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  1. Commissions! See Link for details.


  2. Kinda thought we could use a small place to organize things like commissions, requests and whatnot. So yeah, posts stuffs. Srry 4 img spam SFW Only. Not limited to MLP, but keep in mind it may take a while longer. For Questions and Inquiries, feel free to message me directly. Butts.
  3. Old thread, new things
  4. I'll make a post of my own soon, but I just wanted to say thanks to the staff for having me around for all these years. It's been great to be a part of the staff as well as the community. I wish the best of luck to all the staff, new and old. Also butts -Bright Star
  5. Preparation helps me a little bit. Sometimes before I listen to a file, I try to turn on relaxing music to help set a more relaxing mood to help me relax better. I also try to to fret too much if the transformation portions don't take full effect; I'm just as happy simply feeling like a pony vs simply looking like one. But yeah, seems like you're making great progress, keep it up~ -Bright Star
  6. It's more of a personal preference. Myself, I prefer lying down since I can relax much better that way. I find when I'm sitting, i can never keep myself upright during trance as well. -Bright Star
  7. I find this music to be very relaxing. Video in comments.

  8. What is your favorite color? You will never guess my favorite color.
  9. You can't wish for that ei--mrrrow~ Mrooooowwwwwww! Mew~
  10. Wish not granted! You can't wish for more wishes! I wish meow
  11. Sometimes just letting your thoughts run off wherever can lead to some pretty interesting situations. Congrats~! -Bright Star
  12. *boops*

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      We can rebuild her, we have the technology.

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      =D *boops again, and boops others*

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      *turns into tem*

  13. qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF

  14. So, closer to this, right?