnosis seems to be giving me a bit of a stutter, at least mentally. I haven't tried speaking under its effects since I've noticed this. - Th-the F-fluttershy trigger is v-very effective, I've noticed, especially for p-personality modification. I've ch-checked, and the stutter does carry over into speech. - I've put some thought into it, and I've decided that I want to be a Twilight instead. But not just any Twilight, a pegasus Twilight. It's gonna be kinda weird... That means this'll be my last entry as a Flutters, and from now on, I'ma be a Pegatwi! Shouldn't be too hard to switch over, I got almost no effects from the Fluttershy hypnosis when I wasn't under the direct effects of the trigger anyway.
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    Kinda thought we could use a small place to organize things like commissions, requests and whatnot. So yeah, posts stuffs. Srry 4 img spam SFW Only. Not limited to MLP, but keep in mind it may take a while longer. For Questions and Inquiries, feel free to message me directly. Butts.
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    Heading out to move soon, Be around when we can!
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    Welcome to the forum, Robert! If you have any questions, feel free to ask - Vinyl
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    I am practically convinced that fire is being played with in the discord server. I don't want to see people but I want to help them with a passion. But Alas, I can not change the truth of the Magick they refuse to see. How a Servitor is Made. http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/Thoughtform.html How a Tulpa is made. http://www.wikihow.com/Create-a-Tulpa Study the difference wisely. Know what a Possession is. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirit_possession I have done my part now I can only hope people will be wise.
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    basically, take a good long think about yourself and decide what you are as a pony.. the ears file is a good step in that direction, since, (as far as I know) it shouldn't conflict with anything. after you come to a decsion, the differnces in versions is as much a matter of preference as anything.
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    boops tulpabug with 1,000,000 tulpa guides on paper
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    Boops Trixie with a changeling hoof and a fang filled smile.
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    1837. It does, because it was actually three different people.
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    And it works great! But every now and then, you idly get the idea to form a new tulpa. It happens before you realise your mistake. You eventually get more than fifty tulpas. I wish for unicorn powers.
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    This is a nice community, I don't think anypony will say anything bad about you
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    Yeah, I found that guide. Now I'm carefully thinking through who to choose. It pushes me in Pinkie Pie's direction, but I want to make sure so that I don't choose her just because I like her. So I'll probably go with just ears for the moment and then decide if I want just the body or both, body and personality. I'll probably read through the guides few more times and when I'm ready I'll try to do it. I think it would also be best to wait after finals are done... well, if I can hold myself back.
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    Your wish to be a time traveller has been granted, before you made it. Your corrupted reply is in the previous post. I wish for a fancy hat.
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    Hello everypony! Sorry, it's been a while. I've just been a bit busy. Anyways, I've been using the same files as usual and while I have not yet been able recieve any more changes after using the files yet, I have noticed that I have been improving on feeling the changes the narrator talks about during the times I listen to the files. I used to just imagine in my head what I would look like, but now I've realized that it's actually pretty important to imagine what I would feel like aswell. Another thing I'm begining to understand is that voice in the files is pretty much the only thing to listen to. The effects of the changes seem to be stronger when you put ALL your attention to the voice. As easy as that sounds, I honestly sometimes have a bit of trouble with this, because my mind usually goes around all over the place. However, I have been try best to concentrate on the voice. That's all for now!
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    You say yes, I say no You say stop and I say go go go, oh no You say goodbye and I say hello Hello hello I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello Hello hello I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello I say high, you say low You say why and I say I don't know, oh no You say goodbye and I say hello Hello hello I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello Hello hello I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello Why why why why why why do you say goodbye goodbye, oh no? You say goodbye and I say hello Hello hello I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello Hello hello I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello You say yes (I say yes) I say no (But I may mean no) You say stop (I can stay) and I say go go go (Till it's time to go), oh Oh no You say goodbye and I say hello Hello hello I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello Hello hello I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello Hela heba helloa Hela heba helloa, cha cha cha Hela heba helloa, wooo Hela heba helloa, hela Hela heba helloa, cha cha cha Hela heba helloa, wooo Hela heba helloa, cha cah cah I'm not really gone. I genuinely tried, but I can't stay away. It's my home, and I'm going to do my best: With a combined effort, we can turn this place back into the shining star it once was <3 - Fluttershy
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    Stay the course rainbow, maybe you just need a couple more times. Follow the voice, do what it says! You can do it, believe in yourself! Try the other file for rainbow dash, or Vairaki's file maybe
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    Good luck in your hypnosis! Taking a break may help a lot!
