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  1. It's been too long Krazy. It's nice to see you again. Then again, this comes from a pony that takes super long hiatuses. XP You're not the only one. They're not aggressive, just mentally taxing, but hey, pain is pain right? So... I can relate. Honestly, I came out to a few friends. None of the ones I told get what being trans really means (except one), soooooooo... nothing has changed. Whatever I guess. So yeah, I feel like this most of the time and my life? Another thing I can relate to? Anyways, welcome back again. Good luck with being accepted onto the forum thingy.
  2. Semester one finals are upon me. That, and robotics season starts in a month. We'll see how things go.

    1. Räzli


      All the best! I'll cross my hooves and hope it goes well for you. ^^

  3. Just a note: Been so emotional as of late. Here's somewhat of a poem I just penned up really quick about my thoughts. I just decided to be creative with it, so it has no format. If you have any questions about the contents, you can ask me. Time has passed. It's been a while really. Life has been coming by Let me just recount it in some poetry: How I sigh. Harder the day becomes With overmounting sums The night becomes silent among the dark accents Here I write Amidst my dying companions in sight A dozen apathetic nods go on like beating rods. Amongst the false smiles all the meanwhiles. So still air awaits. What are our fates? I do not know. Just let the future please glow, in the dark. End Note: It's not great, but hey, it was more of a vent poem to be honest.
  4. Well it's holiday time again. I can't decide whether I should be joyious or upset about it!

    1. WispyDaydream[Shade]


      I look forward to a break. I am not looking forward to spending time with my family

  5. *sigh and smile* I'm back for a bit? I don't know how long I'll be back anymore. After all the times I said I'd be back and wasn't, I don't think I wanna make any... declaration anymore. So uh, who's around these days? How's everypony?

    1. Prince Golden Lotus

      Prince Golden Lotus

      Far as I know, things have been going quite slow what with the IRC downage, and a bit more liveliness on Discord. 

    2. Frinkeldoodle


      Oh hey, things have been alright.

