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  1. Ok I realized a flaw in one of my logics. Which is if we have a tulpa and its distracting that means our working memory is low, one should try and get better health n sleep, and having a tulpa with proper corpus callosum health would actually increase working memory through practice.
  2. I like replies~. Why can't we have more than one mind in our head? Some people do things like letting their tulpas control them, I am sure if they wanted to they could both pilot their body, it'd just take some getting used to. Unless it'd cause a pseudo-ekp I guess. Well I was thinking before tulpa formation to help direct it. Like a servitor egg giving birth to a species of tulpa you prefer. Like imagine having a Pinkie Tulpa constantly distracting you and you don't want to crash your car, I mean, yeah we could prolly just discuss it with Pinkie but what if they disagree or forget or are also distracted? You have more experience tho so I am valuing your input, what you said makes sense, but Pinkie and others may be exceptions in some scenarios, getting them to stop could hurt their feelings, tho some would prolly find it cute if that happened. Well when I listened to files I got hooflock once but it as from a Pinkie file, so my hooves were stretchy and I could use them like fingers anyways. Since then I over-listened to the files and my brain is sorta bored with them, so I would be distracted while listening or reinterpreting the mentioned stimuli as I please or putting stipulations on it as I listen. I think its how my adhd works actually, once I understand something my performance tends to level out and I lose interest. More about the hooflock example, I imagine the brain is restricted, like, lets say you are in trance enough to get hooflock, but not enough so you are incapable of every day activities. I would think the mind exerting the hooflock bit is like a rearranged pattern or circuit, that is always running, and the rest of the brain is fluid changing responsive etc. Like that segment of the brain is in trance, and the rest are not, with brainwaves this could make some sense as its possible to have multiple types going at once, and gamma which is super fast (and trance=theta=moderately slow) and more for reactive sports and such. Like, a piece of machinery on an ever-shifting robot in a repeating pattern, and the rest are relatively unrepeating dependent on environment. So, if I had to devise a manner to relieve myself of hooflock it'd be doing a deep daydream and a situation that removes the hoof lock via story. If one is experienced at mind alterations enough theoretically they could cancel it out swiftly. And this ties into the constant daydream/hypnosis idea, whenever theres a problem you change the happenings to fit both reality and what you want your hypnosis to be. And personally I used to alter suggestions mid-suggestions during files to prevent any problems I may have wanted to prevent, like not reducing my ability to walk around on two legs thank you very much. And the story thing can free-style fix mistakes if it ever got in practice.
  3. I just realized, that the studies don't really measure the level of consciousness or planning a non-human does for operant conditioning or classical conditioning, so we might need to actually not only reward ourselves or show an association, but expect the association to occur and plan on it occurring and to plan on the reward happening. Any kind of motivation that won't burn you out should work too.
  4. Ok people don't seem to like the contract idea, its simple enough anyways, its just you prolly wanna be closer to trance when you make the oath or declarations etc. You can't be in the middle of deciding when you do it, you need to write it all out first. Alright, so, freestyle hypnosis. There are two types of conditioning to use, classical and operant conditioning. The slower your brainwaves, the more effective the conditioning, but you can't freestyle easily unless you are in trance, or in a pattern that brings up trance periodically (theta brainwaves). To clarify theta is like imagination brainwaves n stuff, but trance is deeper than that. Like you can imagine, while doing other stuff, thats beta and theta at the same time, like if you are in a roleplay while at work to make the time go by easier by pretending you are working for some other purpose or etc makes it easier to do your job. That sorta scenario you would have beta n theta. Dungeons n Dragons sorta stuff is probably closer to alpha+theta. Alpha is for attentive learning, beta is for doing work, gamma is the fastest and its basically more responsive like for sports n such. Then deep hypnosis is delta brainwaves, and delta and gamma can be similar but