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  1. Yeah, the binaural version is exactly the same as the normal one script-wise. Yeah, they do, although the creator says the quality would somehow improve it. Dunno how that works. Well technically the Pikachu/Raichu ones do have a trigger, it's just not a spoken/specific one. Near the end he says that you can choose when to become one. That's what I thought too. Just in case, I've moved all of them (besides that one) to http://pokehypno.club .
  2. Dang, too cool guys. Like, wow.
  3. (I feel like this should be in some sub-category in "Spellbooks and Files", but didn't really see anything in the ToS/CoC about this [besides VI.I but it seems that doesn't refer to the files themselves] so....) Edit: Files moved to http://pokehypno.club, see below.