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  1. Hello and welcome
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. If I were you I would start with reading through the guides. There is one there about selecting your pony that should help you. Though dont be ashamed to take your time picking one. You can start with the ears file if you want.
  3. Hello and welcome
  4. Hello and welcome. I think the list Tulpabug posted should be a good start.
  5. Welcome to the forum
  6. Welcome to our community
  7. The files dont replace your old mindset, they just slightly change it gradually to be more like the pony. So every Twilight Sparkle will be different to some degree and fill in their Twilightness in their own manner. E.G. Someone with an already fascination with trains may read more about trains. While someone that absolutely loats reading will preferer to watch documentaries instead of reading books. So I dont think there is a wrong way to be Twilight.
  8. Hmm. If you were rather stressed to begin with. The time of relaxation may give you time to focus on it. It may help to start with just meditating first and see if that helps.
  9. Hello and welcome. Its indeed better to stick to one character. But perhaps you can stick with the generic pegasus files to start out. Once you desided on a character you can use those to become that character even if there is no file for him or her.
  10. Hello and welcome
  11. Hello and welcome. I think my guides would be the best place to start for getting some beginners tips.
  12. Visualisation is one of the hardest skills to master. I would start with trying to visually impose smaller things before trying it with a tulpa.
  13. I cant say i heard of any of them?
  14. The inducers are not intended as stand alone files. You need to listen to a whole file as the triggers are generally in the body. Though if you insist, you can also use the exit trigger file.
  15. Odd. I am pretty sure it has one.