gamma is very very fast when it looks similar to delta, and delta is very very slow. Like the difference between adding up all your synapse firings in your brain during ping pong, comparing it to a resting heartbeat or something. Anyways. The trick to believing you are what you want to be, is to make reality not contradict it, and to make it so all information that you absorb, reaffirms what you want to believe in the moment. Also, you need to have the observer mind overlap, so you can be safe while experimenting, don't need to eat unedibles or jump off a roof trying to fly etc. So how I would approach this is, associate the real tangible consequences to your actions subconsciously, but consciously think declarations that you want to believe. Like you are a pegasus on a roof, you know jumping off is bad intuitively, so your behavior gets directed elsewhere. A tool for this is making myths up on the sport (imagination is theta brainwaves, similar to trance) So you make up a myth why you cannot jump off the roof. Make sure it is an isolated myth restricted to 'places you could fall and get hurt' otherwise you could get distracted, also you need to accept the myth for what it is, rather than view it as an enemy to be defied, because you might try to conquer it for example, then jump off specifically because you conquered the negative mythos. So whenever you feel any sensation, use it as evidence of your form. Like, the wind in your hair or on your neck mane. Automatically associate your skin, with a coat, or wings and horn etc, chitin if you are a changeling etc. Any inconsistencies, rationalize away. Like, chitin, it doesn't have neuron density, why is my chitin so sensitive, like skin? Because magic, obv lol. Chitin is not disadvantaged. View every 'obstacle' as an opportunity to assert your form more. View happenings in 'pony vision' or whatnot. Like you go to a store, if you don't want to grab your wallet with your mouth and embarrass yourself for 10 minutes, you can associate the normal activity, to the response you prefer. Like your wallet is your hammer space for your bits in your tail or such, your hand is your 'mouth' temporarily. Not that it has to get deformed or weird or anything, just associating it differently. But because that situation might have a weird association, a way around that is to just do it, and assume its natural to grab your wallet, and save the memory differently after the fact, and be unaware of that process, so when asked you did get it with your mouth, but you don't get it with your mouth (who wants strep throat anyways lol). So you basically save the data after the fact through imagination of what actually happened. You need to form this habit, of fitting the details of reality into your form and world etc, the more you do it the easier it becomes, and every association and stimuli of real life, is a tool to use for your improvisational hypnosis. And it doesn't matter if its 'real' or not, what matters is you can do it and you enjoy doing it, so why not do it. Always assume everything reconfirms your forms, so you can end up bringing the improv into a faster subconscious process or such. Just keep everything canon, also any inconsistencies that may arise you need to basically address to make it more believable or engaging. Basically inventing lore stories canon for yourself etc. Also keep in mind when people you meet might have different pony forms than you initially imagine when they reveal their ocs or such. So saving data in your mind in a general way, or leaving others as humans until specified otherwise may be preferable. And you might wanna save yourself the embarrassment of saying 'hey that pony over there' when they are a griffon, or a human etc. Human is a safe default until you know otherwise. So in summary the goal of this process is to be relatively normal still, but associate everything as more engaging or fantastic, which you could always take advantage of on your free time and to be your OC and everything is an opportunity to reconfirm your identity. So any obstacles that happen you won't do anything very unrealistic with, like thinking the large freezer is a portal or something to antarctica and you wanna give a try at ice-fishing or something, then freeze to death trapped in 'antarctica' lol. So this way you do something normal instead, like you translate what you do thats normal, into something fantastic. Also reality does not contradict anything you do, because theres always a flexible way to reaffirm what you want reality to be like thanks to creativity and imagination. Where you decide to take it is up to you, if you want my thoughts on anything feel free to ask.
  5.  Reminds me of you guys, so am sharing it- Rather it is something I think you guys may enjoy.