  6. Well, for some odd reason, inducers have the opposite effect of calming on me, so probably shorter?
  7. You and me both. Idk why I'm responding to all of these either. I guess I just like your journal post. Looks like it's time to follow! Anyways, yup. Depression on my end. It's mostly gone? IDK. It may come back. Don't expect me to make any more posts on depression. It's not healthy for a community. But hey, that's great for you and me!
  8. It's nice to have someone know the actual you. It's kinda boring lying to so many people for me.
  9. Transgender is the actual term. HERE BE LIST OF ALL TERMS IF YOU NOT KNOW THEM: Transgender -- Nonbinary gender individuals. Discongruence in mind. Transexual (outdated term) -- People who've gotten surgery Intersex -- Complicated stuff with reproduction that was screwed up somewhere along the line creating a hard to determine sex.
  10. *GASP* IT'S A NEW PONY WITH A CUTE NAME. JEEZ I'VE BEEN AWAY TOO LONG. HIHHIHIHIHIHIHI! Heh. Sorry for my enthusiasm. You'll have to get used to it ^^'. Anyways, hi. I'm Wispy Daydream, your local eccentric pegasus nerd thing. Plz don't mistake me for a Pinkie Pie! I'm seriously just me! Black mane, grey streaks, and a sky blue bow. Not much really^^. I hope to get to know you more!
  11. OMG OMG OMG OMG. I'M SO HAPPY, BUT I'LL GET TO THAT SOON. Ok, update time. Sorry for not updating.I was depressed for the longest time decided not to give another depressing journal. Huh. I'm better now though. I think it's just my thinking that's improved. At the same time, I got wings again? They were supposed to be permanent anyways. I guess my mood affected them? Who knows. If anypony knows why they might've disappeared, tell me. Also, I imposed bangs and long hair and well a full pony body basically today. Felt great. Was a sort of self hypnosis? Idk. I wanna get to use the files in the fall though. One month left until I get some peace from my mother. Yup, she's moving away from me. I get peace finally. I will have to pick up many responsibilities living with my dad 'cause... sweet celestia... he's the least responsible person I've ever seen. He's not even a father >.>. At least I get peace. OK SO THAT THING. LEGENDS OF EQUESTRIA OPEN PARTY WEEKEND. OMG. I want us all to meet up there or something. I've been itching to play something as a pony for a forever. Now I can finally be a pegasus. OMG OMG OMG OMG. I'M SO HAPPY. Pegasus mare here I come... in two weeks -.-. Yup, it's in two weeks. July 29th and 31st. Friday and Sunday. Well, I think we should try and meet up or something Skype group maybe. Anypony interested should respond below or maybe just your take on the situation that isn't a fangasm XD.
  12. Welcome back Aurora! Glad to see you! Also, on a side note, I wore a skirt the other day so . You're not alone.
  13. Well, my rant from last time is over. Over the last few days I've been doing finals and whatnot for school. Honestly, they're a joke to me because of how much I've already studied the material when the tests were around. Other than that, I did an interview for a paid apprenticeship yesterday. They accepted me on the spot. They're paying me a stipend of $400 at the end of the summer as well. So um, yay? I'm not exactly thrilled to be going. I mean, it's a nice experience and nice for my transcript but honestly... I want a break >.>. Other than that, meh. Nothing's going on. I guess I've been spending a bit more time with some friends (on the internet), and at last I was brave enough to make a call. *flutteryays* I never realized I was so shy >.>. Either way, yep. On the side note, for some transish stuff, I tried a skirt!!! It felt great. To elaborate for all of you who are curious, other than feeling more fitting for my gender, it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay roomier. I didn't have to worry about finding the legs and it gave me much more room to move around. Finally, it's way more breathable. That's a plus at this time of year when it's 84 degrees Fahrenheit (around 29 degrees Celsius) in my room. Finally, it was pretty and cute^^. Tbh honest though, I probably looked hideous in it >.>. I really don't have the body for skirts and whatnot -.-. Ah well. Apparently, my voice is also feminine in nature. Well sorta anyways. My vocal range seems to stretch directly inbetween both the genders. Go figure, no wonder I can do so many voices with my voice. From Fluttershy to Russian Spy :P. Either way, I'm in a sorta better mood about it. Just some things I've been noticing about LGBTQ. People at my school appear to talk behind LGBTQ's backs a lot. I kinda figured when I heard their responses to the subject in passing and the casual use of the phrase "that's so gay!" as an insult. Huh, go figure. Then there's the "third gender" thing on Friday. Apparently, there was a lot of confusion between gender and sex and that there must only be two genders. A person who thought otherwise seemed to have been ridiculed even though that person turned out to be an AP Biology (advanced placement college level biology) teacher. Well, tata for now ponies. [Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii!] --Wispy Daydream and [Shade]
  14. Well, where am I? I'm at HP. Time for a massive update regardless *sighs*. First off, I said many months ago that I'd try to be a mod or something. I ended up never registering due to my schedule. It disappointed me to say the least. Either way, I'm still half watching over everything. More on my observations later. (skip this. it's a meaningless stupid rant) I've been rather depressed for the last few months. I don't really know what to say. I guess I could list a bunch of sources, but well... I don't really see the point in doing so. I've been seeing a psychologist for the past few months too. One of the things she thought I had was ODD or opposition defiant disorder. To be honest, I didn't know such a thing even existed. Either way, it's apparently causing problems in my life. I don't know. I guess i have it. I don't really know what to do about it though tbh. I don't even feel it's right. That's one of the symptoms though. Resisting diagnosis. Ah well. Talked about that a few times already. Didn't change anything. Then, there's me being trans. I don't really know what to say. I'm not going to transition. I know that. It's a fact. I won't have the money to do so after college and my parents don't support that lifestyle choice. I don't really care anymore. It taught me one thing though, the world is meaningless. If you really think about it, where have we really gotten? We've moved past from one type of discrimination to another. I'm sure after this one, there's another. Mentally ill people certainly don't get the movements of the LGBTQ community. They're hardly not judged against. It's like you've learned out to add to 2 and then adding to 3 is suddenly a new concept. Amazingly pointless. You could also go more more extreme. If what I think doesn't really matter all that much, why not the next person? Why not the person after that? Why not the world? Why not existence? Might as well be to me at this point. My observations on HP. I don't really know what to say here. For the past few months, I've just been trying to put together what happened during one of HP's many crises. I mean, I'm just seeing a pattern here, there seems to be one every year at the least. Honestly for what I've seen, I'm not even sure anymore. So many people seemed to be banned for emotions running wild. That's just my take. There are takes where HP is corrupt, where the people banned are evil, unstable, or power hungry. Seriously, the real truth is probably half way between it all. I like the community, I really do, but honestly, it's sometimes too emotional to make a good choice. Mostly though, I haven't really made any entries because I didn't feel like talking. I'd have to summarize the entire situation again. I don't want to do that anymore. It's all too pointless hearing other's views on the subject. All I really know is that I really feel like dying on some days. Sometimes I have to fake a smile so that other people don't go giving me their stupid pep talks that they can't help giving me, or their advice that somehow seems to make my mood worse. It's my fault. I know. I shouldn't feel that way. It's not healthy. Blah blah blah. Pretty pointless isn't it? Either way, I'll probably post a companion to this journal when I'm feeling less extreme in one mood or something.
  15. *leaves a slice of cake and a pack of skittles*