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  1. am i desperate enough to try another file on here

    1. Brain


      you should try the files for fun not desperation

    2. Oscore
  2. ignored :( feeling alone

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    2. Ashley


      I know that feel sometimes

    3. WispyDaydream[Shade]


      Well, I'm not ignoring you^^. PM me if you ever need want to talk to somepony^^

    4. Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      Twilight {Nightingale} ✨☪

      I'm not ignoring you either.

  3. time to try new things

  4. thank you for the feedback, ill be honest i was a bit intimidated by some of the data i collected , some per the unspoken rule of the chat i cannot mention, and to the above, i could have some former clients come and speak on my behalf, or i could produce a file, and before publishing it even to my own YouTube channel, post the written transcription (which comes well before the audio file)i can say this, i do not want a repeat of the past i have learned about this place, i would prefer a more decent future. of course i am still data gathering and soul searching on rather i even want to do this project now.as i said i learned some rather disturbing things
  5. hello, my name is unimportant however, what i can offer is very interesting, so if you are reading this, let me tell you a bit a about myself i am a semi professional hypnotist, with a ton of background experience,I dropped into the chatroom today after being gone for many months. and managed to narrow down what the community wants, although the chatroom became chaotic, and i could not gather any good data as such, i want/am willing, to create a series, of trances on becoming a changeling, I am doing this in collaboration with a trusted member of this community, however in order to this i need more data, on exactly what it means to be a changeling from a changelings point of view, also i want feedback, i have been told there is a skype group i need access to that group for research purposes my email is rairityraine@gmail.com my skype is rarity.raine under the alias of naomi raine you can also post feedback in the forum questions to my wholesome identity will be ignored questions of my ethics/sanity will be ignored as well but other than that please feedback is welcome
  6. listened to that file on repeat.. still not sure on what to try next.. XD

  7. tried the file.. was interesting.. will try more!!

  8. daring to try a file.. maybe.. also wondering how the webadmn managed to do rig up this profile system.. goodjob 0.0