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      Well, the start of it anyways lol

  6. I think its important to know yourself before hypnosis because if you have a goal that are harder to realize your personal dilemmas might hinder it, if you have any. Accidentally conflating others with myself/my problems/selfpsychoanalysis.
  7. Thanks. If I know people are interested I may want to write a more thorough idea topic over contracts or the like. Which is why the journals in this forum are somewhat lame, people feel its rude to reply to a journal, hence I am doing my brainstorming in this forum area now. I may want to elaborate about this for how I would approach it more in-depth or technically. But keep in mind I generally don't practice this, but I do like some psychology. A concern for myself is time spent inactive for when I do files, so if I experiment its probably going to be when I try and sleep more than any other time. But I do have plenty of time in the day I could prolly try this stuff more if I want. 1. contracts. 2. auto-self hypnosis (triple mind idea) 3. positive and negative reinforcement 4. anchoring and association (which needs positive reinforcement) 5. experimenting safely and successfully (brainstorming/theorizing/speculating over this, and some practice on my own when I gain interest) 6. The role of attention types in reinforcement 7. Importance of Practice (compare to sc2 prolly) Those are things I may be interested in 'lecturing' theorizing etc about. I also need to brainstorm my goals, or I won't have proper motivation to do more than just theory.
  8. Sometimes when people complain about their defeat at their attempts to tulpamancy or hypnosis, thats positively reinforcing the negative reinforcement of failure. Well, if it becomes a thing, and you can't ever seem to succeed, sometimes you can inquire when having difficulty and its not psychologically making you fail, because you ask for some tips. But when it becomes a habit, its definitely why you fail. And complaining does reduce stress and can make you live longer, but it also sets you up to complain more in the future, thus look for new things to complain about subconsciously. And this can be for basic hypnosis or tulpamancy, theres operant and classical conditioning, might wanna look it up. But I was thinking about this in context of my last topic. Just woke up tho so, thats all I got to say for now.
  9. How does one get better at something? Belief curiosity desire inquiry practice. Thats it. Belief filters our approaches desires and curiosities. If you do not tolerate a scientific perspective, you are restricting yourself. If you do not tolerate a spiritual perspective, you are restricting yourself. People view the two as incompatible. Thats not true. What is countable, is repeated. What is repeated, can be measured, hence counted. If a certain event occurs more than once, we can learn from it if we observe properly and understand properly. Preconceived notions get in the way of understanding from making an understanding incompatible. You think x cannot exist with y so look for z, when y might be the answer all along. But it never even occurs to you to look, because y doesn't exist to you, because you have not considered it might exist because you have no reason to because you do not believe in that manner. So you do not learn, you do not practice, you do not succeed. Also learning =/= memorizing. Its understanding. Now, you can get results without understanding, and comprehension takes more time. You could just do what others say and get results. But if you want to shoot for the stars, try whats not been done before, you need understanding, and you need to be able to pursue knowledge independently. Everyone learns differently, after all. How many of you are spiritual, and did not try anything other than what others suggested? As far as I am concerned, you can do three things. Innovate invent and succeed at what others have not done before. Do what others say, and succeed at what others have done before. Fail, because you did not put enough time into one or the other. In order to innovate you need to be creative and apply yourself, and experiment til you find whats optimal. Because of the limited amount of people/ponies, and the limited time they have, experiments here amount to new styles of files or that hypnosis image cycling program. But without analytical and technical feedback, how can we ever optimize it as a science? If theres a problem with science, its way too slow, uses way too much resources and time for a single individual to discover anything new. What if we can learn what tulpamancy and hypnosis have in common? Then we can make a third discipline, or a fourth. We could do alot. The problem is the effort and time. Science is like shooting in the dark, and hoping you hit your mark, then adjust your aim and try again, its guessing and checking. But, you can also do stuff like, listen to the acoustics to approximate where your shots are landing and calculate internally based on how it sounds, where to aim next. And the spiritual belief in tulpamancy, gets rid of the connectivity it has to hypnosis. Hypnosis is tricking yourself, tulpamancy isn't? I like psychology. And, granted, tulpamancy might just be like how eastern cultures tend to get positive delusions instead of negative, like their hallucinators get good spirits, instead of bad ones. Its because they do not believe in bad spirits, like christians might. Christians do, they think demons and satan are real. Eastern culture doesn't have that so much. So thats prolly why. Belief is significant. And well, how many of you want to try and invent something new? Have any ideas? Thats