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  1. Took a few hours, but I've made up some new banners and implemented a new group system. Your group is now tied to your content count.

  2. Currently working on a lot of updates to the forum. You'll be seeing new things added and changed over the next few days~

  3. After much reviewing and much time, we have decided to go with the following two members to promote to the staff. So please welcome the following members to the staff: - Keldy - Princess Luna With that said, we did have a few staff members leave us. It was actually one of the main reasons we ran these applications. I want to thank those ponies who were a part of the staff and who are no longer. The following staff members have stepped down and/or moved on to other things: - Bright Star - CardSpin - AxleGrease Everything you ponies did while you were on the staff helped make the forum what is it today, so again, thank you. We wouldn't be where we are today with out! I wish you all luck with wherever the road of life takes you! Now then, the current staff list is as followed: Administrators: - Amber Streak - Star Shard - Princess Celestia/Vairaki Moderators: - Octavia - Techie - Keldy - Princess Luna Thank you to everyone who submitted one. I want to say that I feel we didn't need a lot of staff, so that was a big reason only two were picked. We went back and forth on most of the applications submitted. So if you weren't picked, please don't feel it was because we felt you were not a good fit. With that said, we will be holding on to them for the near future. If it turns out we need more staff, then we will look over them again for another choice or two. To everyone who submitted one, thank you again for taking the time to do so, it's nice to see how many of you are interested in making our community a better place~
  4. The staff is just about finished up with reviewing the applications! We'll be posting within the next few days letting you all know the results!
  5. We are once again opening our annual staff applications. You will be able to submit one now through the 23rd of this month. Any application sent after May 23rd at 11:59PM PST will not be considered for the staff. Please be sure everything you send is correct before you send in your application. We will only be looking at the first e-mail sent by each user, so if you try to send a second one, then it will be skipped. There's a form below at the bottom of this post in a spoiler. If you'd like to apply for the staff, then all you have to do is fill it out and e-mail it to the following e-mail: hypnoponiesmodapps@gmail.com After the cutoff date, the staff will be going over all the applications we received. It may take us a bit of time to go over them all and pick who we want, so please forgive us if the results aren't out right away. If we are interested in picking you, then we will contact you with the information you left us. Best of luck to all that apply!
  6. Hello, everypony~! It's been awhile and I just wanted to make a post with a bit of an update with everything that's going on and changes to come shortly. For those who are not aware, @Frinkeldoodle will be taking a sabbatical from his duties as web administrator. In that time, I will be stepping back up as web administrator in his place. I know I have not been very active in recent times, but I plan to change that with this. I've had a lot of ideas I have wanted to act on and figured now would be a good time. Down below is a list of topics I wanted to cover. The topics cover changes myself and the rest of the staff will/have be/been working on: Cutting The Fat - I've noticed in recent times that our little forum is not as active as it used to be. So in attempt to simplify things, a lot of unused sections will be cut out and removed. Any threads in those sections will be moved to an appropriate area. My hope is that with everything condensed down into smaller areas, things will be a bit more lively since things will no longer be scattered all around. Banners - Sadly, the banners that go under our names have been messed up for sometime now. Those will be fixed shortly. I'll be trying to add it so you all can pick whichever banner you'd like from the options menu. If I can't get that to work, then we'll just have to open a thread again for ponies to request them. From there, an administrator will update your profile for you. We should have banners ranging from anypony with a file to generic races. Staff Applications - We're currently looking for members to come onto the staff and give us a helping hoof. We'll be doing it like we have in the past, with a short form to fill out and e-mailed back to us. After which, myself and the rest of the staff will go over them and decide who we want from there. The form will be made up and posted along with more information when we're ready to start accepting applications. It should be within the next week or two. When it's all set, then we will post a new thread for it! Ambassador - This is a new group we're adding to the forum and Discord server. It will be a very small group of ponies that will be picked by the staff. These ponies will not be new staff, but they will be there to help and guide. Showing new ponies the ropes, answering any questions they can and offering advice when needed. They've been picked based on their history here in our community, their experience with hypnosis and how helpful they've been to their fellow members. So if you see anypony sporting this new group, then I'm sure they'll be glad to lend you a hoof with whatever it is you may need~! We're happy to hear any and all feedback you all might have! As well as new ideas anypony might have to help out with changes to the forum! Feel free to post any of that here! - Amber Streak
  7. Over the next week or so, I will be making a lot of updates to the forum. Things range from stuff being moved around, banners being fixed and new staff applications. Feel free to contact me with any questions or ideas.

