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  1. "Infoxicated" Talk with Foxxxy privately when she is intoxicated "Would you eat them with a Fox" talk with Foxxxy while she is eating "Faithful Student" "Artsy Fartsy" Create Pony-Hypno inspired art/creations "Ohai Gurlz" have a "Lesson Zero-esque" Panic Attack "Good Listener" 112 hours listening to files "Portal Gun" Play through Portal or Portal 2 in one shot as Twilight "Pony Cyberdellics" Mix a chemical psychoactive with Pony Hypnosis "Daisy Sandwich" Vegetarianism caused due to Pony Hypnosis "Hay Fries" Have you taste altered due to Pony Hypnosis "Drop The Bass" Changes in Musical Preferencess due to Pony Hypnosis
  2. The Files as they stand can change the users gender in most cases, even if it doesn't meantion graphic descriptions of the genitalia transformation. people have always misunderstood that especially when it revolves around terms such as genderbend. the thing to keep in mind is that file will turn you into that pony >Listening to Twilight Sparkle, will allow you to become Twilight Sparkle, She is a mare Thus, listening to this file can turn you into a mare That is not a GenderBend/Rule 63 Dusk Shine is a GenderBend of Twilight Sparkle as he is a Stallion. The male version of Twilight Sparkle This is a GenderBend File