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  1. so i said my goodbyes on the discord server, and i thought i'd just come here and do it too so yeah im offically leaving HP for good. i just lost interest in this hypnosis thing and the whole becoming somebody else. im not leaving because of drama or anything. tho i mean y'all need to chill at times there's fucked up stuff here though im guessing some are gonna ask themselves "is she still gonna be lyra?". i mean yeah obviously im gonna but im not gonna be any fanon lyra or anything im just me :V (i honestly have no idea how to word this) anyway if ya wanna keep in touch im still on discord skype is a peice of shit so here's my ID: Lyres#4385 so uh yeah i had some fun and bad times here, neither of them really outweights the other much (tho the bad is slightly heavier tbh) hope y'all have a good one and find whatever it is that makes ya happy
  2. i was too shy to hug her but i swear i would have xD
  3. i just got my prescription for my HRT and OH MY FUCKING GOD IM SO HAPPY I WANNA PUT THIS LIL PAPER INTO A FLIPPIN FRAME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH -insert hyped pony noises- oh yeah and if you're wondering about the name change and what not, its time to get spooky yo
  4. my art have been getting so amazing lately ouo

  5. tbh i havent felt like being pony in a long time
    (doesnt make me feel bad or anything just thought i'd mention it)

    1. ScopeEva


      Eh, I tend to swing in and out of hypnosis myself depending on my mood. 

    2. Lyres


      though the reason why im getting out of it is mostly because the hypnosis method the files use dont work on me

  6. anyone uses discord?

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    2. Lyres


      i'll add you then o.o


      just sort of need that number next to your name



      cause that's how it works

    3. Derpfire
    4. Strudel




      :P heh i'm forgetted

  7. yeah like the other posts from bonbon im looking for that lost pinkie, if i sent her to you well my username on the irc was Heartstrings in case that reminds you anything

  8. so i made a new commission rate thing


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    2. Lyres
    3. Elusive


      Yeah I still need to change my name. Any suggestions? 

    4. Lyres


      not sure

  9. what do you mean by that?
  10. i honestly dont know, i dont have the slightest clue what should even be in a script or whatever so..
  11. so i was thinking there should be a lyra file and i've read the scripts that were there before but i think they're pretty outdated and stuff