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  1. Hello. I had a feeling this was probably coming for a while, but today my feelings towards this have cultivated. As of today, April 8th, 2017, I will no longer be be the lead admin for this community. If Amber wishes to head the community, she may, otherwise I will leave it up to the current staff to decide who will head the community from here. Allow me to explain why I've chosen to do this. The first part of the matter is that I now have many obligations I have to make, from learning and executing the job I've chosen in my career field, to assisting in VR game development with a small, local group, and with the amount of work and time that running and moderating a community seems to take, I can't handle the amount of time that I should be putting into such an effort, not to mention I'm finding myself buried in new, taxing problems, such as physical fitness issues and social anxiety, that really isn't helping my workload any. The second part, I honestly don't have too much interest in pony hypnosis anymore at this point. I haven't for quite a while. I've become more of a furry in general, and so honestly it doesn't make a ton of sense for me to be around, not to mention (an opinion I haven't ever really given!) I honestly have a few qualms with some of the suggestions and spirit of the files, such as vegetarian hypnosis (which doesn't do a thing for some and puts others into a very awkward position as they now have to explain to their family that hypnosis made them unable to eat meat anymore) and an overwrite of one's very identity (which is a fun fantasy, but can really kinda mess one up if you think about it.) Maybe I can give a session to someone once in a blue moon when I feel like giving one, but there are people far better equipped to do that. This wasn't really too big of a reason, though, it was mostly the community that kept me in, until... My third, and I'll be completely, brutally honest here, is that to me, the community seems to be shifting. I'm not going to point fingers, but I've recently been having a harder and harder time feeling welcome, with some being less than pleasurable to be around, some being outright offensive, and some being constantly dramatic. Every time I'd walk into the chat, I'd have pleasurable chat with a few people, but then other people would poke in and, well... it felt the equivalent of chatting with a good friend at a coffee shop, then suddenly someone rushes in and starts saying all sorts of slurs about people in the south and in general, generally being disrespectful. As a result, you go and talk with the coffee shop's management, and you all agree that there's a problem, but then nothing's ever really done about it beyond telling them not to do that. Then, whenever you actually throw them out of your coffee shop because you're tired of their conduct and their ridicule of your statements, the customers complain that the management should've done it as a team and that you're abusing your power as the coffee shop owner. You grow to resent the person. Then you turn around and see two people (actually both of whom are your friends) arguing at length over something. You're aware that one person's practically teetering towards violating the coffee shop's rules of conduct, but not actually breaking them, as they're talking about drugs but keeping it legal, but the other person's blatantly violating the coffee shop's rules of conduct trying to tell them that they're breaking rules. Nobody actually comes up and reports this to management; at least, not until the argument's long over, when the other person generates a 4 page long log of the entire discussion telling you how horrible the first person was. You read through an eighth of the log yourself before you grow tired dealing with it and ask to take care of it later. In the meanwhile, another person seems to come into the coffee shop, below the legal age to drink, and they're openly slipping their mother's brandy into the mocha that they ordered. You go and tell management about this, and that maybe something should be done, only to find this goes into a long debate because we can't tell what age they are, and the legal age is different depending on which country you live in. Then, while all of this is rushing through your head, someone else comes into the coffee shop and starts screaming for little to no reason. This keeps going on until you tell them to "please be quiet" in a voice as loud as theirs is, only for them to ask why you stopped them. Then, they start to beat themselves up for somehow being the sole reason you're upset, despite the fact everything else is the reason why you're upset, as they crash like a jumbo jet on stall. Then, as you go and take a break and walk out of the coffee shop, since it obviously seems to be going a little crazy today, someone that hasn't been allowed in the coffee shop for nearly four years now bothers you, telling you you're doing everything wrong and even starts to shout profanities at you. This is because you aren't going to force the coffee shop management to remove one ingredient from a mocha it only made a recipe for, and has yet to actually make for anyone. She claims the ingredient in question, a flavor enhancer, has the slightest possibility of contributing to cancer, but only if someone happens to get exposed to live radiation for two minutes after drinking a mocha with said ingredient. You tell her to just either not let anyone she cares about stand in front of open, live radiation for two minutes, or just make a modified version of the mocha without the ingredient she doesn't like, and she gets incredibly offended that you even suggested that to her. You grow tired of the conversation, and want to tell her to just bug off in the nicest way possible, and part of you wishes she didn't ever have to learn about this two-year-old, practically forgotten recipe so she wouldn't bother you about it in the first place. However, it turns out they, being obsessed over the coffee shop, has hired spies to snoop on the coffee shop's day to day activities. One of them, someone who seems to have major problems with the coffee shop's management (and you hear rumors may have done some shady things herself), heard rumors that the coffee shop might actually try making the mocha that recipe was for. I don't want to be involved in this crazy coffee shop anymore. Unless if anyone on staff, or someone the staff would trust enough to be in charge of such, decides to do so, I will still continue to fiscally support forum payments as I have in the past, and will fix the forum if something messes it up. I don't want this place to die. But I just can't handle moderating the community anymore. Feel free to send me a friend invite on Discord, on Steam, or on Skype, if you still want to talk to me (they're in my profile.) But don't do it here. EDIT: Note that, while I might not make it clear in my analogy, that I don't have any beef with the staff. They're great people, it's just that staff chat wasn't as active as it should have been in some situations, leading to not enough discussion about a given matter before the topic in its entirety passed. Also, if you see yourself in my analogy, don't think of yourself as any sort of sole reason I left. It's everything, in combination, on a reoccurring basis (with everything perhaps not being exactly the same, but similar.)
  2. Nice! The site is oficially upside down... Is this for april foolls? Because im going crazy XD:derp:

