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  1. posting as a placeholder since I'm too tired to stay awake for hypnosis tonight.
  2. Sleep is clearly for the weak, so I don't understand why I'm so susceptible to it. I fall asleep roughly around when silver is describing magic use. I'm not sure relaxing teas and weed are the way to go. I'll try pounding a whole can of nos and doing the hypnosis in the desk chair tonight.
  3. Thanks scope, I'll give it a shot.
  4. After a long hiatus I tried again last night. Attempted strategies: Showered beforehand Peppermint tea Smoked some herb made sure the room was at a comfortable temperature Used pony creator to get a clear image of my form Progress: Very strong feelings, still getting toph-like visuals. Was making good progress until my roommate came in to ask if we were going to the gym :/ Will try again tonight with a fifteen minute white noise session beforehand.
  5. Gonna get back into the game tonight, hopefully with more success.

    1. ScopeEva


      Best of luck then!  Been far too intermittent myself recently.  twilightsheepish.png

  6. Sorry I've not been updating my journal at all, everyone, just been busy with moving and stuff.

  7. New pc today. Let's see what demons I have to exorcize from it before my FOSS stained fingers feel comfortable touching it.

    1. wondercrunch
    2. D1sc0rdBloke


      Windows 10 first. (if it comes with that)

    3. ScopeEva


      Yeah, I found some dodgy looking file on my PC called Skynet when I first booted it up.  I clicked some button labelled "Run to annihilate man kind" but it just crashed. 

  8. Sorry I haven't updated my journal. I've been working day and overnight shifts so I've been busy to say the least :c

  9. Something I've noticed is that as a mare, I seem to have more lesbian inclinations instead of my usual gay attraction.
  10. Not making very good progress, as soon as I feel like the changes are occuring I fall asleep. This is really starting to bother me as I don't like teasing, I like a full experience. Maybe next time I'll try sitting instead of laying down.
  11. Nasty cough I had a few weeks ago is back... Hope it doesn't mess with tonight's session.

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    2. wondercrunch


      Ahh tried garglein warm salt water?

    3. ScopeEva


      Stay away from super sour seats. It only makes it so much worse, trust me...

    4. Brain


      whenever i get bad coughs or a sore throat i gargle pickle juice and suck on a clove of garlic. But poor air circulation can do it, and mucus in the lungs form lack of using the lungs that much, or the dry winter air irritating the lungs, but during fall and winter the windows are shut theres les sindoor air ciruclationt hats usually the major cause I guess on wearing down the respiratory system.

  12. [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG0oBPtyNb0 Had this one stuck in my head while I was at work last night.
  13. Don't think I'll be updating today. I woke up late and my day is full.

    1. ScopeEva


      Your diary you mean? If so wouldn't worry. Sometimes you haven't time and others there simply won't be anything new to add.

  14. Going under for a second run before bed. I'll try to update tomorrow if I can't stay awake through it.