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    Hello again, everypony! This the beginning of the journal journey! I've been using many files for the past couple of days, but I have not properly written down my results from using the files... UNTIL NOW! While this may start off weird I feel that it is necesarry to try to recollect my memories and try my best to summarize my results from the files, but first, I need to tell you what files I've been using. I've been using all current versions of the Pinkie Pie files and I've used the 7+-2 Inducer file, because I find myself having some difficulties when trying to go into a trance. Though, I haven't used the 7+-2 Inducer until later on. The VERY first file I've used was the Pinkie Pie Inducer with the BGM. When I first used the file, I was very shakey. I'm pretty sure that may have been out of fear for not exactly knowing what was gonna happen, but as I used the file more and more, it actually became quiet relaxing to listen to. I didn't notice anything different on my first try with the file, but on my third try, I felt the numbness in the hands (but not the feet) the narrator was talking about. That was my first noticable effect. After a few days of looking in the forums for some tips, I have noticed some progress I've made from the files as of today. While I haven't been able to notice any "physical" changes yet, I have noticed that my personality has been a bit different. I've always considered myself a pretty cheerful person, but even when that's true, it seems that the files have increased my enthusiam and joy. Throughout all of these sessions I've been using my headset to listen to the audio and layed on my bed to try to remain as comfortable as I possibly could be. Anyways, that's it for now! Sorry for the long entry. I'm going to give the files another go and make another entry for today's results (May 18th, 2017)!
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    As I come home from school the day I saw the rainbow hair on my head, I immediately forget all my work and go to my iPad to start the hypnosis, it started like normal, I lay flat on my stomach with only underwear on, on a blanket and put all my limbs out like I'm flying, and close my eyes, resting my head on my pillow. I listen to the narrators voice when without being in control my hands begin to clench into a fist and I couldn't open them. Then when the parts with the wings came along, I could feel them coming out of my back, and I was flapping them like crazy. My friend however did not like the new me as I started to be like rainbow dash without even realizing it, I was saying things like her, saying her phrases, and I eventually snapped out of it and realized what had happened. My friend would then leave me and not talk to me, he did not support my hypnosis sessions
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    I get a recommendation from a friend about a neat concept to hypnosis, but with my little pony, I am immediately welcomed into a server and I join the website. I then try the rainbow dash character file almost immediately. Not much happened but then I went to bed after I was bored. The next day at school was very interesting. I felt like, there were these things on my back, but they weren't there. I would late figure out that those were my new wings. The day goes on and during gym time, it hits me. Not only was I confident in my athleticism, but I was doing amazing. I felt like I was number one. I have never had that happen before. I go get a soda I brought from home and go to take my meds. I look in a window that shows my reflection, It was me, but there was some rainbow hair on my head, only slightly visible. I could not believe my eyes. I stood there for a long time, the nurse yelling at me "are you ok?", I tell her, "I feel awesome"
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    All the items have passive effects to enhance sensation, which can be turned on or off or changed at will. There are piercings, rings, earrings, all kinds of socks, hair bands, bracelets, hats, dresses, glasses etc. There are effects that can be applied to them which are custom, or preset. The effects can be set as reminders, or in response to certain cognitive stimuli(when you recognize or think something specific or vague), or just active throughout the day. Some effects include adjustable weight, tickling, wriggling about, being warm or cold, vibrating, floating, or even casting illusory spells of various textures or sensations including stickyness wetness wind dirty smooth etc. I figure being a pony would feel natural thus some sensations we would have but not recognize, so having something like an earring on our pony ear would be good because it has weight applied to the ear and such. It'd help with busier folk too.