    1. RdCd [Dashie]

      RdCd [Dashie]

      Ahw... Fixed it XD  good joke

  3. Also, if this is something you're really not into, you may be able to fix it yourself by changing the theme. (wink wink hint hint)

    1. Baltoist


      Oh it was meant to be easy?

    2. Frinkeldoodle


      I figured, after the last time we did an April Fools joke where you really couldn't get away from it until the day was over, and how some people seemed to dislike the practice of April Fools jokes, I figured it'd be a good idea this time around to have an option available to get out of it if you don't want to experience it.

      ...That, and the site's pretty difficult to use upside-down.

  4. Oh dear. I think Derpy got into the server. I'll look into it, see if I can fix this.

    1. Baltoist


      Luckily My labtop made getting out of that easy

  5. Wish granted, but you're now trapped inside of your PC somehow. I wish I was incredibly physically fit.
  6. Your favorite color? Blue, of course ^^
  7. Banned for attempting to impose what I could speculate to be one's more personal interests onto others.
  8. Wish granted: somewhere out there in the world, a child named Tulpae was able to talk the very same day they were born. I wish I always had the exact amount of money in my pocket to buy whatever I wanted, when I want to.
  9. I hope you're alright!
  10. Wish granted, you're a cat. My cat. And your name is now Whiskers. I wish for more genies.
  11. Very nice guide you've got here! I recall trying to AP a few times and massively failing. Maybe one day I'll start trying again, and maybe even succeed ^^
  12. Hope you don't mind, I added a new response to fit what I would do in this situation.
  13. Banned for changing your name more often than I change forms
  14. Banned because I'm not sure if you mean within the confines of this game or not and - if you do mean within the confines of this game, for attempting to define who i am today based on who i was in the past - if you don't mean within the confines of this game and instead an actual ban, for deciding to argue over a ban reason by stating it had no real merit on a public thread about silly ban reasons when really such arguments and appeals should take place in an E-mail message to admin@hypnoponies.net so it can be discussed between two parties like adults instead of the staff feeling like it's trying to stop a revolution sparked in the middle of a friendly forum game c: Phew, turned out this was all irrelevant. Didn't realize it was you, Balto!