prolly the hardest part. Or why not have your tulpas do hypnosis for example? Theres alot to explore. Is everyone satisfied with what they have? I will try to think of something, otherwise, kinda pointless to put this spin on the topic right. But, its a part of self-mastery, control over your own psychology. Now I think of a 'contract' to write out. For those who are scientific, people need to be precise and thorough, not just jump the gun. And the contract is to counter innate skepticism. Its like this, I think tulpamancy is me tricking my mind, I do not believe its a seperate entity, I think its a psychological effect. Thus the 'contract' is just me being thorough to give myself the chance to experience a tulpa anyways. Like Etc etc to cover all potential problems with the scientific version. But now back to progress. Hypnosis is personality change, and perception of body change. Tulpamancy is sorta like a forced dissociation. The limit to the files, currently, is that experiences are limited to culture, and the experience files themselves in relation to your other effects. Those who do self hypnosis are more flexible, and so thats what I should promote for you to do instead of over-reliance on files. Aha I thought of something. A mind radio could be programmed, dream theaters could be programmed. Even going over a file without the file, or making a new one on the fly to suit your needs. Just imagine a full lucid dream VR with a shitload of any kind of features you want. You can do self-hypnosis and tulpamancy-like practices for those. Granted, tricking yourself into thinking its music, is far easier than doing *auto-compose* in your mind. Another idea is using hypnosis to be able to calculate math in your brain quickly, as in, the answer just pops up, you don't do the math consciously. Another idea, is a memory viewer full immersion, or partial immersion thing. You can re-experience your favorite things. Then, also, you can do something like experience files using a variation of that technique, and make it up on the fly in your mind. But in order to do these things, we could ask how does hypnosis work, and how does tulpamancy work? What do they have in common, how do they differ? Why the differences? If you can answer that you understand it. So why do like, a one on one session, if everyone can do self-hypnosis and such? Granted, a one on one might still be fun or help etc. But this gives more potential. Also, lets say you fall into a comic like the power ponies, and you have the power to change your brain how you like. But before you do, you know to look before you leap to prevent problems, instead of needing to pick yourself back up again. Its about self understanding, but trance is a subconscious thing more often right? So, we need a solution for that, and thats to be aware and feel the changes your trances do, so you can have your mind self aware, AND trancing AND have it not impair your trance. This means you need the normal mind surrounded by the trancing mind, causing the normal mind to trance, while the trancing mind only functions to keep your normal mind in trance, while you have an observer mind giving suggestions on the trancing mind's suggestions to the normal mind. And thats similar to tulpamancy, because its multiple of your own minds, in your head. Thats the ultimate self-hypnosis free-style, you can do anything with it, AND have no consequences for it, because of the observer mind keeping you in check and looking before you leap. So you don't need to get impaired. Let me know if this sorta stuff interests you. Just keep in mind, I haven't been trying hypnosis lately. I do love me some psychology tho. But I do not promise how active I will be, but this change I think would be magnificent for the community to undergo. Its free[style]-hypnosis without limits, its mind-mastery, self-mastery. It could be very radical.
  10. Practice projecting elements from your mindscape onto reality. Like try to make something red seem purple or something for starters and have a purple version of it in your mindspace, for example. Its easier to get the mind to misrecognize other stimuli than to invent it out of the blue. Everything is easier with an anchor. You could always try and give associative anchors so on certain conditions you are more likely to remember them and their mind-stimuli. There could be biases tho, as the mind is a flawed organ, like how optical illusions happen, or confirmation bias or pareidolia. Like projecting them, when you are stressed might just associate that stress to them, then get you to confirm that they are stressed, and come to a false conclusion, when it was the anchor associatively stressing them, for one example. It can happen with positive stimuli too. Also, I don't have the patience for tulpa personally, so I don't have any of that kind of experience, but I am a bit into psychology and spent a while discussing here before.
  11. My other fic got 4 dislikes, of course it would, it was shit. And banned from mlpforums because they can't handle anything mildly upsetting based on facts. But then again I was yoloing it more as a test anyways, my other fic I actually tried for got 33 or so likes 5 dislikes i think. But when I tried hard to make it well, I was getting anxiety afraid of people dislike it. Now this other fic I decided IDGAF then it becomes absolute trash, How do you not give a f***, and write a good fic and have it be done in a reasonable amount of time? Also I have a hard time making my fics more wordy, they are usually to-the-point. Idk how these other people have the patience to write down 10k words or more for a chapter, theres too much to go back and double check for foreshadowing etc.


