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  1. Hey I'm still on the site.. I changed my name to Fluttershy in arabic

    1. Dashie


      who dis?

    2. Sable


       I don't believe we have met, where are you from Fluttershy?


    3. Fluttershy The Maid

      Fluttershy The Maid

      I'm on discord as Fluttershy with the green name

  2. I just found out today my spending limit for my sprint account did not reset... I found out that I owe sprint 100.50 cents and all I got in hand is 0.50 cents and I need help... my family is not going to help me out, and I don't have any money to pay this by the 20th of March. If I don't I loose my cell phone service and the device. Then my mom is gonna be even more mad at me for not having a phone! I do not have any relatives left that would help me on this. Paypal is princesslunamoonofthenight@gmail.com
  3. I kid in this, but, me!
  4. Sure why not
  5. Wow~ thank you!
  6. Tomorrow is my Birthday~ I'm gonna be 19...
  7. I dont and getting one here is like a needle in a 5 ton haystack... Im moving to a better area with better job oppurtunities... I recieve my fathers death benifits
  8. I have to move on the first and I don't like asking for this, but, I wont have any money to settle in so I was thinking of setting up a paypal thingie... I will try this... as I wont have any money as my mom usually takes it all... I don't know if I will loose my checks from social security, this donation thingie is to pay rent for the first month... which is about 196.23 as I will have a roommate.... and that will get me on my feet to be able to find a job during the first month and get myself enrolled in school again. I am moving on the first of March to Sacramento... My paypal is princesslunamoonofthenight@gmail.com My name is Reagan Games there Thanks!
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  10. Banned for stating the obvious
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  13. I ban you for "Yoda"ling!
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