  8. Well, it's again been awhile since my last journal post. I'd apologize, but I know there's a certain pony out there who wouldn't approve of that. Anywho, last time I made one, I was trying to trot the path of Princess Luna. While that was interesting for awhile, I soon learned that I wasn't really connecting with her. I wasn't learning as much as I hoped either. Soon after, I felt a complete disconnection from her. From there, I reverted to my true self, Soarin. That was months ago however. Stuff has changed since then. Fast-forwarding to now, a lot has happened. One of the biggest things being gender confused. This is something I've dealt with a lot since I started hypnosis. To be fair, it makes sense, considering most of the files are for mares. Thinking back, I can't remember if I had such desires to be female as a kid as I do now. I did enjoy cross-dressing, but I feel there's a lot more to being female than how one dresses. Honestly, most of the time, I am content being male. But then there are times like now. Times where I strongly desire to be female. It's something that sits at the back of my mind for awhile, then forces itself to the front. Over the past few years, my feelings on which gender I want to be have flip-flopped more than I can count. Something that was brought up to me is that I might be gender fluid. While at first, I felt being so would be cheating in a way, but as I thought more, it made me happy. I like the idea behind it. I can satisfy whatever feelings or desires that come up if I'm gender fluid. I'm not sure if it's the right thing to do, but I'm at least going to give it a try. I want to see if it can lead me to somewhere. Maybe give me the answers I'm looking for. For right now, I'm trying something to help cope with those female desires. I still see Soarin as my true self, but I came up with an OC to be. One that would help me during my times of feeling female. Her name is Amber Streak. I feel the name is fitting for her design. I also feel Amber would be a fitting human name for myself during those times where I feel female. I guess I'll just have to see where this all takes me~ - Amber Streak
  9. It has been a long time coming. I have been waiting for the perfect time to return home here. There have been a lot of things in life happening that have prevented me from visiting like I once used to. As things have settled though, I figured it was time to return. I do wish to discuss those things, just maybe at a later date. Before coming back, I spoke with a very close friend of mine. I talked about how I wanted to go back to my roots here. I wanted to get back into hypnosis. I wanted to get that feeling of when I first found this forum. They helped me get into the hooves of another pony, that pony being the one you see before you now. Not only that, but they found themselves to be something they long overlooked. While I may still view Soarin as my true self, I would like to trot along this path to see where it takes me. With this come back, I hope to do a few things. One of which is to get back into hypnosis and discuss my results, like I once used to. The other is meeting all the new ponies I've missed in my time away. So if there are any of you that don't know me, feel free to send me a private message. I would enjoy a nice chat with you. I do have a lot I wish to talk about, but I think I shall end it here for now. - Princess Luna
  10. The sun sets... The day is over... But the adventure continues...
  11. Since it asked me to, I'm letting you know I stuck a $20 in the tip jar :)

    1. Amber Streak

      Amber Streak

      Thank you so much! Moving hit me and Bright really hard, so your donation was really helpful to paying the forum this month. :D

  12. I want to start off by apologizing on how long it took to get these done. Life really kicked us in the flank, so we couldn't get these done as soon as we would've liked. I want to thank everypony who waited patiently. Now, onto our choices. We went back and forth with ideas since we first got all the applications. Honestly, a lot of the credit belongs to Star Shard and Axel. They really reviewed over the choices while the rest of us put our input in here and there. While we did decide on the choices together, those two put a lot of work into getting these done as soon as possible. So be sure to thank them. So without further ado, please welcome the following three ponies to the staff: - Techie - Octavia Melody - Vairaki We want to thank everybody who submitted an application. It was really neat to see how many of you are interested in helping make this forum a better place. We'll most likely have another run in the future, so if you didn't get picked this time, then there's always nice time. Thank you all again!
  13. Okay, most of what needed to be said has, but I'd like to add a bit. Believe it or not, Hypnoponies does have leadership. That would be myself, the web admin. No, I'm not active on the forum, but I'm still watching. I still pay the bills, do background stuff and discuss actions Star Shard and Axel should take on things. Which brings me to the next point. I had made sure to have them keep Kavidun banned. She was permanently banned years ago for the heinous acts she did. So no, she's not banned because of being "butthurt", but because permanently means forever, not two years. Maybe if she changed then we would unban her, but her recent acts have shown she really hasn't. As for you being banned, as others have said, try not to change your name to somebody who is banned.
  14. Am I the first to call you Clipper?

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      you're not alone cat 


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      ...I'm totally gonna call him 'Clipper' from now on. :muffins:

  15. I saw it. Thank you a bunch. It helps a ton. *hugs closely*