    I feel like I fuck everything up. I made an ass of myself here before when there was drama making it easy for me to get paranoid for example. And get impatient with friends at times. Sometimes it was prolly deserved, other times I definitely went overboard.


    On the plus side, doing better at multiple videogames, I guess, but I am not really fully committing to them either so like, maybe not. Maybe its confirmation bias. Like I can learn more, as my skill decreases I guess. But some games I objectively improved at.


    Been working out more. With two minute breaks I can use some quad machine at 20-40 reps, and last for 40 minutes at that pace, with a weight of 658 pounds, or 300 kg. My pectorals are pretty weak tho.


    Then I have a shitty genetic skin condition, I assume its genetic, might be life-style too as that can get passed down socially.


    So basically I dont have anyone to talk to. Not like I have much to talk about I guess. 


    Plus I get dehydrated super easily, its so annoying. And when I chug water, I feel cold after and I hate that. So I have been dehydrated, could be effecting my mood. 


    I definitely have some psych issues, but. Its w/e. 


    Considering making shitty youtube videos too. But, how do you make it your way and have it be popular, just find the overlap or something? Its stupid, plus I am lazy and don't have all the right tools.


    Videogames help me forget this lameness but then the net can lag cuz fam goes online too. I had a couple friends on mlpforums, but of course, banned. Tumblr somebody said theyd message them for me, but they are kinda busy so too lazy to figure out how to work the stupid search. Some people just feel obligated to be nice perhaps, but thats stupid, they should be honest, so they don't waste my time. 


    One good thing I am doing is fallout equestria books, getting extras from this third printing to sell. Gonna take a bit for them to print tho.


    I feel lousy, like everything good just goes down the drain.

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      Think Imma head to gaiaonline because there you can say a real intellectual discussion without a mod getting upset you are too anti-theistic or something, and giving you warnings, despite me backing up everything with statistics and facts. And there tends to be more activity there anyways, years back. That was before I was here.

      Now that I went there, I am still bored. Maybe its just me, and everything is damn boring. I want to see transhumanism and the singularity and etc happen, longevity stuffs, brain stuffs. Gonna take ages for that stuff. Maybe I should get the switch and BotW

  12. So I was thinking hey sociopathy might be related to sleep loss, that guy who used to be a sociopath always saying sleep is for the weak so I googled it. https://www.quora.com/Why-does-lack-of-sleep-exacerbate-my-sociopathic-tendencies But thats not conclusive, you are correct, but its kinda obvious if you put 2 and 2 together with psychology facts if you are read up on it. Like lower functioning brains(not well rested included, sleep benefits the heart and brain the most) are more likely to get pissed. And this [ex-]sociopath admitted to getting hardcore pissed. But I doubt he would acknowledge this science stuff, he used alot of drugs, and says it doesn't impair him whatsoever, and when he played Devil Daggers on my recommendation he didn't know it was a survival timer, not a score counter. Sorta implies low fluid intelligence, which implies low brain health. Thats basically it. Get some sleep!
  13. I have an idea that there might be two types of tulpa hosts or tulpas, and wanted to collect more data without biasing the results.
  14. Reminds me of here a little lol, just a part or two, not the whole thing